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Official DiscordFor more resources and guides, see the #guides channel on Discord.
Community DiscordTheorycrafting, leaks, degeneracy
Fandom DiscordNikke discord
Official SubredditNews, discussion, fanart
Official Naver Cafe (KR)Official notices, guides, drama
Inven (KR)News, guides, discussion
Arca (KR)Guides, discussion, drama
JP News (JP)News, guides, discussion
NGA (CN)Analysis, guides, maths

External Sites

Prydwen.ggTierlist and guides
Gachax.comTierlist and unit stats
Fandom.comFlavour text and lore information
Timaeuss Youtube (Prydwen)Guides and analysis


Advise AnswersAll advise answers (datamined)
Damage Calculation Bug In Depth ExplanationAttack and Crit Bug explained
Lost Relic Locations (JP)Includes up to chapter 14 and hard 3
Lost Relic Locations (EN)Includes up to chapter 13 and hard 2
Lost Relic Locations (KR)Includes up to chapter 13 and hard 2
Power Vs LevelAnalysis of power increase at each level, showing power spikes and resource efficiency
Resource Data TableSummary: farm cores to 121, farm data + cores to 141, farm credits post 141
Shadow Scaling ExplainedUnits are nerfed when CP is too low in campaign mode


Progression Calculator (Spreadsheet)Progression calculator to calculate resources for levelling. Includes current inventory and boxes to calculate remainder amount needed.
Simple Progression Calculator (Github)Simple progression calculator to quickly see how much resources is required for certain levels.


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