2B Early Thoughts

Booty bigger and brighter than my future


Note: This was made before the release of 2B, and a early Analysis will follow soon after proper testing.

Oh my lord, she’s packing the entire bakery! But how does she fare against the other Nikke’s in combat? With her absurd ATK buffs from her kit, it may seem so.

Basic Info

  • Skill 1: Survival
  • Skill 2: Cluster Bomb
  • Burst: Series of Attacks
    Cooldown: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Defender
  • Element: Fire
  • Manufacturer: Abnormal
  • Squad: YoRHa
  • AR name: Virtuous Rifle


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Survival

Activates when using Burst Skill Affects self.
Effect changes according to the number of activation time(s)
Previous effects trigger repeatedly:
Once: Max HP ▲ 10.03% continuously
Twice: Max HP ▲ 20.06% continuously.
Three times: Max HP ▲ 57.76% continuously

A skill that deceptively just looks “ok” but synergizes extremely well with her skill two, more on that on skill 2 section. Stacking all the HP buffs would total around 80% and would take around 5 total full bursts to achieve max stacks. This will take roughly around 1 Minute with a CDR unit. This would theoretically make her one of the tankiest units in the game.

Note: Sin duplicates base HP, not final HP. So, no, they won’t pair together better than other units.

Skill 2: Cluster Bomb

Activates after firing 300 time(s). Affects all enemies.
Deals 167.45% of final ATK as damage.
Activates when entering battle. Affects self.
ATK ▲ 6.16% of the caster’s final Max HP continuously
Affects all enemies.

The meat of her kit, this gives her EXTREMELY absurd amounts of attack. This effect is activated during battle and will remain throughout the entirety of the battle. The attack bonus also accounts for buffs (from her skill 1) and other sources of max HP since it is worded as Final Max HP. To put this into perspective, we do Maths ✨✨

Mini-Math Section

Let’s assume we have a level 200 Synchro Defender unit (Nikkepedia stats)

so we have a Nikke with 711171 HP. We Multiply that with her burst at max stacks, it’ll become:

711171 x 1.8 = 1,280,107 HP. If we convert this value to ATK using her skill 2 values (6.16%), it’ll become:

1,280,107 x 0.0616 = 78,854 (S2 conversion) + 17,059 (Base ATK) = 95,913 Attack!

If we compare that to Scarlet it’ll look like

25554 x (1 + (0.2315 x 5)) = 55,132 ATK Scarlet at Max stacks. This Means that 2B will have 2x more attack than Scarlet!

HOWEVER, don’t let the raw values fool you. there is another modifier that is extremely important when determining the final damage of normal attacks, and that is the normal attack % modifier. Scarlet has an extremely high normal attack value compared to other units, if 2B has a much lower multiplier than a normal AR at 13.65% (which is extremely likely) then the bloated attack values will serve more of a detriment rather than a positive as buffs will be much less useful for her, as adding more ATK to a already huge pool of attack won’t do much for her.

This means that she benefits mostly from Crit damage/rate Nikke’s and Nikke’s that give damage taken debuff, which limits her a little bit when forming team comps.

Note: Guilty only duplicates base ATK. Unfortunately we’re not gonna get 100k ATK guilty.

Note 2: Updated, her value is 5.99%, which is 2x less a normal AR Nikke. Which means she does 2x less normal/bullet damage than a Nikke with 13.65% Normal ATK if they have the same stats.

Burst: Series of Attacks

Affects all enemies.
Deals 2439.36% of final ATK as Distributed Damage.
Affects 1 enemy unit(s)with the highest Max HP.
Deals 792% of final ATK as additional damage.

The meat of her damage assuming her normal attack modifiers are low. Her burst would be able to dish out insane amounts of damage because of her insane values on her attack. Judging from the promotional video, there is 2 separate hits, with one hitting after full burst is activated. This means that the second hit will benefit from full burst mode multiplier (1.5x damage).

Using some quick Maths, the damage would be 2440% + (792 x 1.5) = 3,628%, this is 4x~ of Scarlet’s burst, not including 2b also having more than nearly 2x her attack with full stacks, which totals to around 8x more than Scarlets burst when fighting against solo bosses.


I can easily see 2B being a good substitute for the non-scarlet havers, especially for early-mid game. She has a pretty good screen wipe assuming there isn’t tons of mobs in the screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t much available buffers that would boost 2b’s dmg output, but there is a select few.


