Snow White: Innocent Days Early Thoughts

Smoll White before the Trauma

Snow white before she became hungry.

Basic Info

  • Skill 1 – Seven Dwarves V&VI
  • Skill 2 – Seven Dwarves IV
  • Burst – Seven Dwarves III
    Cool Down: 40s
  • Rarity: SSR
  • Burst: III
  • Weapon: AR
  • Class: Attacker
  • Element: Iron
  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim
  • Squad: Goddess
  • AR name: Seven Dwarves II


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Seven Dwarves V&VI

Activates after landing 30 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Max Ammunition Capacity ▲ 25.66%. stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.
Activates after landing 30 normal attack(s). Affects enemies within
attack range.
Deals 188.68% of final ATK as damage

A solid passive skill. Reduces downtime and has a skill proc that deals pretty good damage every 2.5s. The max ammo buff can completely negate the need to reload if used with bastion, more on that in the burst section.

Skill 2: Seven Dwarves IV

Activates when landing 50 normal attack(s). Affects all enemies
Deals 61.69% of final ATK as damage.
Activates when using Burst Skill. Affects self.
Attack damage ▲ 21.12% for I0 sec.

Small white has a damage multiplier similar to Helm’s and Tia’s. Attack damage ▲ is in a different damage bracket than ATK ▲ in the damage formula. Which is very nice to have, however the uptime isn’t that great as it’s tied to her burst.

She has a pretty ok AoE hitting skill that procs every 4.1s~ which can help clear out projectiles consistently. Can also be helpful in campaign stages.

Burst: Seven Dwarves III

Affects self.
Hit count required for Skill 2 ▼ 20 time(s) for 10 sec.
ATK ▲ 97.2% of caster’s ATK for 10 sec.
Grants unlimited ammunition for 10 sec.

Huge. Big ATK buff during her burst while also reducing the down time of her skill 2 proc. Her ATK and Attack Damage ▲ will also buff her skill 1 and 2 procs.

Grants an unlimited ammo buff for 10 seconds, she also gets an ammo refill after her ammo buff expires, a mechanic present on Modernia. This allows her to virtually have no downtime (reload) when factoring her skill 1 and if she has a bastion cube equipped assuming small white is always bursting when possible and with a Cooldown reduction Nikke present in the team.

Extra Info

Small white and Scarlet can be slightly comparable without overloaded equipment . With Scarlet being in the lead. However Scarlet’s biggest downside is her reload time which can easily be mitigated by reload speed buffs, harmony cubes, and overloaded gear with max ammo rolls. While Small white doesn’t have such flaws, therefore being unable to have big jumps in DPS in certain teams and etc while Scarlet can.

Snow White also needs to have high skill levels (10/10/10) to be comparable to Scarlet, while Scarlet’s DPS is mostly tied to one skill, her skill 1.

But as a free Nikke, she’s pretty great to and speaks volumes of her if she can be compared to Scarlet

As she has 2 innate buffs on her burst, which is ATK up ▲ and Attack damage ▲ . Other sources of buffs of the same damage bracket will dilute their effectiveness on her. Such Meta buffers are


She’ll be Max limit break (3*) if the user log-in and do missions doing the anniversary event, this means that people who are stuck at the level 160 wall will worry about 1 less Nikke to Max limit break out of the 5 they need.

Usage | Thoughts

For new players who might be coming in because of the anniversary event, she definitely looks very usable. This can reduce the stress of re-rolling to have a decent start and actually enjoy the game. However for older players, they might see some use for her in iron weak solo raids and union raids. She also can be used to clear boss projectiles or mobs which are present in Motherwhale and Nihilister.

Due to the nature of her kit (self ATK, Self Damage Multiplier and low downtime), she doesn’t benefit too much in being in a specific team comp therefore she can be slapped into a lot of team comps as a flexible Nikke and she’d do pretty well.

Despite looking like she has an extremely solid kit when compared to other top tier DPS Nikkes, she is held back by simply being an AR Nikke which the weapon has problems such as low burst gen, low normal Attack DPS and low hit rate. However, small white definitely still seems like a very viable unit that can help newer players clear a lot of early game content.

A more proper review (?) will be considered when she is released and will include a rating.


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  1. I was stuck on the Chapter 21 boss and had no fitting Units for the required Hitrates. Swapped in Smol White and was easily able to beat it. Was a pretty cool moment <3

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