Solo Raid: Harvester Guide

Wrong Universe, Spiderman.


3rd season of solo raid, and this time it is Harvester! This guide assumes you have most of the available units in the team comp section, and trying to aim for a high score in challenge mode. However it should still be a good reference to use if you’re struggling to clear the normal difficulties.

Attack Patterns

It is fully recommended to Manual play this. Assume this is for challenge mode.

Harvester does a total of 12 lasers and 12 MG volleys. The lasers have the capability to one shot units that do not have cores (4+ dupes) even if they have some OL’s, more notably attacker Nikke’s.

However our cover can sustain much more than our Nikke’s can. They can tank up to 4 shots each assuming they do not get hit by any other projectile. Because of this, we need to play around cover very often to ensure team survivability.

If running teams without cover repair, our only choice is to face tank the machinegun waves to ensure we have enough cover until the end of the run. Therefore healing is pretty much mandatory, or at least having damage share units.

The targeted Nikke of a laser attack will have their character frame “blink” 4 times before getting shot at. Although the 2nd consecutive fire on a certain Nikke will not appear, and will need to eyeball it. To clarify, Harvesters “eyes” will blink rapidly before firing, just closely observe or play it safe by simply staying in cover.

Note: There is a very uncommon occurrence (bug?) in which the targeted Nikke will only stay highlighted for a split second. This may catch people off-guard. Simply cover all units if unsure who to cover.

Yulha’s Character frame “Blinking” 4 times before being shot at

Rough Attack Pattern Table

Action Time (In-game timer)Notes
Laser 12:52———
Laser 22:48———
Laser 32:44———
First QTE Circle2:24Timing starts to differ here depending on circle break time for all next attack patterns. however, it should still be around the same ballpark.
Laser 4~2:12——-
Laser 5~2:08——-
Laser 6~2:04——-
Laser 7~1:47——-
Laser 8~1:43——-
Laser 9~1:39——-
Knock-Down~1:28Boss puts up elemental shield after, can still do damage for a brief while. Water units able to shoot through. Save AoE burst or Full burst to destroy all mobs to prevent AoE attack.
Laser 10~0:28Maiden Clutch Taunt (Maiden currently Bugged?), Yulha damage share Clutch.
Laser 11~0:24——–
Laser 12~0:20——–


The white circles indicate which pattern the circles will appear by in order. Attacking them do not break the circles HOWEVER it is very important to note that damage dealt towards the circles do NOT count toward the boss. So it is still in your best interest to avoid attacking the circles if possible.

It is also Important to note that it seems like the first and last QTE circle have connected timers. Therefore if you take time breaking the first circle, the last QTE circle will pretty much screw you over immediately.

If you fail the QTE, pause, sigh, and try again. As failing the QTE has a insta kill. It fires a team-wiping attack that pierces through cover.

Bomb Phase

The bombs pose little to no threat to your units. Continue shooting boss for as much damage as possible unless it is absolutely needed to preserve your remaining cover.

Last 30 seconds

The last laser phase occurs after Bomb Phase, in where most cover would be gone and you’re on your last legs.

However, there are a few quirky ways to live through final laser phase. First of all, Maiden✨✨, for current unknown reasons. When the boss is targeting Maiden while she is covering, Harvester Attacks disappear. This includes lasers and MG barrages. Her taunt perfectly aligns to the last 30s of the fight and can “vanish” the last remaining lasers. The player still needs to find a way to live through the last remaining MG barrages, but it should be fine from here.

We also have Yulha, Which coincidentally, works pretty great with SW teams. Her damage share works wonders into making sure your units don’t get picked at the last stretch.

Lastly, Diesel. She can tank 2 of the last lasers if taunt is timed right.

There are other ways such to tank through, such as Aria shield, Rapunzel revive, Max HP increase sources (Summer Mary, Noise burst) and etc. The ones I listed above however, do not sacrifice much DPS in favor of survivability.

Maiden Bugged(?) Visual reference


The legs count as separate “entities” than the main body, therefore Units with pierce (Alice, Maxwell, Dorothy on burst) and Rocket launchers when aimed between the body and leg are able to hit twice.

the hit radius is pretty big, no need to worry about missing shots or aiming too long for the sweet spot.
Image below are rough estimates on where you’re able to hit the boss twice with pierce units.

