Character Skill Fixes

Character Skill Fixes

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is getting an update on April 27, and with that, skills of some characters will get fixes to their skills. This may address some issues in the known known bugs that can affect the character’s performance in the tier list! Check out the full patch notes and character skill fix notes below.

Dear Commanders:

In the upcoming April 27 update, we plan to fix several issues concerning some characters’ skills. You may check the following patch notes for details.

1. Fixed issues where Air-type Raptures could become immune to forced relocation effects intermittently when Yan casts her Burst Skill.

2. Fixed an issue with Laplace’s Burst Skill where the visual effect of the skill’s shooting direction is incorrect when Taunt effects were triggered in Arena battles.

3.  Fixed issues where Alice’s Charge Damage was incorrect under certain conditions.

4. Fixed issues where Reload Buff Skills loaded ammo only based on basic ammunition capacity ignoring existing ammunition capacity boosts.

Involved Nikkes:

└ Power Skill 2: Blood Explosion

└ Diesel Skill 2: Sweet Strawberry Goodness

5. Fixed an issue where Soline Skill 2 was applied even if the character was not at maximum HP.

6. Fixed issues where some Skills casted during Full Burst took no effect.

Involved Nikkes:

└ Rupee: Winter Shopper Skill 2: VIP Gift

└ Sin Skill 2: Hurry Up

└ Biscuit Skill 1: Happy Puppy

7. Fixed an issue where Decoys or Shields generated by Skills would take damage twice.

Involved Nikkes:

└ Delta Burst Skill: Remember Me

└ Ether Burst Skill: Colossal Single Cell

└ Folkwang Skill 1: Starting Whistle

└ Folkwang Burst Skill: Splint

└ Aria Burst Skill: Da Capo Aria

└ Poli Burst Skill: Poli’s Defense Line

└ Centi Skill 2: Survey

8. Adjusted the skill description of Nihilister’s Skill 1: Burning Shot and Belorta’s Skill 2: Greed.


└ Activates when a normal attack hits more than n enemy unit(s). Affects the target(s).


└ Activates when an attack hits more than n enemy unit(s). Affects the target(s).

9. Fixed an issue where the healing effect was triggered repeatedly when Biscuit cast her Skill 1: Happy Puppy in Coordinated Operation

We will continue our effort to deliver a better gaming experience for you. Thanks for all your feedback and your support and love for our game.



  1. It’s a good thing they finally got around to nerfing Soline, her skills are ruining this game’s intricate balance

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