2B Bond Story Summary

Episode 1:
The Commander, together with the counter squad with him, arrives at the factory where the D-WAVE is sensed. Upon arriving, the Commander meets 2B and 9S, as well as other mass-produced Nikkes. Before moving further, Neon suggests to take a break as everyone in the party are obviously exhausted, especially the Commander who’s the only human among them. While they are looking for a place to rest upon, 9S suggests a spot where they could rest. Rapi, being cautious of the possible risks, considers to scout the area first before everyone head to the said spot. With that said, they formed a recon squad consisting of Rapi, 2B, and 9S with 9S leading the way.

Episode 2:
While heading towards their way, Rapi apologizes to 2B for coming off as distrusting, to which 2B understands considering the fact that the two have their own priorities- Rapi wants a safe area for their party while 2B and 9S just want to go back to their original world. Rapi praises 2B for being rational. However, 2B states that she’s an android that requires not having emotions, hence, the rationality. Rapi sees this as somewhat similar to their situation as a nikke. After a short while, 2B and Rapi finally reach the area that 9S pinpoints.
While they’re trying to look for the entrance, 2B notices a strange structure in the area and asks Rapi if the said structure is a trap. Rapi confirmed that it is a trap that’s probably made by an amateur civilian that is trying to survive on the surface. While this confirms that it could be a safe area (provided that it is used by a civilian trying to survive on the surface), they still cannot identify if the there were any alive citizens in the said area. And, if so, they will request assistance to rescue the civilians. With that said, the two starts their search for the entrance.

Episode 3:
Upon scanning, Rapi detects three booby traps that are intended for the raptures and placed at different locations. Using the locations of the said traps, Rapi attempts to triangulate a set area in order to see the area where the civilians are potentially hiding, and a high possibility to see the hidden entrance in the said area. While searching, Rapi knocks on something hollow and finds a keyboard with a piece of paper saying “Who are you?”. Considering that this could be a password hint in order to gain access to the entrance, Rapi and 2B attempts to deduce on any potential keywords according to the hint given. At first, they first type “HUMAN” as they believe that the survivors were humans. However, the password is incorrect. Next, they type “NIKKE”, and the door opens for the two to enter.

Episode 4:
Upon entering the area, 2B and Rapi describes how the area looks like pretty much somebody actually lives in the room despite how every nooks and crannies are covered in dust, indicating that it hasn’t been touched for a very long time. Upon searching, the two finds a journal and decides to read it. In the journal, they discover that there were a total of three survivors that sheltered the place to protect themselves from the raptures. However, as days went on, their food resources had reached to the point where it won’t be enough for the three of them. The moment they consumed all of their resources, they decided to find some food the moment the number of raptures decreased within their vicinity. The two of the author’s companion went out to start their expedition while the author stayed in their base due to having colds. However, 3 days after they went out, and the two are still not returning. Days passed by again and the author started having hallucinations and got paranoid the chaos outside. The author also mentioned about the United Forces of Humanity, a multilateral military organization to fight against the raptures back when the humans are still fighting for the surface. According the Rapi, the entries in the journal were written 50 years ago, which means that the author is certainly not alive anymore. Skimming through the pages, the journal also mentioned about not receiving help from the forces, expressing the author’s anger towards the forces, eating the author’s own stool to survive, and attempting to turn on the radio due to desperation despite the risk of being caught by raptures.
Upon turning the radio, the author finally heard an unexpected news, which gives the author some hope that he could be saved. The author recorded himself to report the news and keep listening to it and set up the password on the door, hoping that somebody could open the door and save him from hell. After reading the entries, Rapi’s eyes turn to the radio on the table.

Episode 5:
Rapi and 2B decides to listen to the record that the author made in the radio. In the record, an individual is announcing about how the Nikkes became the hope of saving humanity after the Goddess Squad brought victory for the humans during the first rapture invasion. The author gives his blessing towards the bravery and sacrifices of the Nikkes and wishes for them to be remembered. After hearing the recording, 2B realizes that she and Rapi are the same- a creation to provide protection and ensure the survival of mankind. After hearing this, Rapi stares at the desk and notices some carvings on the desk. Rapi lifts the radio in order to get closer inspection on the carvings and realizes if the carved letterings were meant to be a password. As soon as Rapi types it on the keyboard, the same tattered piece of paper with the sentence “Who are you?” written falls gently to the ground.
Upon realization, Rapi finds the message that the author was trying to convey as the word carved in the desk was “Salvation” while the password in the entrance was “NIKKE”, indicating that the author is saying that the Nikkes will bring salvation.
After solving the mystery of the room, the two finally determines the area to be a suitable resting spot. Before leaving, the two first tidy up the unkempt desks, and finally returns to their comrades, their friends.



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