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Abuse Bugs at your own risk. We are not responsible for any bans that may result from abusing any bugs listed below.

This bug guide is maintained with the help of the community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed with bug reports, screenshots and videos.

If you encounter a new bug that is not on this list, report it via the official bug report form and please contact me with screen shots and/or video by pinging me on our discord server.

Many bugs have been fixed with the January 12 patch! Check which notable bugs have been fixed below.

Latest Bugs

  • Boss: Interruption Circle (Game Mode Bug)
  • Jackal Skill 1 Energy (Unit Bug)
  • Live Wallpaper Stuttering (Other Issues)
  • Arena: Immortal (Game Mode Bug)
  • Max Ammo Reload (No Cover) (Game-play Bug)
  • Re-introduced: Ammo Refresh Bug (Game-play Bug)
  • Max Ammo Reload Bug (Restart) (Game-play Bug)
  • Sin Skill 1 Mistranslation (Unit Mistranslation)
  • Arena: Scarlet/Sugar Visual Bug (Game Mode Bug)
  • Isabel Burst Level (Unit Bug)
  • Co-Op: Forced Swap (Game Mode Bug)
  • Arena (SP): Inconsistent Points (Game Mode Bug)
  • Items Shared (Other Issues)
  • Arena (SP): Point Carry Over (Game Mode Bug) fixed for some servers
  • Arena (SP): Top 10% (Game Mode Bug)
  • Arena (SP): Information (Game Mode Bug)
  • Modernia (Cover) (Unit Bug)
  • Modernia (Visual) (Unit Bug)
  • Mordernia: Skill 2 passive does NOT proc when with OL Hit rate Gear
  • Modernia (FPS) (Unit/Game-play Bug)
  • Gravedigger Floating 2 (Game Mode Bug)
  • Arena: Julia 50% heal (Game Mode Bug)
  • Previously Existing Bug: Campaign Squeeze (Game Mode Bug)
  • Union raid: Storm Bringer Turret unable to be damaged
  • Arena: Double Points (Game Mode Bug) Fixed for SP Arena Points, still exists for Arena Shop Vouchers
  • Arena: Full Burst Carry Over (Game Mode Bug)
  • Previously Existing Bug: Hit Rate (Game-play Bug) (Currently being researched)
  • Previously Existing Bug: Interception Overkill (Game-play Bug)
  • Previously Existing Bug: Loading Screen Issue (Other Issues)
  • Rupee: Winter Shopper Delay (Unit Bug)
  • Previously Existing Bug: Skill Delays (Game-play Bug) (Currently being researched)
  • Revive 0 HP Bug (Game-play Bug) (Previously Rapunzel Revive 1% Bug)
  • Harran Skill 1 (Unit Bug) Indirectly confirmed intended!
  • Charge Speed (Game-play Bug) Fixed!
  • Previously Existing Bug: Arena (SP): Opponent is in a Battle (Game Mode Bug) Fixed!
  • Cash Shop: Monthly Packs Not Available (Other Bugs) Confirmed Intended!
  • Previously Existing Bug: Arena: First Claim Higher Points (Game Mode Bug) Fixed!
  • Overload Custom Module Bug (Other Bugs) Fixed!
  • Arena: Matchmaking (Game Mode Bug) Fixed!
  • Laplace Arena Bug (Unit Arena Visual Bug) Fixed!
  • Simulation Room: Buff Stacking Bug (Game Mode Bug) Fixed!
  • Simulation Room: Alva Particle Chaff Bug (Game Mode Bug) Fixed!
  • Sunrise Pass Social Points Mission Bug (Other Bugs) Fixed!
  • Instant Clear Bug (Game-play Bug) (Previously known as Pause Bug) Fixed!

