Blanc Lore and Bond Story


Backstory: Blanc is a member of 777 squad and is working in the largest casino in the Ark- Coin Rush. In chapter 22, the Commander meets Blanc in the casino when the Commander is seeking protection during the rapture invasion in the Ark.

Episode 1:
The Commander realizes he’s having a bad day. Firstly, he gets a bad stomach from Maid Cafe when Soda thought the sauce in the Commander’s dish is Cocoa’s ketchup instead of a salsa sauce. Then, Laplace bumps the Commander while she’s doing her “heroic” entry making the Commander drop the glass of milk. Rapi also reminds the Commander about the report that they need to submit as well as the upcoming lecture that the Commander needs to prepare. Lastly, while outside, Biscuit’s dog does its business on the Commander’s shoes.
As the Commander thinks of going back, he meets Blanc along the way. Blanc tells the Commander that today is a lucky day for the both of them but she notices the Commander’s expression says otherwise. Blanc asks if there’s something wrong and the Commander lists all the mishaps that happened to him. While the Commander and Blanc are having their conversation, a baseball hits the Commander’s head. Blanc, seeing the Commander’s bad luck, decides to accompany the Commander to “share” her luck to the Commander by holding hands.

Episode 2:
Blanc feels like she’s having a date with the Commander and reminds him to keep holding her hand and think happy thoughts. While the Commander is hungry, Blanc decides to go to a famous restaurant in the Ark and pulls a ticket with number 777 in it. One of the clerks in the said restaurant comes to them and tells that the 777th customer can skip the waiting list. The two happily eats and also gets a free premium dessert.

Episode 3:
As Blanc and the Commander leaves the restaurant, Blanc tells the Commander to hold her hand again as she believes her luck is working towards the Commander. As they were walking, Blanc notices a four-leaf clover under the Commander’s foot. The Commander cannot believe that it’s possible to find a four-leaf clover in the Ark. Shortly after, Blanc points towards a sign of a grand raffle event and decides to determine their luck by joining in the raffle. Things aren’t getting good at first until Blanc decides to share more of her luck by hugging the Commander. However, for the last draw, Blanc gives a peck on the Commander’s cheek and the Commander wins a big prize. The Commander still cannot believe about the events that happened while he’s with Blanc.

Episode 4:
The Commander concludes that the more they interact physically, the more their luck increases. Blanc also notices that her luck today is also extraordinary. Because of their observation, they decide to put it to the test. The Commander decides to test their luck in a gacha machine where they can get figurines of different rarities. First, they hold hands and the gacha machine gives a normal figurine. Next, they decide to be more intimate and pulls another figurine from the machine. This time, it’s a special figurine. Blanc decides to pull herself and manages to pull another special figurine. Seeing that their theory is merely not a coincidence, The Commander and Blanc decides to kiss and spins the machine. This time, they pull a legendary figurine.

Episode 5:
Blanc and the Commander decides to have more fun given that they know where their luck comes from. Firstly, they receive a free crepe from a renowned patisserie. Blanc manages to get 10,000 credits from a scratch-off after kissing the Commander on the cheek. As they’re walking around, Blanc suddenly feel sleepy and suddenly collapses. Mary explains that Blanc’s vitals are normal but her stamina is way too low but can be recovered after getting some rest. The Commander notices that maybe Blanc is draining her luck and tells Blanc to not share it too much. Blanc, however, believes that it won’t happen if Noir is nearby since she doesn’t feel that way when they’re in the casino. However, the Commander interrupts her and asks what is Blanc trying to say. Blanc confesses that she has feelings towards the Commander and replies that he likes her back. Blanc hugs her and becomes the Commander’s good luck charm.


  1. Assuming that bond stories are canon, this could be a really bad thing–BOTH Noir AND Blanc having feelings for the Commander. This could potentially result in a rift between the sisters.

    On a side note, maybe they will get together for a little “Three’s Company” action…

  2. can you guys not use garbage ai art for your content? like the director for shift-up isn’t clown enough for the world?
    stop being imbeciles.

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