Solo Raid: Alteisen Guide

Too Many Parts


This guide aims to help you better understand how to build teams against Alteisen and learn about his mechanics. Alteisen has much less RNG factors compared to previous Solo raid bosses as it targets the highest attack for the most part.

Attack Patterns

Similarly to its special intercept counterpart, Alteisen has 2 sets of turrets and 1 missile launcher on each side. This time, we start at the left side instead of the right when compared to special intercept. The left side starts with 2 turret barrages first, then missiles. The right side starts with its Missile launcher then turret fire.

The turrets and Missiles always aim at the highest ATK Nikke (This includes current buffs and etc). This makes it rather difficult for sustain as one unit will always receive focused fire. Taunt Nikke’s do help bypass this mechanic though.

at around the 1:20~ minute mark (1:40 minutes has elapsed), the train will start having QTE. they’re rather tanky however the game gives us plenty of time to destroy it.

Turret Respawning

During this time, turrets start “Respawning” when they are destroyed. This is great as destroying turrets deal additional damage to Alteisen. Timings are rough estimates (Timings here refer to the in-game timer, or rather time remaining)

Saving bursts during these times is recommended for most teams.

~2:42 – ~2:36 (First left-side)
~2:12 – ~2:02 (Right Side)
~2:00 (Left side Spawns, no additional spawns for now)
~1:31 – ~1:22 (Additional Left side spawns)
QTE ~1:20 (No more turret spawning)


First and foremost, it is recommended to play at a 21:9 Aspect ratio, this can be done in the in-game options at the home screen, and pressing “Graphics” in the settings tab. this expands your view and helps seeing/destroying turrets earlier than usual.

Destroying parts adds additional (points) to your score, therefore the main objective it to destroy as much parts as possible to maximize your score. Teams can ignore survivability options if their DPS units are raised enough, as destroying turrets at specific timings will negate turret attacks. When turrets are blinking red, one can destroy them to negate the attack. Do note that destroying turrets too fast/early will have them fire at you anyways, even earlier than usual.

Another small survivability trick is that, when you destroy the right side Missile launcher before reaching there (Destroying it from the left side), then having it attack you for its full duration, the other turrets won’t fire. Effectively only having one attack survive through/sustain for the right side, which greatly helps survivability.

Alteisen has a core. However, it is hard for units to hit normally, unless they have a pierce mechanic. Units with a pierce mechanic includes Maxwell, Alice, Snow white, Dorothy, Harran, Laplace (Burst). This helps damage output, more notably after the 1:20 mark where there are no more turrets to destroy. It is located in the image below

Team Comps

Team comps will not be for everyone due to investments and gear difference, therefore a little guideline will be made instead.

  • 1 CDR (Liter, Dorothy, Helm Aquamarine, Volume, Dolla)
  • 1 Healer if needed (Noise, Pepper, Helm, Blanc w/Noir, S.Mary, Noise, Milk, Emma, etc)
  • If healers are not available for use and survivability is an issue. Defender Taunter (Sin, Noah, Ludmilla, Makima) + Biscuit will do.
  • If Biscuit is not available, Damage share units will do (Jackal, Poli)

Meta Burst 1 Units

  • Liter, nuff said
  • Dorothy has CDR, and part damage buffs. Perfect for Alteisen. She is also able to deal very respectable amount of damage herself as well.
  • Volume works extremely well with Mast, Summer anis and Scarlet team while also providing CDR.
  • Miranda see’s use in Modernia teams | Snow white teams
  • Noise has strong taunt + healing capabilities.
  • Rapunzel used for SW teams for the most part. Can be used in other team 4 or 5 comps where damage is an issue.
  • Jackal has 2 Minute damage share and high burst generation.

Meta Burst 2 Units

  • Blanc (Paired with Noir) Makes life easy. Healing + Damage taken debuff and indominable. High team damage output with survivability all in one package. Most likely will be your highest damaging team, so make it count
  • Dolla Has CDR and attack buffs
  • Helm Aquamarine mostly provides CDR buffs, however her burst can take care of phase 2 Missiles rather easily.
  • Huge damage taken debuff, Used for Maxwell / Snow white teams.
  • Mast is actually a rather huge player here. Since the boss doesn’t have a normally accessible core, critical hits are much more valuable here. Fits extremely well in Scarlet, Summer Anis and Volume teams.
  • Since you’ll be bursting when turrets are about to fire (to maximize turret breaking), she’ll be able to taunt a few barrages in every side.

Meta Burst 3 Units

  • Alice has pierce, Alteisen has parts. We start gaming.
  • Snow white has pierce, Alteisen has parts. We start gaming part 2
  • Maxwell has pierce, Alteisen has parts, We mega gaming. She also has Attack buffs
  • Scarlet and Modernia Fill the same role, Dealing as much damage as possible.
  • Anis Sparkling Summer greatly increases the DPS potential of electric coded units while also providing massive damage herself at high investments.
  • Noir Pairs with blanc for 20s CDR.
  • Helm has great healing + Crit buffs
  • Yulha used for SW teams

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