Anis: Sparkling Summer Lore and Bond Story Summary

Soda Lore

Episode 1:
Anis sees the Commander sleeping at the shore and decides to take the Commander with her. Before reaching their destination, they visit Liter first to get the item that Anis requested and warns Liter to keep it a secret from anyone. After another set of walks, Anis and Commander reaches their destination- a cave covered in vines. The Commander is unsure if going inside the cave is a good idea but Anis came prepared as she shows the portable flashlight that they just received from Liter.

Episode 2:
The cave is still really dark despite having a portable flashlight and the temperature inside is cold. Anis and the Commander are both fine until they hear a squeak and blazed past them which surprises Anis. The Commander assures Anis that it might be a bat. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that Anis got scared and decides to wrap her arms around the Commander. As they reach the end of the cave, the two decides to head back. However, a trap was triggered the moment Anis stepped onto something and a boulder is now rolling towards the two. While they were able to save themselves by going on the gap that the two of them could fit, and that their faces are close to each other, the cave became even darker as they don’t have the flashlight with them anymore. Anis searches for the flashlight but later found that it was pulverized by the boulder. As a result, the two looks for the exit while holding hands.

Episode 3:
Upon closer inspection of the gap, there is a small wooden door that they can enter. The room shows signs that it was inhabited as the dusts were piling up. Upon further inspection of the room, Anis finds a journal and reads it while the Commander decides to look around as well. As the Commander is inspecting, Anis asked the Commander if he wants to read the journal too. As the Commander reads the journal, they found that one person is living on the island trying to have a positive perspective in life. While the two feels bad about the life of the person who wrote the journal, the Commander sees another door that is obscured by the bed. However, the Commander can’t open it while Anis tries to forcefully open it and the doorknob suddenly flies out.

Episode 4:
The two decides to look back at the entrance as they found that the Commander’s phone doesn’t get recption. As they walk hand-in-hand, the Commander observes how chatty Anis suddenly became and thinks that Anis might be scared again. Anis tells the Commander that she’s just nervous. The Commander squeezed Anis’ hand tighter which uplifts her mood. To reciprocate the feelings, Anis casually removes her hand from the Commander’s and decides to wrap her arms towards the Commander instead. After reaching the entrance, which is also blocked by another boulder, the two decides to head back to the room to think of ways to open the door. After some time, they finally feel exhausted and decides to sit on the bed after a bit of dusting. And then, the atmosphere suddenly became romantic (or not).

Episode 5:
After finding the exit, their eyes are trying to adjust to the sudden brightness and sees the sunset at the right time. The path beyond the door also leads to a small hill next to the hotel. They also find an unopened can with an open can placed on the table, which they recalled about the man who wrote the journal waiting for another living to open a can of beer with him. The two decides to have a drink at the table as Anis have a soda with her, making the unopened beer for the Commander. however, the content just bursts out as soon as the Commander open it. As they were enjoying the sunset, the Commander asks what Anis is about to say earlier while they were on the bed. To which, Anis leans closer to the Commander’s ear and murmurs softly about a secret that the two shouldn’t tell to anyone. Before leaving, Anis leaves her opened can on top of the table as she holds the Commander’s hand. Finally, the two decides to leave with their faces matching the color of the red sunset.

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