General Tips

The boss has different ranges on its body. Each weapon type will do more damage according to their effective range

  • Front Legs = Mid-close (AR’s)
  • Upper legs, Upper Body (AR’s, MG’s)
  • Lower Body = Far (Sniper Rifles, MG’s)

an easy way to indicate if you’re in effective range of a weapon, the crosshair will turn blue

Knowing this information, since units always target legs if they’re not destroyed and left on auto.
When using your Modernia team, it is important to Manual her as the legs are not part of her effective range when leaving her on auto.

Other notable Nikke’s to keep this in mind for is Maxwell and Alice. As they are sniper rifles, the main body won’t give effective range damage, however the hind legs does. If the player aligns the crosshair to both the front and back leg, one instance of damage from the pierce will be increased. the sweet spot is a tad bit smaller than the general double pierce range, but can still be easily doable without aiming too hard for it.

After destroying both legs while abusing the pierce mechanic, make sure to aim for the lower body to achieve optimal damage.

Team Comps

Now that we know how the boss works. Let’s keep a little guide line on how to make a team, as team comps will not be for everyone as not everyone will have the same investments and/or units.

  • 1 CDR (Liter, Dorothy, Volume, Dolla)
  • 1 Healer unless running a Liter team (Helm, Summer Mary, Pepper, Soda, Noise, etc etc). As Liter is enough to keep cover healthy most of the time, and it is preferred to have your Liter team dish as much damage as possible.
  • If healing is not enough, or not enough healers are available, cover repair units will do (Cocoa, Biscuit)
  • If surviving last 30s is a problem, Cover repair units listed above, Max HP buffers (Noise, Summer Mary), Damage share units(Yulha, Poli), Shielders (Aria), or Maiden/Diesel (for reasons explained earlier) will do.
  • at least 2 DPS burst 3’s.

Meta Burst 1 Units

  • Liter, nuff said
  • Volume pairs well with Modernia because of her crit rate buffs and Modernia innate ability to dish high amounts of crit damage. Slightly loses to liter still, but this can free up a slot for your liter team if any unit is preferred to be slotted there instead.
  • Dorothy can dish out very respectable damage herself because of her being able to take advantage of Harvester’s element weakness while also providing CDR and part damage buffs. She can be used by one’s self (with privaty) as main dps as she does just enough damage to take advantage of all leg parts via pierce without much down time. Manual play with her is recommended if using her as core DPS of team, as you need to aim for the pierce sweet spots.
  • Miranda gives crit damage buffs, sees use in SW teams
  • Healers are there to pretty much keep the team alive.

Meta Burst 2 Units

  • Blanc (Paired with Noir) Makes life easy. Healing + Damage taken debuff and indominable. High team damage output with survivability all in one package. Most likely will be your highest damaging team, so make it count
  • Viper Has elemental damage bonus and def shred, good pick for just dealing more damage, especially with OL elemental rolls.
  • Poli has damage share, and attack buff, good for survivability and team DPS. has to be paired with another burst 2 unit though.
  • Diesel can negate the need of running a healer if you’re able to play around her taunt and cover right.
  • Dolla has CDR, always vital.
  • Rupee and guilty do respectable amounts of damage.
  • Novel more notably used for SW teams

Meta Burst 3 Units

  • Alice, Snow white, Maxwell for pierce damage. Although only 1 or 2 at most is recommended in one team as the boss does not regenerate parts enough to abuse with more than 1 pierce Nikke.
  • Scarlet and Modernia fill the same role, Doing as much damage as possible.
  • Helm has healing and increased crit rate on last bullet for team for normal attacks. It is recommended to spam sniper shots on Helm often to take advantage of her skill as it only lasts 5s.
  • Yulha pretty much just used for Snow white team.
  • Noir pairs with Blanc + gives sizable attack boost
  • All SG units are viable, especially maiden if using her for “utility” purposes.
  • Laplace Burst can pierce body and leg parts
  • Other “off-meta” Burst 3’s that are used depends on how much dupes and investment you have towards them.


Not really a “guide” since everyone has their own playstyles and invested units. But gameplay of my team one and two hopefully can share some insight and ideas.

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