Game-play Bugs

Fixed?BugExplanationUnits AffectedStatusGuide
1-1-2-3 BugSometimes, a burst 1 will fail to move to burst 2, allowing the team to burst 1-1-2-3 in one rotation. This appears to be due to the burst checking for a value that fails to exist. Approximately 30% trigger rate on Pepper.Pepper, Yan.Fixed! Fixed with skill stacking bug.Pepper Bug Thread (NGA)
Aim Reticle Burst BugAim-able bursts with a reticle can target allies. At times, the aim reticle can disappear, and the burst may be cast on allies. (Previously known as Soline Bug)Soline, Rupee, Anis, Yan, etcNo word from devs.Soline PVP
Atk BugDamage calculation bug that causes attack buffs to scale much better than expected. May be intended.Liter, Rupee, Poli, etc.No word from devs. May be fixed with crit bug/damage formula.Damage Calc Explanation
Buff StackingBug that codes non stackable buffs as “stackable”, with a “max stack” of 1. This effectively allows buff stacks to refresh buff durations, extending buff uptime. May be intended.Rupee, PepperFixed! Now only stackable buffs are affected by stacking effects.
Burst BugBurst skills apply as level 1 even when levelled.ALLFixed! Burst levels apply correctly.
(Full) Charge BugBug which applies charge damage increase to a unit’s skills and burst, dramatically increasing damage. May be intended.Harran, Maxwell, Dolla, etc.Fixed! Charge damage increase only affect charge attacks.
Charge SpeedWhen charge speed increase reaches 100+%, Full Charge is limited to only 100%.Alice, Yuni, all charge shotsFixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Example
Core BugSome raptures’ cores will not take damage when hit.ALLFixed! Cores now take damage as intended.
Crit BugDamage calculation bug that causes crits to deal much lower damage than expected. When base damage is too low due to low CP and/or range penalty, critical hits can deal less damage than non critical hits. May be intended.Volume, Julia, Helm, etc.Fixed! Crit hits will no longer deal less damage than non crit hits.Damage Calc Explanation
FPS IssueRoF is tied to frame rate. This results in lower DPS at lower frame rates. Most noticeable on Machine-guns and during Laplace burst, especially when controlling them directly. It is recommended to play on lower graphics settings if you are encountering this issue.Laplace, All Machine-guns, ALLOnly Screen Shake issue was fixed.
Focus Fire BugAI will no longer focus fire during full burst.ALLFixed! Fixed in an optional update.
Hit RateSR and/or RL may be affected by hit rate. Currently being researched further.ALL(?)No word from devs. May be intended.
Infinite Ammo/Ammo RefreshBug which causes max ammo increase buffs to refresh allies’ ammo when expiring, allowing allies to never need to reload when triggered repeatedly. Can also allow Snow White and Maxwell to burst 2 or 3 times in a row. May be intended.Yuni, Liter, Privaty, etc.Re-introduced with January 12 patch.Old Bug
New Bug
Infinite Ammo/Ammo Refresh (Burst)Reloading instantly allows some bursts to fire two or three times instantly in succession.Snow White, MaxwellFixed! Unlikely to be able to be triggered with January 12 version.
Instant Clear BugThis bug causes all raptures to either fall or jump out of the screen, instantly dying and granting the stage clear. This bug is most common in the Campaign Normal Stages 16-12 and 18-19. This bug has been observed across various devices (ipad, emulator, etc). Previously known as the Pause Bug.ALLFixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Video
Max Ammo Reload (No Cover)When a Max Ammo effect expires at the moment a unit runs out of ammo, the unit will not go into cover during their reload.Liter, Privaty, Sugar, ALLIntroduced with January 12 patch. No word from devs.Video
Max Ammo Reload (Restart)When Max Ammo effects expire during a unit’s reload, that unit will restart their reload.Liter, Privaty, Sugar, ALLIntroduced with January 12 patch. No word from devs.Video
Max HP BugSkills which increase max HP apply inconsistently. Some units increase current HP with max HP, while others only increase max HP. This means some units heal with max HP skills while others do not. Units that heal: Noise, Rapunzel, Folkwang, Soldier FA. Units that do not heal: Frima, Delta. May be intended. (Previously known as Noise bug).Noise, Rapunzel, Folkwang, Soldier FA, Frima, Delta.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.
Revive 0 HP BugWhen a unit is revived after death, sometimes it may be revived at 0 HP with a grey profile icon until the unit is healed to higher HP. At times, the unit may be unable to attack or take other actions. Trigger may have to do with revive timing. High trigger rate in Arena.Anne: Miracle Fairy, RapunzelGrey profile icon fixed with January 12 Patch. Other aspects of the bug remain.Video
Screen Shake BugBug which results in higher DPS when screen shake is disabled (related to FPS bug).ALLFixed! Screen shake no longer affects DPS.Reddit Thread
Shield BugShields can block instances of damage completely when broken; overkill damage does not carryover from shield to unit. This makes low cool-down weak shields often more preferable to high cool-down strong shields. May be intended.Centi, Poli, Ether, etcNo word from devs. May be intended.
Skill DelaysCertain skills have a consistent delay before being applied. Seems to be tied to skill animation (vfx) times. Currently being researched further.Anne: Miracle Fairy, Dolla, Volume, Admi, etcNo word from devs. May be intended.
SMG BugConfirmed intended through testing: SMG’s range is between SG and AR, at 15 ~ 35.ALL SMGConfirmed Intended through testing!
Terrain BlockRaptures will at times be stuck behind terrain, unable to be targeted. Can be triggered by Yan burst.Yan, ALLNo word from devs. May be intended.Video

