Shifty was introduced to Nikke as an April Fools 2023 event!

Character Stats and Skills


  1. She was leaked as the April’s Fools login bonus. She’s a joke character and to our knowledge she is human, we’re also getting sexy Anderson as likely not a unit but as part of the story event or whatever we get! 😆

  2. Shifty skill 0: Central Goverment Entry-level SMG (120 rounds) (4,00s Reload) (Normal)
    “Im not Syuen.”
    Skill 1: Smooth Operator
    “The Origin of April´s Fool´s Day

    While there are hypoteses as to the origin of April´s Fool´s Day, the prevailing theory is…”

    Skill 2: Panic Bomb
    Spicy Stir-Fried Rice Cake Recipe

    1.Add 2 cups of water, put in rice cakes, and turn the burner on to max heat to boil the water.
    2.When the water starts boiling, add seasoning and stir well. Continue to boil.
    3.When there is not too much broth left in the wok, add scallions, sesame seeds, and any additional seasoning you like. Voila!
    -*positive buff (infinite duration):
    Panic Bomb (1stack):
    Increase Burst Gauge Speed by 400% *-

    -*Peronal note: NIGGA WTF!!!!?.ogg with sweet johnson´s voice*-

    Skill 3: State of Emergency (cooldown 10s)
    I´ll write a limerick containing all three words in “April´s Fool´s Day”
    April… was a fool, who… one day…
    Forget it, im no good at this. Maybe i´ll give it another shot next year.

    *- Negative effect (666 rounds?, not sure):
    State of Emergency (1stack): Decreases hitrate by 9547%

    -*Another personal note: Jesus Christ…. im finally finishing*-

    Observations: Shifty is a R Nikke and his existence on the game confirms that a nikke can be playable even if its not on the Nikkepedia. Marian was just the theory.
    The CUMmander used his little gun and got a hell of a kick confirming she is “at least” a low cathegory or half nikke.

  3. Forgot to tell that Shifty´s skill 1 heals 100% of the hp when she dies or just nullifies some projectiles making the battle impossible to loose….. unless you want to be like 15 minutes waiting…..

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