Anne: Miracle Fairy Lore and Bond Stories

Anne's Bond stories make me cry.... ...? why am i crying again?

Backstory: A Nikke in Recall & Release who gets her memory erased daily for experimental purpose. Her memories and behavior are all determined by what’s written by the experimenters in her notebook. Without her notebook, she has no idea on how to navigate the world…that was the case until her fateful encounter with a certain person.

Chapter 1

The scene opens with the sound a TV broadcast, which the game tells us this bond chapter takes place after Mustang’s Xmas Event/party, after overhearing the TV broadcast, Anne asks what is a Christmas Party. Commander then explains that a Christmas party is an event where friends get together to sing and celebrate. Anne thinks this sounds like a great event.

Commander Suggests to throw one together despite Christmas being over already, just for Anne. The Counter squad then goes to separate places to prepare for the Christmas party planned. Anne tags along with the commander to buy gifts but Anne does not know what gifts to buy for her friends, so they plan to go meet “Santa” and “Rudolph” for ideas (Emma and Exia in costumes).

Chapter 2

Scene opens up with the Commander and Anne meeting “Santa” and “Rudolph”. Anne is a little confused on why Emma and Exia are roleplaying but decides to play along. She explains that she doesn’t know what gifts to buy her friends. “Rudolph” recommends credits, “Santa” not liking this answer, feeds Rudolph cookies and Rudolph actually just passes the fuck out. Anne wonders if she’ll be okay and Commander dismisses her worries.

Santa Explains that gifts should cater to what the receiver would find pleasurable. Anne explains she wants to give more special gifts to her friends. Santa rethinks and explains that if that’s the case, Anne should find something special inside her heart. Anne then opens her notebook and is promptly stopped by the Commander, saying she won’t find whatever she’s looking for there, then asks Anne to look inside her heart. Anne sadly says she does not know what’s inside her heart.

Santa then interjects that she can look around and see what object makes her happier more than other objects instead. With this in mind, they start to go shopping.

Chapter 3

Commander and Anne start shopping and looking around. They stop by a few places but Anne does not find anything she thinks is special, she then sadly asks if they will find anything special. Commander assures her that she’s overthinking and that is clouding her judgement. They walk around more until Anne see’s a Christmas star on top of a tree, along with Laplace on the scene. Laplace explains that she’s getting rid of Christmas stars since they are out of season. Anne then shows her fascination towards the Christmas star, Laplace notices this and tell Anne that it’s hers.

Laplace helps Anne by carrying her towards the Christmas star so Anne can get it herself. Anne is elated she gets to keep it and asks if there’s more around so she can give more stars to her friends, Laplace explains that the star she gave her is the last star in the city as she removed all the others. Laplace then leaves the scene with a nervous look. Anne and the Commander continue to look for more gifts for her friends.

Chapter 4

Scene starts with the Commander and Anne getting surprised by the Counter squad. Neon (A cat with a gun), Anis (A Croquette limited edition book mark), and Rapi (Photo Album) proceed to give their gifts to Anne, which Anne is very grateful for. Anne then gives star shaped candy they bought after their encounter with Laplace.

Rudolph, Santa, and Laplace also reveals themselves. Laplace then gives Anne all the stars she acquired from the previous tree’s she removed stars from. Anne has a great time until she gets scared that she will once again forget everything by tomorrow. Commander Assures Anne that she won’t forget these memories.

Chapter 5

Anne wakes up. She is able to remember her name and the Commander. But not the date of today nor what happened yesterday. Her hands wanders then feels a bottle filled with star shaped candies, next to it is a bookmark and a cat with a gun plushie.

Anne then sees the Photo album that Rapi gave Anne. Inside the photo album are events that have happened yesterday. At the bottom, touching words written by the Commander can be seen. Anne was then able to recall what she felt yesterday.

First Encounter

Anne: Miracle Fairy is met for the first time during Miracle Snow: Story I: Event 1-7: A Special Day, when Rupee bought Anne a new dress to celebrate Christmas.


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