Unit Bugs

Fixed?Units AffectedExplanationStatusGuide
Anne: Miracle FairyError on her burst skill description where the highlight colour does not display correctly. Present in both Nikkepedia and a summoned Anne: Miracle FairyFixed! Skill description colour now displays correctly.Example
EtherShield blocks allied aim-able bursts such as Anis burst.No word from devs.
EunhwaLevel 1 burst lowers enemy defense by only 0.0121%, when it should most likely be 1.21% or 12.1%. This may simply be a skill description bug. Testing required to confirm.Fixed! Skill description error fixed.
GuillotineCan deal less damage with burst than without burst if HP is above threshold (50%).Fixed! Guillotine no longer deals less damage with burst.
Harran Skill 1 EnergySkill 1 damage fills burst gauge, allowing Harran to fill burst gauge extremely quickly. May be intended.Indirectly confirmed intended!
Harran (Range)Harran receives the same range bonus/penalty as an AR, NOT as a sniper as she should.No word from devs.
Helm MistranslationBurst is mistranslated in English client: it targets 1 enemy, not multiple.Indirectly mentioned fix.Example
Isabel Burst LevelBurst always applies as level 9 (or a higher multiplier) rather than the actual burst level.Unclear if it will fixed on January 12 patch.
Jackal Skill 1 EnergySkill 1 fills burst gauge, allowing Jackal to fill burst gauge extremely quickly. May be intended.May be intended.Video
Julia 50% Heal (Arena)In Arena mode, Julia will heal for 50% HP on every reload.No word from devs.Video
Laplace (Arena Visual)In Arena mode, Laplace may appear to fire her laser sideways. Confirmed Arena visual bug.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Example
Laplace (Death)When killed, Laplace’s attack aim reticle will still remain. Laplace is not able to fire normal attacks while defeated, but can still activate burst.Fixed! Laplace will no longer have abnormal behaviour when killed.Video
Laplace (FPS)FPS can drop during burst duration, especially when being controlled directly, triggering the FPS bug which lowers DPS.May not be fixed.
LudmillaTaunt does not work, destroying her entire kit. This is not a translation error.Fixed! Taunt now works (fixed with Noah’s taunt).
MaidenSkill 2 crit buff does not work.Fixed! Buff now works.
Modernia (Cover)Modernia’s cover sometimes takes an extra instance of damage in place of her ally. Trigger not yet confirmed, but may be related to Modernia being placed in the middle slot (P3)No word from devs.Video
Modernia (FPS)When FPS is below 34~36, Modernia is unable to stack her Skill 1. This is due to RoF being tied to frame rate. Players may also notice an FPS drop while controlling Modernia, especially during Modernia’s burst. DPS will be lower on lower FPS. It is recommended to not control Modernia directly and to play with lower graphics settings if you notice this issue. Directly related to the general FPS bug/issue that affects all MG.May not be fixed.Video
Modernia (Visual)When Modernia uses burst but does not attack, ATTACK_POINT is set to 99. This value returns to the expected normal after Modernia takes aim.No word from devs.Example
NoahSkill 2 does not apply skill levels correctly, still acts as if level 1.Fixed! Levels apply correctly.
PepperHer skill 1 cannot stack to max on auto, lowering her healing significantly. May be intended.Fixed! Now able to stack skill on auto.
PoliSkill 2 can count herself as one of the “lowest HP allies”, decreasing the number of allies she buffs by 1.No word from devs.Reddit Thread
Rupee: Winter ShopperThere is an unavoidable 1.5 second delay between Rupee: Winter Shopper’s burst and the second burst 1. May be intended.No word from devs. May be intended.Video
Scarlet (Skill 1)If the target enemy summons a shield against Scarlet’s 10th attack, her skill 1 will trigger to max stacks instantly. 100% trigger rate.No word from devs.Video
Scarlet (Sound Bug)Her unique attack sound effect will sometimes randomly switch to the default AR sound effect.No word from devs. May be fixed with other sound issues.
Sin Skill 1 (Mistranslation)Sin’s Skill 1 effect is mistranslated as a “stun” when it is in fact a “taunt”.Verified by devs. Scheduled to be fixed.EN
Snow WhiteBurst will sometimes not show charge percentage. Trigger unknown.No word from devs.Video
Soldier OW (Mistranslation)Skill 2 is mistranslated in English client: it applies to 3 allies with highest attack, not highest HP.Removed. Skill 2 is changed.
Soldier OW (Skill 2)Skill 2 scales up to 128% reload speed, but from what we can tell, reload speed caps at 100%. May be a skill description error.Removed. Skill 2 is changed.
SugarAttack speed buff on burst does not work.Fixed! Attack speed buff now works as intended.
VestiBurst only deals 1 damage to enemies, decreasing her DPS if burst is used.Fixed! Burst now deals proper damage as intended.
YanBurst sometimes moves enemies behind terrain or off screen, forcing a restart.No word from devs.
ModerniaModernia S2 Passive does NOT proc when equipping an OL gear that has a Stat Roll with Hit rate. Nerfing her damage. Equipping a hit rate cube does NOT fix this issue