Volume = Crit Damage, Crit rate will benefit 2B more than Liters ATK boost
Mast = Crit Damage, Final HP buffer. Since Mast accounts for final ATK, 2B will pretty much guaranteed to be buffed. Not only does she give more crit damage and crit rate, Mast’s final HP buff despite not healing will still count towards 2B’s Final HP to ATK conversion from skill 2.
Scarlet/Flex = Scarlet is a good secondary screen wiper and would fit extremely well with volume mast team as well. Guillotine or next best DPS can substitute Scarlet.
Burst Generator = Most likely A2 will fill this slot, as she theoretically can hit almost a screen’s worth of raptures, while gaining burst generation after her first burst.
2B = Nikke of the Hour


2B should similarly to Scarlet’s role. Nuker. She can replace Scarlet in Jackal teams or she might be able to work in stall (?) teams with biscuit as she is considered a defender, do note biscuit team is more of a budget team than a staple team.


Noise = Max HP buff which in-turns increases ATK of 2B.
Jackal = Burst generation
Centi = Burst Generation
Anis = Burst Generation
2b = Nuker

Mast can Replace Anis if fighting Slow burst generation teams and not other jackal teams if more burst damage is needed.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

2B functions as a core DPS unit and would need a team/supports built around her. However she doesn’t use the usual “meta” buffers, as she’d benefit from crit rate and damage much more than ATK%. She’d do pretty well in every raid, but do note that if her Normal ATK modifiers are low she would not do too good against bosses with parts/ QTE’s (Gravedigger, Train, Modernia Core) compared to units like Modernia, Scarlet. However she would definitely still outperform most units.

For Union raid, she definitely has a place in fire weak raids/ can substitute Scarlet in her teams in favor of elemental damage. If the user has a incomplete box (Some core units are missing), 2B can be slotted in any team as she is capable of buffing her own attack by an extreme. However she would want to be paired with Volume and/or Mast if possible.

For Solo raid, she’s perfect in the 5th team as all buffers will most likely be taken by other teams already. and the team is filled with left overs. Her self buffs will pretty much account for the missing meta support units.

BiS Supporters


Ending Thoughts

2B is definitely a rather strong unit that can fit pretty snug into teams. the only unknown variable is her normal attack modifer, which will be updated asap on launch. She definitely looks like she can be very strong for new players but can fall off late game due to some buffs having little to no affect on her due to already having a huge pool of attack via her s2.

Note: Normal attack value is a measly 5.99%. She’s still very much usable but don’t expect her normal attacks to do overwhelming damage despite the huge ATK pool. Her Burst values will more than make up for it.



  1. When an ability has the word “continuously” what does that mean? I read it as if it functions similar to DOT, what am I missing here?

    • it’s basically another word for permanent if it’s on a passive. her health will be 80% higher permanently after 3 bursts

  2. At this point I wish the community started to ask to Shift Up to buff 2B or at least give her normal attack numbers, she not being one of strongest units is a huge waste

      • 2B is one of the most, if not the most, iconic character from last decade. People truly love her, she being just a benchable character is a giant waste, everyone was expecting much more.

    • Well, we can start by ourselves, I already sent invoices. With a normal multiplier in her attacks, she’s still not as strong as scarlet, but more useful in other areas, so that would be nice to see.

  3. 2b isn’t bad by any means, what I will say is the attack modifier is hindering her and her overall kit. 5.99% or just say 6% in this case is low. I get she is a defender but this is the lowest I have ever seen an AR character have for attack.

    To even get to half of Scarlet’s power (assuming 100k attack and her 28% modifier), you have to max out her 1 and 2. On top of that you need to have used the burst 3 times to get to this point. Shift-up need to buff her attack modifier to at least a reasonable number. I would even take 10% of attack as damage.

    If you want to invest heavy in her. hope that her OL rolls give you attack, max ammo, and hit rate. It’s too early to set her to a tier level.

  4. Just because she need high investment doesn’t mean that shes mid. If anything I compare her to Alice in the way that with enough investment their dmg go crazy.

  5. LB1 haver here, she’s not the S tier dmg dealer I was expecting but neither bad, requires high investment to perform well, S tier in term of design, sadly I feel like I’m gonna bench her for S.Anis for now (I don’t have Mast neither Noire to complete bunny team)

  6. I actually did some rough calculations for DPS of scarlet vs 2b, assuming they each have an attack value of 1. Through this, I found that calculating in time to fire and reload a total of 180 rounds on each; Scarlet does an average DPS of 116 and 2B does 113. So including the huge dog on 2Bs ult, I actually see that overall msg wise, 2B is equal if not more just in her own self sufficient kit

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