Memory of Goddess (MOG) Mini-Game Guide – Updated + Challenge Mode

Complete overview of the Nikke Memory of Goddess (MOG) mini-game!


A new Mini-game has arrived into Nikke with rewards and daily missions to do! I’ll be documenting my experience on this game mode and hopefully be able to make a decent guide on how to achieve high scores!


Firstly, the rewards for progressing in this mini-game!

Challenge rewards (1 time claim)

  • 10 Advanced Recruit Tickets
  • 50 Ultra Boost Modules (Gear EXP)
  • 50 Consoles of each Manufacture (Recycling Room Mats)
  • 2 Skill Manual Boxes (36 Skill Manual I, 24 Skill Manual II, 12 Skill Manual III)
  • 2 Burst Manual Boxes (18 Burst Manual I, 12 Burst Manual II, 6 Burst Manual III)
  • 1 Synchro Expansion
  • 2 Memorial Badge (Goddess Bond target gift)
  • PFP Frame

Dailies (Given every day)

  • 3 consoles of Elysion, Missilis, Tetra, Pilgrim
  • 1 Central Government Supply Chest (3x 1H Credit Cases, 1x 1H Battle Data Case, 1H Core Dust Case)


The player Needs to clear a total of 5 Stages, with each stage having 2 levels to complete. There isn’t any much enemy variety in this game mode, with the only dangerous mobs being ranged mobs and the boss rapture.

The player has an option to choose between 5 weapons (-1, Unique Character Weapon) and 6 modules. Upgrading weapons give a variety of buffs, which includes damage buffs fire rate buffs, and AoE buffs, with the former 2 not being listed in the upgrade descriptions. Level 5 is the Maximum level in any piece of equipment.

Recommended Weapons

Due to the nature of this game mode, AoE weapons with projectiles that pierce dominate the game. Weapons that can’t pierce or have small AoE are very unwanted. Unique Weapons of Nikkes correspond with their “mass-reproduced” counter-parts, with different visual effects.

Great Weapons

  • Boomerang
  • Reflector
  • Land Mine
  • Energy Sword

Good Weapons

  • Energy Field
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Tactical Rifle

OK weapons

  • Grenade
  • Missile
  • Large Caliber Sniper Rifle
  • Sub Machine gun
  • Shotgun
  • Transformed Tactical Rifle
  • Beam Chakram

Note: Opinions Not final, but how I feel about the weapons at the moment.

Recommended Modules

Most Modules don’t do too much, and weapon upgrades are very much preferred. However if there’s no option to pick a weapon upgrade these modules are worth considering.

  • Instant Repair Module = Absolutely Quality of life Module, Get this no matter what to at least level 1 if available
  • Projectile Size Module = Very useful when used with the top tier weapons, greatly enhancing AoE Capabilities
  • Projectile Speed Enhancement Module = Similar reasoning to Projectile Size Module but only applies to certain weapons.
  • Comprehensive Enhancement Module A and B = Increases various amounts of stats

Upgrade System

The upgrade system can be accessed in the character menu. Simply hover over the upgrade button and click it. Every Nikke has a somewhat unique skill tree and these upgrades are NOT shared. However, one can simply reset the character to get all coins spent refunded.

Character Unlocks

To unlock characters, players need to reach certain stages while also acquiring their lost items. Simply head towards the “illustrated Guide” section and click on the “Lost_Item” tab. Clicking on the items will tell you on where to find them.

General Tips

It seems like upgrading a preferred weapon as high as possible rather than getting new weapons results in a much more easier time. Weapons get new “abilities” rather than just a linear damage boost.

This is much more apparent in AoE Weapons as their area of effect seems to be much larger, provide piercing projectiles, and increased damage.

And as such, would recommend getting as much AoE weapons as possible, such weapons are:

  • Boomerang
  • Reflector
  • Energy Sword
  • Land Mine

Getting multiple of these AoE weapons are devastating enough that you can simply be idle and the enemies would get demolished.

Drops and Power Ups

When Raptures are destroyed, they drop coins or battle data. Coins can be used to upgrade your Nikke or purchase new ones, while Battle data gives EXP. All drops stay on field without them de-spawning, however they do despawn after awhile, around a minute or 2~.

Powerups stay on the field indefinitely and can be saved until the boss rapture appears.

  • Heart = Restores HP
  • Lightning = Refills half the burst Meter
  • Liliweiss = Destroys all fodder mobs on screen
  • Magnet = Attracts all dropped Battle Data and coins

Stage Boss Guides

Snowy Land – Land Eater

Simply keep your distance from land eater and clear out nearby fodder raptures. Land eater can demolish you with its spin move if it catches you being too near, and the player won’t be able to escape unless movement speed level 2+ is acquired.

Military Base – Train

Go either on top or below the boss to avoid suddenly getting run over by train. Pay attention to the danger icons and the player should be totally fine.

Preparation for Challenge mode

Note: Compared to the other stages, this stage is surprisingly difficult. Like, actually. If you’re not into hard content or sinking time into rather unfair game mechanics, please steer away from this section.

To prepare for challenge mode, it is HIGHLY recommended to finish fully upgrading a Nikke’s skill tree before attempting to complete challenge mode, as the mobs there are very tanky and will give you an impossible time.

To farm, simply just head to previous stages (level 1) and farm there. I’d recommend Sim room level 1. get your starting weapons up and Idle while periodically collecting coins. As mentioned prior, they do expire after awhile, so don’t fully AFK. There is also a on-hand method where you can stall waves at level 2 sim room at the mini-boss phase at minute 9. One can run around the boss (without damaging it) and just clearing out mobs to gain coins.

Character Recommendations (Challenge)

Red Hood – Very solid Character tree that can branch into very strong DPS or a tree with a balance of both survivability (+50 HP) and DPS. Unique Weapon isn’t that strong however.

