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Blacksmith season 2, this time with less RNG! 9810811510911663 (will be referring as whitesmith from now on) has a few interesting mechanics. Namely the targeting system. The turrets of whitesmith now target the current Highest ATK unit or taunter, while the tentacles target the highest current HP Nikke on the field.

Attack Patterns

Whitesmith opens up with spewing bombs towards your Nikkes, then proceeds to target the highest current ATK Nikke (Including buffs) or taunt unit. taking the full brunt of both turrets will wipe any attacker Nikke without defense buffs.

When both turrets are taken out during the first ~30s of the round. The boss spews out two waves of bombs instead until the Whitesmith does its QTE attack at the 2:20~ Mark. After two QTE’s, Whitesmith stalks walking forward. If Whitesmith still has any turrets, it will fire 3 barrages then put up QTE bubble where fire units can shoot through and break the circles. Boss then regrows its Turrets at around the 1:45~ Minute mark depending on how fast the QTE’s are destroyed.

The boss then spews a volley of energy balls toward all your Nikke’s. Then shoot its turrets (if they are not destroyed) then spews out bombs. Destroying the container’s reduces the amount of bombs spewed out. If whitesmith has no more containers, boss is still able to spew out a wave of bombs. The Whitesmith will continue this pattern until another bubble QTE comes up at around the 0:40~ Minute mark. Whitesmith will continue its previous pattern until the round is over after.


Turn OFF aim assist in the settings until both turrets are destroyed. The auto aim doesn’t aim directly at the core of the turrets for unknown reasons, and manual aiming can be more beneficial depending on user aim via more core hits.

Make sure to destroy all parts if possible, as they give an additional 50m points towards raid score. Both turrets respawn at 1:45, so try to take them both out before that point to farm additional part damage.

When a turret is destroyed, there are times where it fires a full barrage (as if two turrets were there) anyways despite one turret is missing. To avoid this, destroy the left turret first.

Bombs are able to be i-framed by most Nikkes (some Nikkes like liter, Miranda, Noah, etc, can’t i-frame due to their hitboxes). Although slightly inconsistent, as it depends on unit position during when the bombs are launched, this can serve as a DPS boost if utilized correctly.

When a unit is hit with a tentacle, there is bug where if the user spams cover during stun, the stunned Nikke is able to get out of the stun early. Another way is to spam the auto aim button (left shift – default). This ensures burst rotations go smoothly as most of the time, burst I or II units often have higher health than the Burst III Nikkes.

During the “second phase” the energy balls usually hit units in the cover position. This means that energy balls can simply be avoided most of the time by simply shooting. Sniper units can benefit greatly from this as they are able to hold the firing position for as long as the user wants to. This is used for survivability purposes, ignore if survivability is not an issue.

Team Comps

Team comps will not be for everyone due to investments and gear difference, therefore a little guideline will be made instead.

  • 1 CDR (Liter, Dorothy, Helm Aquamarine, Volume, Dolla)
  • 1 Healer + Tank if needed (Pepper, Helm, Blanc w/Noir, S.Mary, Soda etc)
  • Damage share units if healers are not available
  • A fire unit to break QTE

Notable QTE breakers


Meta Burst 1 Units


-Noise can Fully tank Whitesmith under optimal play (manual)
-Jackal can damage share. Great pair with 2B as it gives her time to ramp up her HP stacks, while buffing her burst damage. (Current bug)
-Pepper is a great healer and can be paired with Nero this solo raid

Meta Burst 2 Units


-Nero is a good damage sponge this solo raid if paired with Pepper or Rapunzel. Also serves as QTE breaker.
-Diesel can tank a good amount of shots if mid-invested before going down if running her solo. Diesel should be able to last the entire round if a turret is destroyed early at the start of the round and playing around cover.

Meta Burst 3 Units

Alice,a2,b2,scarlet,modernia,maxwell,yulha,helm,noir,snow white,anis:sparkling summer

-Alice Is the be all, end all Nikke in this raid. Her team will most likely deal the most damage, make her hit count and train those fingers.
-a2 can take out all the parts at mid-high investments (Helmet, Glove OL, skill level 7 across the board) when aiming at the core the whole time with her Best in slot team, since her AoE is large enough to hit all parts. Pair with bunny team if possible.
-2b can take massive punishment without going down, although she would still need a healer if not invested | not enough dupes (2-3 core~).

Top 2 Meta Teams

These teams will pretty much do more than half of your damage in this SR if you are able to run them both.


Equip resilience cubes for all of them. Hard to substitute any of the team members. With Maxwell being the most replaceable. Use a preferred DPS instead such as Scarlet/ Other most invested DPS.


Equip Bastion on all characters. Extremely Hard to substitute any of the team members. Modernia can be replaced by your most preferred DPS, aim at core the whole time. A well-invested A2 can wipe out all parts without any Nikkes aiming directly at them. Make sure both turrets are destroyed before the 1:40 Min Mark so they can be farmed again.

The 3 other teams depend on User investment and Nikke availability.


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  1. So under what conditions were people able to survive a burst from the rifles when tanking with Noise? Mine would die in one burst, should I be investing OL chest for her?

    • Personally, I used Emma in my loadout and rotated, Emma would heal, then Noise. It wasn’t the most efficient, but it worked. When Noise was being rifle spammed I would use her burst, since she becomes super spongy. After that the boss started doing the eye-bomb thing, and the fight became easy.

      Also why isn’t power anywhere in this guide? Lol. She was my best DPS this whole raid.

  2. Would be nice to know what are the CP requirements on average to beat each stage on such raids. I wasn’t able to go further than stage V (5) completed. At stage VI, my teams were taking too much damages and/or are dealing almost half the damages dealt in stage V.
    I had mostly 3 teams +/- properly built with a CP of ~70-80k each (CP increasing during the event as i unlocked not too long ago the SI Interception). Teams in order:
    – Dorothy, Centi, Modernia, Privaty, Emma (Best: 94M in stage V)
    – Noise, Anis, 2B, Sugar, Rosanna (Best: 94M in stage V)
    – Pepper, Nero, A2, Helm, Rapunzel (Best: Unknown as i didn’t check putting it as 1st team, i killed the boss with this one)

    Additional context: I’m currently at the 160 wall, except for 2B and A2 being 200. With resources ready to put every Nikke 210. Waiting to have the 3rd MLB to get the 2 last with silver tickets + the Spare Body Selection Box.

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