Game Mode Bugs

⭕️Arena (SP): Double PointsThere is an abusable method to receive double the amount of SP Arena Points than expected. This bug triggers when the player attempts to claim their rewards right when their next hour of SP Arena rewards accumulate. There are two ways the bug can trigger: Either the N% of accumulated rewards will increase to two hours rather than one hour, or an extra hour of rewards will be claimed.Appears fixed for SP Arena Points, still exists for Arena Shop Vouchers.Video 1
Video 2
Arena (SP): First Claim Higher PointsFor the first claim of SP Arena Points, the player may delay claiming their points until they reach a higher rank, and the claimed points will be based on their current rank when claiming rather than their rank when the points were generated. Works for the first claim only.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.
Arena (SP): Full Burst Carry OverWhen full burst is reached at the exact moment an arena round ends, full burst mode will carry over to the next round. 100% trigger rate.No word from devs.Video
Arena: ImmortalAt times, units will not die even after reaching 0 HP in Arena.No word from devs.Example
Arena (SP): Inconsistent PointsSP Arena Points may be rewarded inconsistently. Trigger not yet confirmed.No word from devs.Example 1
Example 2
Arena: Julia 50% HealIn Arena mode, Julia will heal for 50% HP on every reload.No word from devs.Video
Arena: MatchmakingAt times, a player may not be able to attack certain opponents despite them appearing in their options of available opponents. The battle will fail to start. Also appears with “<opponent> is in a battle” bug.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Video
Arena (SP): Opponent Is In A BattleIt is possible to extend the amount of time a player is “in battle”, preventing other players from attacking them. May be triggered by force closing the game before a match begins. Also appears with matchmaking bug.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Example,
⭕️Arena (SP): Point Carry OverIt is possible for players to save their SP Arena Points from one season to the next, granting an insurmountable lead over players who did not.Fixed for some servers.Example
Arena: Scarlet/Sugar Visual BugIn Arena, Scarlet’s profile icon may be replaced with Sugar’s. Trigger unknown. Visual Bug.No word from devs.Example
Arena (SP): Top 10%It is possible for the Point Rank 11th player to not qualify for Top 10% Point Rank rewards. No word from devs.Example
Arena (SP): InformationSome information in About the SP Arena does not display correctly.No word from devs.Example
Base DefenceFlying enemies do not effect the progress bar, allowing players to simply ignore them and go into cover, preventing the next wave from spawning until the timer runs out. May be intended.Not confirmed if bug or intended feature.
Boss: Gravedigger (Floating)Gravedigger will stop taking any actions and “float” until the next phase when the FPS is too low and red circles are not broken. This exploit allows players to nuke Interception S until at least reward level 7 for free, giving low level players access to Tier 7 gear early.Fixed! Gravedigger will no longer stop taking actions.Reddit Guide
Boss: Gravedigger (Floating 2)Gravedigger will stop taking any actions and “float”. Exact trigger not yet confirmed.No word from devs.Video
Boss: Gravedigger (Flying)Gravedigger can fly out of screen. May be related to pause bug, but there may be other triggers than pause.No word from devs.Video
