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12/14 Voluntary APK Renewal Notice


To fix some issues that occurred after the December 8th update, we (as of 12/14/2022) have released a new version of the game client on GooglePlay store.

The review by AppStore is taking longer than we expected, and the new app will be available on AppStore once the review is completed. Please follow our official news.

*This update is voluntary, which means that you can still play the game if you choose not to update.

Pull up the game on the App Store or Google Play and then tap the “Update” button to update to the latest version. You can also delete the existing version of the game on your device and then download the latest version from the store of your choice.

Latest Android version number:102.4.29

Please make sure your device has at least 4GB of memory before downloading.

If you choose to do the APK Renewal Update in the stores, you will need to log in to the game again after the update. Please remember your account information, login channel, and server information before updating, and make sure no information has changed after the update.

If you are using a Guest Account, we suggest you bind the account before updating. You can do this by tapping [Lobby → the top-right corner button → Account] to open the corresponding screen.

The major issues this update attempts to address are as follows:

(If you are experiencing any of the following issues, we suggest you update your app to the latest version that is available.)

1. Improved an issue causing the game to lag in the Lobby and character’s View Detailed Info screen. Some APK segments also got optimized.

2. Fixed that the Lobby entry could not be seen when the device language was set as Thai.

3. Fixed an issue where the bottom UI could not interact when you left the Commander Center to the Outpost.

4. Fixed an issue where the information of your previous account remained after you logged in to the game with another account.

5. Fixed an issue where in-game currencies were displayed incorrectly and some game content could not be played normally when you entered the Lobby and then returned to the title screen.

6. Fixed an issue where HP stats were not updated when an Arena battle ended.

7. Fixed an issue where AI aiming could not be performed when controlling manually during Full Burst Time.

Besides, this update also fixed the following problems (no need to install the latest app):

Fixed the lag or the inability to log in encountered by some players after switching the server, and improved the low frame rate problem when gaming.

*If you need to switch your server, please restart the game after the server switch to avoid any lags due to the confusion of data.


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