Quency (Liberation) – Should You Choose?

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Quency is a Burst 2, double-hit SMG, Healer and Offensive Support. All skill information below is for skill level 10.




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity120
Reload Time1.67s
Base Burst Energy10
Control ModeNormal

Deals 4.47% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – New Route

■ Activates after 60 normal attack(s). Affects self.
Duplicate 12.42% HP of ally with the highest HP, lasts for 10 sec.

Skill 2 – Hidden Accomplice


■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
ATK ▲ 16.11% for 5 sec.

Burst Skill – The Great Escape


■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with the highest ATK.
Max HP ▲ 43.87% for 5 sec.
Critical Damage ▲ 29.9% for 10 sec.

First Impressions

Milk Side-Grade

There is not much to see here.

Milk has a comparable kit. Milk also buffs two allies with the highest attack with a 31.83% attack buff, though only with a 50% up-time. Quency has a weaker 16.11% attack buff with a higher 62.5% up-time. With simple math we can see that Milk’s buff is stronger overall (15.92% vs 10.01%), but Milk’s lower up-time could cause some variance in actual play.

Quency buffs Crit Damage by 29.9% for 10 seconds on burst. Milk has a 100% up-time on 11.13%. This will depend on your burst generation, but with any decent energy support Quency’s buff should be stronger overall.

Milk has a weak life steal buff on a 40s burst for the whole team, while Quency heals two allies with the highest ATK a good amount on her 20s burst. Life steal is really only good on high attack allies anyways, though Milk is not limited to 2 units. On this front it will likely depend on the team and situation for the victor.

Quency having a 20s burst CD is a major win over Milk and allows her to be much more flexible. However Quency is still competing with the likes of Centi, Dolla, Rupee, Novel, etc. The question then becomes: If Milk was a 20s B2, would she see use? And my tentative answer to that is: No.

In short, most of Quency’s kit is comparable to Milk’s, who is not a meta unit. This does not bode well for Quency’s potential to have any impact on the meta.

20s Burst 2 Healer

The flexibility of having a 20s Burst 2 healer is definitely interesting, since currently most healers are Burst 1 and/or 40s CD. However the limitation of only healing 2 allies is not very attractive.

The one situation Quency would be better than other B2 options would be to heal units like Brid, Soline, Alice who require to be at max or high HP to use parts of their kit. She could also be a comfort pick with Scarlet to prevent her from dropping too low and dying.


Quency appears to have a self-healing ability on her Skill 1. If we are correct in assuming the “duplicate” mechanic will work similarly to the upcoming Max HP buff bug fix, Quency would be unable to heal past the first application as her RoF as an SMG would be too fast and refresh the buff duration.

However, if this new “duplicate” keyword will work the same as the current bugged Max HP buffs, Quency would self-heal once every 60 shots.

In PvE this ability is largely meaningless as Quency does not have a taunt. But in Arena, This could be a decent ability if she is able to consistently self-heal. As a double-hit SMG, Quency has respectable burst energy generation which lends her to be a viable pick. Though after Noise’s bug fix, if the meta becomes even faster than it currently is, double-hit SMG may not be fast enough to compete with the likes of Viper, Centi, Noah, Anis.

Should You Choose?

These are merely my personal first impressions. There may be changes before live release.

Quency seems like a decent choice for players who do not yet have a strong offensive support and/or a strong B2 (Centi, Dolla, Rupee, Novel) for general use.

  • Quency is unlikely to be particularly impactful
    • 2 ally buff is comparable to Milk, who does not see use
    • 2 ally heal is comparable to Milk’s life steal, who does not see use
    • 20s burst CD allows her to be flexible but she is still weaker than the meta B2
  • Quency is a 20s Burst 2 healer
    • Limited to healing 2 allies with highest ATK
    • Potential to be good with certain units (Brid, Soline, Alice, Scarlet) as a B2 healer
    • As certain mechanics are being more well-understood (i-frames), healers are becoming less valuable
  • Depending on how “duplicate” works, Quency may be viable in Arena
    • As a double-hit SMG, Quency has respectable energy generation
    • The Arena meta may become faster after Noise’s bug fix, and Quency is slower than Viper, Anis, Centi, Noah
  • You may want to choose another unit (Sin, Guilty)
    • The other two options are also not particularly impressive
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  1. Like Soline and Crow, she has 10×2 Burst Rate gain (you can tell by her weapon attack modifier + she’s dual-wielding). It really should be mentioned in this review since it’s going to be one of the appealing parts of the character; SMGs are known for their bad burst rate gain, but Quency is one of the few exceptions.

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