Boss: Interruption CircleDestroying an interruption circle may at times make remaining interruption circle(s) unable to be destroyed. Can be prevented by destroying the circles at the same time, but this can be difficult or impossible to do.Dev responseVideo
Boss: Modernia (Missiles)When her missile launchers are broken while moving, instead of moving into her teleporting phase, she will instead regenerate the missile launchers. This allows players to prevent her from entering the teleporting phase and stalling, making the fight significantly easier. No word from devs.Bug Guide Thread (TW)
Boss: Parts Name Visual BugBoss parts no longer display names. Visual Bug.Only fixed for some languages. Still exists for English client.Example
Campaign: SqueezeIn the world map, it is possible to “squeeze” past stages that you cannot beat by repeatedly clicking on the rapture then exiting the battle preparation screen. This is significant for certain stages that are known as “walls” that can delay player progress for days or weeks. This bug also allows for any mission reward for the skipped stage to be claimed twice. Confirmed to work for: 15-12, 15-18, 16-17, 17-9, 17-27, 17-30.No word from devs.Source (TW)
Co-Op: Forced SwapAt times, a player will be constantly forcibly swapped to another player’s unit, and unable to control their own unit. This prevents a player from being able to attack or use burst skills for the whole battle.No word from devs.Video
Interception: OverkillSometimes, the end total damage dealt will be greater than the boss’ max HP total. May be related to Damage Screen Bug.No word from devs.Example
Interception: RewardsQuick battle rewards can sometimes vanish, and not be received. Trigger unknown.Scheduled to be fixed.
Simulation: N% Chance BuffsN% chance to trigger buffs can trigger 100% of the time, making chain ammo (chance to reload 38.5% of bullets) + reflection bullet (chance to deal 1350% damage on last hit) very powerful. See our Simulation Room guide for more information.Fixed! N% chance buffs now work as intended.Chain Ammo Video
Simulation: Alva Particle ChaffAlva Particle Chaff (decrease enemy attack) can be applied to rocket launcher units.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Example
Simulation: Buff IconsSimulation buff icons can display incorrectly as a lightning bolt icon for all buffs. Trigger unknown,Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.
Simulation: Buff StackingMultiple copies of the same buff at the same rarity do not stack as they should. Buffs must be of different rarities in order to stack.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.Example1; Example2
Sub-quest (Disappearing)Sub-quests can disappear after being ignored, and do not reappear. Trigger unknown.Fixed! Sub-quests now will not disappear.
Sub-quest (Reward)Sub-quest rewards will sometimes not be able to be received. Instead, the game will crash when attempting to receive rewards. Trigger unknown.No word from devs.
Tribe TowerUpon entering a Manufacturer Tower, the player may be booted back to the main screen, losing valuable time for ranking profile border rewards. For some players this issue is persistent and locks them out of the game mode entirely. Trigger unknown.No word from devs.
Union: Storm Bringer Under certain unknown circumstances, Storm Bringer’s turrets are unable to be damaged. No word from devs.Video

