20-28 Guide

Dangerous Mobs besides boss

These mobs require more attention by either special mechanics or being focused on being killed first.

Get rid of these ASAP as they hurt a lot and you need to preserve enough HP for the 2nd half of this stage

Wipe these with Modernia’s burst as soon as you get rid of Bullwhips (sniper rapture above)

Team Composition

This part of the guide assumes you are trying to clear this stage at lower combat power (CP) and have Liter, Centi, Modernia and Privaty. Anis could be a replacement for B2 if you don’t have Centi but the fight will be way harder and requires higher CP. The final slot should be a good dps character, with Scarlet being the best option.


Centi’s positioning for this stage is crucial, place her at the first spot so that it’s easier for you to aim at the rocks for burst generation.

As soon as the stage begins, manually control Centi to fill up burst gauge by aiming at the rock (refer to image below). If you fail to have burst ready as the Bullwhip raptures start appearing from the left, there’s a high chance you have to retry the stage.

First Phase (Before boss)

After burst gauge is full, immediately use Modernia’s burst, and clean mobs starting from right (prioritize Bullwhips), and then the ground raptures.

Next, move crosshair to right to target 1 of the Glass raptures, and prepare to clean the incoming aerial mobs (prioritize Daggers then the attack debuff rapture). Your goal is to have only have at most 2 Dagger raptures left to avoid getting overwhelmed by too much bombs outside of full burst mode. Manually control your damage dealers to kill the remaining Dagger raptures if there are any.

Once done with the Dagger raptures, manually control Centi to recharge burst by aiming at the rock. Activate Privaty’s burst when she has less than 25 ammo left to activate her last bullet effect in order to deal more damage to one of the Glass raptures.

Once full burst mode ends, manually control Centi to recharge burst by aiming at the rock. It is recommended to have the remaining Glass rapture to be at low HP to give u enough time to charge burst as it is necessary to have burst ready right before boss appears.

Second phase (Boss appears)

Activate Modernia’s burst immediately when the boss appears (refer to image below). Focus fire at boss and also clean up the aerial mobs when they appear. Your highest priority here would be to wipe out the aerial mobs and then focus on the boss until you break its shield.

Right after breaking the boss’s shield, aim at the ground raptures and seek to clear as many as you can until full burst ends. When full burst ends, immediately go into cover and manually control Centi to recharge burst by aiming at the rock.

As soon as burst gauge is full, uncover and activate Privaty’s burst when she has less than 25 ammos left. (Be careful of the boss teleporting randomly causing the stun to miss, you might have to retry if this happens). Once the boss is stunned, focus solely on the boss until the stage is cleared.

Video Example

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  1. Bro I don’t have modernia lol what do? Been trying to use emma but it’s clear that literally all of ch18 onwards is balanced around you having modernia. Cornball ass level design

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