Modernia Co-op Guide


Do take note that this guide is tailored for leaderboard high scores, and not exactly an overall guide to reach stage 9. Modernia is an Iron type this co-op, so wind units are beneficial, most notably, Guilty.

Attack Patterns

After stage 9, Modernia will have simple QTE patterns, most often appearing at her core is. Failing this QTE will either cause Modernia to enter her Teleportation phase, or using her sword to damage your team. Nikkes who have 10k+ Combat power will be able to survive a slash from this. She also has her usual wing bombs, if there are wings that are not destroyed.

After 6 successfully broken QTE circles, Modernia will spawn back her core and destroyed wings (if any). It is highly recommended to save a burst to be able to deal with the core respawning, as Modernia will shortly use her laser beams after if not taken care of. A Snow White/Alice/Maxwell burst will be able to break the core in time easily before she is able to fire laser beams.

It is also rumored that the core becomes tankier(?) every core break, and at the 10th break, it becomes unbreakable (?), I have not confirmed it myself yet.

Pierce units can aim between the gaps of the wing and the body to be able do two instances of damage with one bullet, assuming you have the right angle, (Positioning of units depend on Loading times of members). Notable Units who benefit from this is Snow white, Maxwell, and Alice.

Team Comps

Assumes all units listed below are all well raised. (Lvl8+ for crucial skills, and 2+ OL with high priority sub-stats)

Alice Team

Alice doing gods work again in co-op. Alice are the main hypercarries, if they’re not very well raised, other team comps are recommended.

Note: Maxwell with lower ATK than both Alice should be used here since Maxwell isn’t bursting, and you do not want Maxwell stealing buff from Alice.

Snow White Team

Team relies on Part Overkill damage, Players need to always have a part available (Wings, core) when using either Snow white or Maxwell’s burst, and necessary Nikke positions to be able to hit the body and said parts. Guilty is there for extra damage, Elemental Rolls are Preferred on her OL equipment if any.

Guilty Gang

Guilty havers and simps, rejoice. Quite possibly the highest damage potential team, assuming Guilty is raised with OL equipment and Elemental damage rolls. The Flex slot is mostly the QTE breaker/ Burst regen, or Sugar. One Guilty can be replaced for a b3 to have a proper Full burst rotation instead.

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