Anis: Sparkling Summer Early Analysis

Hand Holding the Meta

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Sparkling Boost
  • Skill 2: Sparkling Missile
  • Burst: Sparkling Wave
    Cooldown: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: SG
  • Class: Supporter
  • Element: Electric
  • Manufacturer: Tetra
  • Squad: Counters
  • SG name: Libertine Aqua


Skill 1: Sparkling Boost

Note: Assume all skills is level 10

Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all Electric Code allies.
ATK ▲ 55.31% of caster’s ATK, lasts for I0 sec.
Reloading Speed ▲ 45.28% for 10 sec.

Insanely high ATK buffs based on Caster’s base ATK on full burst, accompanied by reload speed for a whole 10 Seconds on for electric units (includes self). Definitely an insane passive and would only get stronger in the future. This is because most of meta electric units already have high ATK buffs built into their kit, slightly diminishing its value (Scarlet, Guillotine). Since this skill benefits from Caster’s ATK, Overload equipment (Helmet, Gloves), dupes and bond levels will definitely bump up the ATK given by this passive. As usual, Overload ATK Rolls is NOT accounted for as it is considered a “buff”.

Skill 2: Sparkling Missiles

Activates when firing the last bullet. Affects 2 enemy unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Deals 382.42% of final ATK as damage.
Activates when firing the last bullet. Affects self.
Damage to Interruption Parts ▲ 8.91% for 10 sec.

Absolutely massive damage on last bullet. Like, Massive ✨. This skill synergizes extremely well with her burst skill and Privaty. This is where most of her damage will come from, and is a great skill for all forms of content (Campaign, PvP, Bosses). The only weak point of this skill is that it is unable to core hit, which is a pretty big damage loss.

Burst: Sparkling Wave

Affects self.
Max Ammunition Capacity ▼ 73.92% for 10 sec.
Reloading Speed ▲ 27.72% for 10 sec.
Damage as strong element ▲ 42.24% for 10 sec.

Very strong self buff which synergizes with her skill 2. During the burst duration, Ammo is cut down from 5 to 2, this would allow her to spam last shots and do really good damage via skill 2 procs. And if that wasn’t enough, she also gets a pretty high strong element multiplier which is amazing against water bosses (Ex. Mother Whale, Land Eater)

Under Burst, She would be able to last hit proc roughly 3 times every 2 seconds (assuming near 100% reload speed, which is possible with skill investments). This would mean she would be able to do 5760% of damage from her active skill, that would be buffed from her skill 1 passive and full burst multiplier (1.5x)! Summer Anis is capable of out-damaging Dorothy when elemental advantage is considered. Additionally Summer Anis should be able to output similar damage to Dorothy under normal circumstances/ bosses without parts / very low HP parts (which occurs in some cases in Union raid).

Summer Anis gets an big damage boost when her burst skill level is 9. Her mag gets reduced to 1 ammo instead of 2 at this level of investment without Privaty which is huge for flexibility and personal DPS.


Despite being a shotgun unit, she may see very decent use in Campaign! This is due to her skill 2 and buffing potential. However she would greatly prefer to be paired with Scarlet. A team in mind that should work rather well if commander doesn’t have other core DPS units such as Modernia, Alice, Snow White, Etc. Would be as follows

Note: She doesn’t pair too well with the bunny twin comp as Noir simply gives too much ammo to Summer Anis. And to a lesser extent, Liter (Liter’s Skill 1 gives max ammo). However Liter is still Best in slot if Dorothy is not available.

If Burst level < 9


Liter, Dorothy, Volume = Cooldown Reduction
Centi = Burst generation
Scarlet = DPS, Screen Wipe, Electric unit
Privaty = Buffer, Screen Wipe
Summer Anis = Buffer, DPS

Summer Anis would basically fill the role of Drake, Noir (assuming not paired with Blanc) in Scarlet teams, and would do amazing in it. Her s2 will pick off stray raptures while providing Scarlet and herself a massive attack boost and reload speed.

If Burst => 9

As mentioned earlier, Leveling burst to level 9 improves versatility as she won’t be needing to be ran with Privaty anymore for 1 bullet on burst. This opens space for another Hyper carry DPS such as Modernia. Privaty can be still used if no other units can fit the slot.

Liter and Dorothy can now be interchanged as Modernia really benefits from Attack buffs. It now depends on user preference if wanting to have Anis to deal more personal DPS, or balancing with team DPS instead.


