Tier List Update


Massive tier list update!

Weighing of units are now different. Previous Weighing system scaled them all equal in 4 separate categories, Now the weighing heavily leans towards Boss fights (UR, Interception, Co-op, etc), with Story second. PvP is weighed the least because meanwhile team comps are important, if CS difference is simply too high, team comps sometimes just don’t matter.

While we do have our own weighing system, the User may choose to use one of our filters to choose what mode they prefer anyways!

Do keep in mind, we made this tier list with end-game in mind, but it should still remain accurate in early- mid game with some exceptions (Such as units with a red border)

Ratings Explained

This applies to Overall, Story, Boss, PvP ratings on how good they are in the perspective modes.

SSS = 9.5+ (OP)
SS =9+ (Excellent)
S= 8+ (Great)
A= 7+ (Good)
B= 6+ (Average)
C= 5+ (Below Average)
D= 4+ (Bad)
F= 2+ (Actual Fodder)

Skill priority

Shortened version of Skill Priority Guide, without the explanations. Nikke’s skills are rated to 1-10, along with skill priority order.

<4= skills you don’t need to consider upgrading as it bring minimal team utility/ personal dps gains.
4-7= Skills you can consider upgrading beyond level 4 but any higher than 7 won’t be recommended.
8+= skills that you can consider putting all your books in up to level 10 if you have the resources to.

Red Border

Nikke’s with the red border require skills highly invested and/or matched with Overloaded gears with the proper rolls, to reach their designated rating in the tier list.



  1. Does the current Alice tier account for the bug with the planned fix or no?
    AKA, Will the fix affect her rating?

    • The Alice bug was not known to us before the tier list was updated. The bug fix for Alice, to what i believe in.
      Will fix a mechanic where Alice is able to one shot practically everything under the right circumstances/conditions.
      It should not bring her rating down.

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