Alice Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: A lively girl with a pure heart. She wonders the snow lands in order to rescue lost Nikke’s, her main goal is to find Mr. Rabbity and to defeat the “Queen of hearts”. Alice became a Nikke a very young age, which may contribute on why she has a filtered view about the world.

Chapter 1

The scene begins with description of Alice’s daily life. Always fighting against the hordes of the “Queen of hearts” Minions. Alice then stumbles upon a book called “The Ark. A True Elysium!”. Not knowing what this word was, she searched it up on a dictionary. Alice brings up the topic to Ludmilla, and Ludmilla explains that Elysium depends on the person. Alice then asks “Rabbity” (Commander) if the Ark really is an Elysium, they say yes, but it may not be a happy world. This confuses Alice, Ludmilla permits Alice to visit the Ark herself to find out if it truly is an Elysium. Alice gets worried as she thinks Ludmilla will break everything as she tends to break every electronic she touches. Ludmilla assures Alice that it’ll be fine (Probably). With this they head to the Ark.

Chapter 2

Alice is excited to be in the Ark, they explore and the Commander buys Alice some treats, such as cotton candy and coffee. They then visit a library, the Commander asks if she likes books, she says yes as they contain happy worlds. The Commander picks up a book called “Alice in Wonderland” and gives it to her, she loves the book and very much appreciates their kind gesture. They leave the library and it is shown that is dim out. Alice thinks the Ark makes her very happy, her thoughts are interrupted by Poli chasing down a criminal, the Commander quickly helps Poli chase down the criminal. Alice is left alone and is greeted by a mysterious man who claims to sell delicious candy that brings them happiness and offers to lead her to the location where the candy is. While she wanted to wait for Rabbity’s return, the man convinces her to follow him anyways.

Chapter 3

The Mysterious man leads Alice to a dark alleyway, they then meet up with girls the Man also managed to convince into following him. Candy is then given to all the girls, Alice being cautious as she was told to not accept things from strangers, does not eat the candy when instructed to. However the other girls ate the candy and they got folded like chairs, and pass out. The man notices Alice’s confusion, and urges that the candy was so good, they feel asleep. Alice falters and decides to eat it. Because she’s a Nikke, her body neutralizes the toxins emitted by candy when consumed. The Man tells her that if she sleeps, she’d have much happier dreams. She follows his orders and starts to sleep. Alice no longer feels the Ark is an Elysium.

Chapter 4

The scene opens up in a hospital room, where a patient is being resuscitated. The doctors were talking about extracting a brain, and that this was agreed on a contract. The patient comes about, and is revealed to be a little girl. The girl asks a “Woman in White” (Mary in-game), if the outside world is a happy place. Mary says of course she’d be happy out there. Mary asks if she was reborn, what kind of person would she be. The girl looks over at books that were scattered around. She says she wanted to be Alice. She comes to with Poli and Miranda apprehending the criminal. Alice tells Commander that she had a bad dream, and is happy that the Commander came for her. Alice thinks that Commander seems like a hero, which makes her visibly upset, as Heroes never look back when encountering danger. She only wants the Commander to be her “Rabbity” that will take her to happiness. She then says that “Rabbity” is her Elysium, not the ark. “Rabbity” promises Alice that they will always be there for her.

Chapter 5

Mustang gets upset at Alice for following a stranger, and tells her to be more careful next time, as if this happens again, she will be able to meet the Commander again. Ludmilla also berates Alice for being careless, but is thankful that she’s safe. Despite all this happening, Alice thought the trip to the Ark was rather fun, just because “Rabbity” was there for her. Alice then asks “Rabbity” to hold her hand and says the hospital scares her, she thinks it’s because she was stuck in one for a long time. “Rabbity” grasps her hand and she felt happy. Alice then falls sleepy, she asks “Rabbity” to keep holding her hand so she may have the happiest of dreams, “Rabbity” agrees. Alice then dreams. In her dream, she sees herself in the hospital again, but she’s not afraid this time as “Rabbity” Is holding her hand. They exit the hospital in search to find a happy world together, an Elysium.

First Appearance

While wandering around the snow fields, Alice and Ludmilla encounter a human buried on the snow. It was the Commander. This event occurs in Chapter 5-6, after a landslide occurs after a fight with the raptures, which separates the Commander from the Counter squad.

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