Other Bugs and Issues

999,999,999 Visual BugSometimes, units’ stats will display as 999,999,999 in the pause screen. Trigger not known.No word from devs.Example
Blackout Visual BugDuring battle, sometimes the screen will blackout or change to another solid colour (grey, pink, etc), with only the UI and battle effects visible. The background, nikke, and raptures will not be visible. Trigger not known.No word from devs.Example
Burst Cut-scene BugBug change: burst cut-scenes may sometimes not display. Multiple possible triggers. (Previously known as burst 1 cut-scene bug)No word from devs, but bug behaviour has changed from before.
Cash Shop: Monthly Packs Not AvailableThe “Monthly” tab in the cash shop does not work, preventing players from purchasing the monthly packs.Confirmed intended. Monthly Packs will return on Janurary 1.Example
Core Dust Box12 x 1h core dust boxes give less core dust than 1 x 12h box. Same issue with 8 x 1h and 1 x 8h boxes. Likely a rounding error. Error may be present in credit and battle data boxes to a less noticeable degree.No word from devs.
Damage Screen BugDamage total displayed on damage screen is not accurate, showing overkill damage rather than actual damage done. Not sure if intended.No word from devs.
Dispatch Bug1 star rarity dispatch can still appear despite training academy being upgraded to remove 1 star dispatch (confirmed 0.5% chance).No word from devs.Example
Exia Icon BugSometimes, some visual assets will either disappear or be replaced with an Exia icon.No word from devs.Example
Failure to Sync InformationThe game will sometimes fail to sync and must restart, often forcing the player to replay a stage they just cleared.Some improvement. Devs working on fix.
FPS Drops & LagIssue where users are experiencing lower FPS and more lag than normal, triggering the FPS bug.Fixed! Fixed in an optional update.
Lingering Visual BugSome visual objects will linger when they should disappear (raptures after battle, blabla chat after exiting, etc).No word from devs.Example
Live Wallpaper StutteringLive wallpapers can cause FPS drops in the lobby screen and stuttering in its animationNo word from devs.Example
Loading Screen IssueSometimes the game will freeze on a loading screen and not be able to load the new page, forcing the player to relaunch the game.No word from devs.Example
Manufacturer Score BugLimit breaks reduce manufacturer score instead of increasing it.Fixed! Working correctly.
Options/JP DubChanging settings in options can boot the user back to title screen and force a redownload of JP dub. Temporary fix: click “cancel” to not be booted to title screen, but you still have to redownload your desired dub.Fixed! Dub will no longer force change to JP when options are changed.
Overload Custom Module BugWhen rerolling substats on Overload equipment, the number of Custom Modules remaining does not display properly. Locking a substat consumes 1 Custom Module, and the number of Custom Modules required to roll for new substats also increases by 1. Therefore, to lock one substat and then reroll, 3 Custom Modules is required. But the number of Custom Modules remaining after locking does not update properly, and when a reroll is attempted without sufficient Custom Modules, an error message with appear and the reroll will fail.No word from devs.Source Video (KR)
Red DotSometimes there will be a red dot notification when there shouldn’t be (Simulation, Lost Sector, Infrastructure Core, etc)Fixed! Red dot will no longer appear when it shouldn’t.
Skill Cool-down Not ShownSkill cool-down does not display in skill description screen on the English client, making it difficult for new or casual players to build a proper team. To fix the issue, change the display to landscape mode or to 1080p.Fixed! Skill cool-downs now display properly.
Sound EffectsSome sound effects will still play when sound effects are turned off in settings.No word from devs.
Sunrise Pass Social Points Mission BugWhen sending social points via the “Send/Receive All” button, the daily mission for receiving 10 social points on the Sunrise Pass will not progress. This can be circumvented by manually receiving socials points 10 times individually.Fixed! Fixed with January 12 patch.
Unexpected FailureA bug that prevents login.Some improvement. Devs working on fix.
Units SharedAn account with progress on multiple servers may have units from one server appear on another. Fixed! Fixed in an optional update.Reddit Thread
Items SharedAn account with progress on multiple servers may have items from one server appear on another. This means it is possible to play on multiple servers to farm rewards for your main account.No word from devs.
VO MissingSome voice over lines, or words and phrases within voice over lines are missing.No word from devs.
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    • Hi, I’ve added the status column so that this information is more clear. Hope this is what you were looking for! Thanks for the comment.

  1. Great work, Chief! Looking forward to see more of your posts so everyone can update with the lastest news ( for people who can read ofc)

  2. there is a bug for Gravedigger when you skip the cut scene at the very end Gravedigger just fly above and oob(the boss will die shortly after)

  3. Is there a event bug where you don’t get the rewards at 100% chance. I have never experienced that. May for those who go above 100% because of spaghetti code. However if you are exactly at 100%, I have always gotten my reward.

  4. I have a bug is when I enter tower tribe of any of the manufacture companies it sends me to back to the room where you choose what you want to do(play campaign, enter the shop. Etc.)

    • In case anyone wandering about this, I still have this issue and I can’t believe how much rewards I’m missing out. Also want to say that there is a possibility (maybe a small one) that the game will let you enter the stage and fight but in the end you get an error message and nothing get saved, so basically whether they let me enter the stage or not I still can’t get the rewards.

    • After many efforts and searches on the internet I have found someone who solved it and it worked for me!
      All you need to do is to defeat an enemy, it’s 7-13 (chapter 7 – stage 13)
      I don’t know how this caused the bug but at least now I can get my rewards even though I’m late…

  5. Please moved fixed issues to the bottom of lists! I think those are less relevant for folks combing these lists to understand current issues. Thanks!

  6. It’d be nice to categorize each bug by Player Impact. Who knows, it might make it easier for devs reviewing these lists to help prioritize on their end too!

  7. se sabe si van a arreglar el error de la pantalla de carga que se queda atascada en 90% y no pasa de alli?
    i have a problem with loading screen issue, dont pass to 90% after i play 1 scenario.

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