Nikke: Goddess of Victory Guide to Campaign Game Mode

In Nikke: Goddess of Victory, there's more to the story than meets the eye. The Campaign Game Mode lets you fight your way through it all.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where female humanoids called the NIKKEs are created and weaponized, NIKKE: Goddess of Victory boasts a compelling tale of saving the last of humanity’s kind against extraterrestrial machines who once destroyed the Earth’s surface.

In an attempt to protect the remaining and surviving ones, a city was built underground called the Ark. It is now up to the Commander to take the lead, along with the NIKKEs, to ensure that the enemies have no place in their artificial home and, eventually, restore life at the surface.

How will you know the story’s progression, then? You’ll find out more as it unfolds in the game’s Campaign mode.

The Campaign

In NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, the Campaign is basically where you will be experiencing the main story. Here, you will have to act as the Commander and join forces with NIKKEs to save mankind from its biggest threats – the Raptures.

Divided into two difficulties (Normal Mode and Hard Mode), the Campaign has an auto-battle system that is absolutely nice for chill and idle gaming. There is a recommended power for each stage shown before you start the battle so you’ll be able to strengthen your Squad formation beforehand.

This menu screen that pops up before you start the battle intends to show everything that you must know to pass through the stage, such as:

  • Battle Mode – Destroy, Defense, and Base
  • Weak Point – shows the code or element that the enemies are weak against
  • Effective Range – weapons’ ranges are depending on their type, as firing enemies within its range should inflict additional damage
  • Battlefield Info – information on the waves of monsters you’ll encounter in that particular stage
  • Recommended Power – number of power expected from your Squad formation to clear the stage successfully

As of the game’s launch, a total of 16 Chapters are available, and as you progress through the Campaign, other game modes under the Ark are unlocked.

Normal Mode and Hard Mode

Typically, you will be navigating through the Campaign, its Chapters and Stages, under the Normal Mode. The Stages are usually split into 15-20 battles – with a map that guides you to where the Final Boss is located (usually at the end of each Chapter), and various materials and resources that are scattered within called Lost Relics (see that shining, small thingy somewhere along the road? That’s probably it).

Once you’ve done everything in the Chapter, that’s when the Hard Mode shall unlock, and depending on you now whether or not you should give at hand. It’s all the same – except harder stages, but then again, additional and better rewards await you.

Battle Modes

There are 3 different battle modes found in the game – Destroy, Defense, and Base – each with corresponding objectives that the Commander must achieve in order to clear the stage.


Destroy is the most common you’ll encounter and definitely the ones with the simplest mechanic. Basically, you have to brute force your way through the stage and defeat hordes of enemies until the main target shows itself up – with which, you have to kick its ass before the timer runs out.


Defense is more or less… sort of a tower defense mechanic – not exactly per se, but how so? There’s no tower (quite literally) but waves of enemies are going forth towards your direction, and as they spawn left and right, you have to prevent them from advancing through the line or you’ll lose points depending on the kind of monster that was able to pass through where it’s due.

With a starting HP of 20, Normal monsters would cost 1 HP, while the Elites would cost 3 HP, and the Bosses would cost you a whopping 5 HP.

All you have to do is maintain, prevent, and shoot everything down to a pulp to survive.


Base is somehow akin to a one-sided steal the base mechanic… where you have to make sure your camp steers clear from any enemies jumping ship to the base or you’ll lose points. Moreover, if these enemies are successful in infiltrating your base, they gain points instead.

At the start of the match, both parties own 50 points, and the only way to win is by having more accumulated points than the enemies. If it so happens that you manage to acquire 100 points with no sweat, obviously, that’s also an automatic win.

EX Stages

Rarely, as you progress through the Campaign’s Chapters, you will be encountering EX stages. These are normally Boss fights, and it requires in-game knowledge to clear because it doesn’t allow auto-battle, but the NIKKEs in your Squad formation are all fixed at Level 80 temporarily for this reason.

Lastly, we also have a guide on how to progress and level up efficiently in NIKKE: Goddess of Victory which you can find over here.

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