A2 Bond Story Summary

Episode 1:
A2 and P-12 are searching the factory to find the teleporter. While A2 is amazed on how wide the area is, she observed that there is a tiny object around. P-12 can’t see it until A2 pinpoints the location of the said object. Turns out that it was a tiny baby bird that is still chirping. However, seeing how exhausted it looks, they didn’t do anything to help it and continues to search for the teleporter. However, P-12 is concerned about the animal. It is known that raptures never attack animals. But, if they leave the bird, it’ll probably starve to death. P-12 insists on helping the bird but A2 counters her argument as she sees the bird slowly dying. P-12, despite A2’s rational argument, still picks up the bird to at least help the bird leave the factory while A2 just shrugs it off.

Episode 2:
As the bird still chirping, P-12 doesn’t have any clues on what to do to help the bird. At first, P-12 thinks that the bird is thirsty and needs some water. P-12 leaves the bird on A2’s hands as she tries to fetch some water sources inside the factory. A2, not knowing what to do, observes the little bird chirping on her hands. While staring towards the little bird, A2 hears footsteps incoming and sees P-12 coming back with water literally in her hands. The two attempts on making the bird drink the water. A2 proposes she will move her hands closer and hope that the bird will drink on its own. However, the bird cannot reach the water from P-12’s hands. A2 proposes to let the water fall down on the bird’s beak and just fetch another batch if needed. The bird, despite its disability to move, attempts to reach the falling water and drink as much as it could.

Episode 3:
The time is about nighttime, and the two is still in the factory, with the bird showing slight improvements after being able to drink water. P-12 proposes to give it a name while A2 questions the idea if it’s really necessary. P-12 insists that it would be nice to have a name that others can call you by. A2, looking a bit confused, just let P-12 take charge of giving the bird a name. P-12 thinks of calling it ‘AP’ as the two letters carries the initials of the two (‘A’2 and ‘P’-12). A2 just let P-12 do whatever she wants and just accepts the bird’s name. As the bird chirps happily, it eventually exhausts itself. P-12 thinks that the bird’s body temperature might be too low. P-12 desperately attempts to give it warmth in order to stabilize the bird’s temperature as the sun is setting.

Episode 4:
After some time, the two never track the time and just see the sun now shining brightly in the sky. P-12 suddenly panics but A2 reassures her that the bird is still alive in her hands. Upon seeing the bird, P-12 happily witnesses the bird now able to stand and is chirping more energetic than last time. P-12 suddenly understands the meaning of “vitality” and describes it as a warm and beautiful feeling. A2, on the other hand, reaches out her hand and gently taps AP’s head. P-12 attempts on making AP fly but A2 sees that it is still not ready as the bird is nervous on spreading its wings. However, A2 reassures that it will fly very soon. The two eventually understands that their journey with AP is about to end.

Episode 5:
P-12 is trying to encourage AP to fly by trying to place it on the windowsill. AP flaps its wings several times but is still grounded. P-12 doesn’t know what to do and feels like giving up but A2 protests as she sees AP still trying to fly. Eventually, AP leaps into the air, flapping its wings, and eventually plummets towards the ground. P-12 tries to catch AP before it hits the ground but never catches her. AP gradually ascends higher until it vanishes from their sight. P-12 celebrates the fact that AP is now able to fly and can now live freely after they helped it from the factory. P-12 thanks A2 for convincing her that AP can fly but A2 just let P-12 say whatever she want to say. After the encounter with AP, P-12 is now motivated to help A2 more than ever as they chat while they are on their journey to find the teleporter. Finally, the two continues to set forth towards their destination.


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