Liter, Dorothy, Volume = Cooldown Reduction
Centi= Burst generation
Scarlet = DPS, Screen Wipe, Electric unit
Modernia = DPS | Privaty = Buffer
Summer Anis = Buffer, DPS


Summer Anis proves to be extremely powerful in PvP at rather high skill investments, especially at and beyond burst level 9. She does require sustain units to stay alive as her damage is overtime rather than instant. At low skill Investments, she would want to be paired with Privaty and attacking teams with slow burst gen if possible (More notably, Alice Stall teams). When attacking, her main goal is to break through stall comps (Makima, Biscuit teams) as she easily shreds through them without issue. And usually stall comps also have slow burst generation.

If Burst level < 9

Note: These Teams are tailored | focused against fighting stall teams that have rather slow burst generation, and on the attacking side.

Noise = Tank, HP buffer
Rapunzel = Healer, Resurrection | Clip – Reload Shotgun if more burst gen is needed
Anis : Sparkling Summer = DPS
Poli = Buffer | Centi = Needs to be paired with Clip – Reload Shotgun in Rapunzel Slot, This will enable full burst at 3 RL shots instead of 4 if needed.
Privaty = Buffer, Ammo Down

This team has enough survivability and attack buffs to ensure Summer Anis lives long enough and does enough damage to break through stall comps during her burst. As mentioned,

Blanc Variant

Blanc = Invulnerability, Debuffer
Biscuit = Invulnerability, Buffer
Anis : Sparkling Summer = DPS
Rapunzel = Healing | Noise = Healing
Privaty = Buffer

This team focuses on taking advantage of a stall team, while being able to destroy other stall teams with the addition of biscuit also buffing Summer Anis. Do NOT attack SG teams in this exact formation | Nikke position as Privaty and Rapunzel might get annihilated

If Burst level => 9

With burst level 9, Summer Anis has more flexibility as Privaty isn’t required anymore. This allows her to be put in more teams. The teams mentioned are still usable but with Privaty as Flex slot. Currently on-going testings. Will update future comps in Arena Guide. Main take is that she blasts through stall comps which are usually in teams two and/or three in current PvP Meta.

Ending Thoughts For Arena

Summer Anis’s Existence makes it much harder for people to defend attacks now as stall teams are easily taken care of when using her properly. The attacker then can simply Jackal + Scarlet nuke the next team for a pretty easy win.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Summer Anis will be a staple team for electric units for a LONG time. She simply provides too much for them while being able to do big damage herself. Summer Anis can shine in any content in Boss battles when paired with Electric units. This is more apparent if the boss Rapture doesn’t have any core to take advantage of and even more so, elementally weak to Anis.

She is most likely going to be used in Union Raid and Solo raid teams for a long time, paired with Scarlet.


  • High personal damage
  • Great buffs for electric units
  • Scales well with investments
  • Great in all forms of content
  • Will hold your hand
  • Hehe.. Her Acronym is ASS.


  • Very skill book hungry
  • More dupe hungry to maximize her full potential compared to other units
  • Hogs/ Needs Privaty until burst level 9
  • Skill 2’s nature restricts her from being used effectively with Nikke’s that give max ammo capacity (Noir, Liter)
  • Avid Soda Drinker

Should you pull

Definitely, Our first pretty amazing limited time unit that would only get better when more electric units are released. F2p’s definitely want at least one copy of her.

Spenders can go ham and pull dupes as she wants them to maximize her potential.

Unbiased Note: she’s also kinda like very waifu ✨

Temporary Rating

Overall8.95 (S+, Very Close to SS)

Recommended Harmony Cube

Resilience Cube = Increased reload speed

Skill Priority

Anis: Sparkling Summer8.5104-9~Skill 1 Is where her buffs for the team lie. Really great buffs with good scaling when paired with electric teams. Gets better with dupes and better gear.

Skill 2 Is the meat of her damage. Works well in all content and probably the strongest skill 1/2 in the game. Extremely strong in PvP.

Burst can stay at level 4 until you have enough skill mats to level it up to 9 as that is when Anis is able to have 1 ammo on her burst without Privaty. Leveling the burst incrementally gives little benefit in normal scenarios.

Overload Gear Priority

Attribute (Sub-Stat)PriorityRecommendedNotes
Increase Element Damage Dealt★★★★☆2-4xSituationally useful
Increase Hit Rate★★★☆☆1-4xAble to hit cores easier.
Increase Max Ammunition CapacityNODO NOTDON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT
Increase ATK★★★★★4xShotguns scale really well with ATK. Does not improve her skill 1 buffs.
Increase Charge Damage☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Charge Speed☆☆☆☆☆0x
Increase Critical Rate★★★☆☆1-3xMax ammo not wanted, can roll into this instead
Increase Critical Damage★★★☆☆1-3xMax ammo not wanted, can roll into this instead
Increase DEF☆☆☆☆☆0x


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