Tree 1 (DPS): Movement Speed > ATK Upgrade (2) >ATK speed Upgrade (0.15)> Wolfsbane > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > ATK Upgrade (4) > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > Wolfsbane > ATK upgrade (2) > Projectile Speed (0.3) > ATK upgrade (5)

Tree 2 (Balanced): Movement Speed > ATK Upgrade (2) >ATK speed Upgrade (0.15)> Wolfsbane > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > ATK Upgrade (4) > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > ATK Speed Upgrade (0.15) > Wolfsbane >HP Upgrade (50) > Projectile Size (0.1) > ATK upgrade (5)

RE: The Hood – Similar to her other counterpart. The only difference is Red hood has less speed and HP in exchange for a slightly better (?) Unique weapon.

Tree 1 & 2 is similar to other red hood counter part

Scarlet – Strong DPS however slightly squishy. She can branch into a more survival orientated build however her DPS suffers much more compared to Red Hood’s Balanced Build.

Tree 1: ATK Spd (0.1) > ATK Spd (0.1) > Atk Upgrade (2) > Fleetly Fading > ATK spd (0.1) > DEF (1) > Max HP (20) > ATK spd (0.1) > Fleetly Fading > ATK upgrade (5) > Projectile Spd (0.15) > ATK upgrade (5)

Note: ATK SPD can be interchanged with ATK damage instead in the upgrade trees if wanted.

Recommended Modules

The Modules on top of the list are the most Priority Modules, to the least.

  • HP Regen
  • Extra life (Revive)
  • Comprehensive Enhancement Module – a
  • Comprehensive Enhancement Module – b
  • Projectile Size (Can be a nerf to dodging abilities at boss fight, get with caution)
  • ATK up
  • ATK spd up
  • Max HP
  • Movement Speed (Level 2~ is fine)

Enemy Timeline

1:00 Swarm types appear (15s)
5:00 Swarm types increase in size (15s) and ranged types appear (20s), around 3-4 spawn.
6:00 Only ranged types appear (20s), increase to around 5-6.
8:00 Ranged types (20s) increase to around 10.
9:00 Swarm types (15s) and ranged types (20s) appear together.
10:00 Ranged types increase to around 15.
11:00-12:00~ Ranged types surround you.
15:00 – 30:00 – Bullet hell begins, stand near a liliweiss bomb if possible, and use it at 30:01
30:00~ Boss Battle

Note: Thank you generous commentator for this timeline! @Cruxif1x

Save Scumming (Important)

Yup, we can save scum! before dying you can pause > End and restart from where the boss spawns and continue from there from the main menu. HOWEVER, if you die during the run at the final boss fight, no need to fret. One can alt f4 or close the whole program to continue from the “checkpoint”.

Note: You are unable to do the second method (after death) on MOBILE depending on phone, however mobile users can still pause and end before death. It is recommended to play on PC.

Note 2: it is recommended to get your preferred upgrades before heading to the boss fight / save scumming, as the boss is hard. Doing this will ensure a much easier time.

Boss Fight

General Positioning

Stay at the right or left side of the boss and slightly angle yourself up or down her sides. these are the safest spots to be in. Make sure to be somewhat close to her to reduce the chance of eating stray bullets from minions.

Phase 1

The boss will start firing bullets in 4 directions. Horizontal and vertical. After that, she will fire bullets in a diagonal position, this repeats twice then teleports. The cycle then repeats. This phase isn’t too dangerous, the player just needs to look out for stray bullets from other mobs.

Phase 2

when the boss transitions to phase 2, the boss will END her phase 1 attack early, make sure to take note of this. The cycle is the same from phase 1 however at the end of the diagonal pattern, she fires in a spiral pattern as well. Simply move right or left to align yourself with the gaps.

Phase 3

Starts with a more complicated Spiral Pattern, then uses horizontal and diagonal attack patterns after. rinse and repeat.

Note: For Phase 2 and 3, make sure to keep a little distance between you and the boss.

Boss Fight Video


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  1. Land mine for me is great! At level 5 it can out pace Boomerang or Reflectors. If you have all three, >u<. Drops 7-8 mines that explode 8-way.
    My go to weapons (playing as Scarlet): Sword, Reflector, Boomerang, Land Mine, Modified rifle, and tac rifle.
    Favorite Modules: Pick up range, projectile speed, projectile size.

    • I agree land mine is great, although I put it as second just under boomerang.

      I am not sure if I consider energy sword better than energy field since the later is always on and the range is pretty good at L5 (the L5 sword seems to gain attack speed but lose range from L4?).

      I am not sure if I ever got the Chakram to L5, but I know that at lower level, it does far too little damage and the pierce doesn’t make up for it. Likewise, I wasn’t all that impressed by the Reflector at lower level compared to some other weapons at the same level. Perhaps it scales well, I guess I will need to give it another shot.

      If you have Boomerang and Land Mine to L5, you can basically sit there and do nothing outside the boss battles and Challenge Stage. Actually, chances are you can sit there and do nothing if you have either at L5. I wasn’t able pull the boomerang the first time I played Simulation Room II, but a combination of Land Mine, and Energy Shield, RL and a bunch of other random powerups were enough to break through the boss encirclement. Although it is definitely easier if you can have Boomerang + Land Mine + Energy Shield / Sword / both. It also help to have some movement speed up so that you can squeeze through any gap you manage to break past during the encirclement phase.

      • for the reflector to be more effective you need to play in phone resolution because it bounces of walls and smaller walls means more bounces

    • I am posting a slight update of opinion about the Land Mine. While yes they do amazing damage, their best strength is parameter defense. In the regular stages you can get by with this, but in challenge, it is harder due to moving.
      For speculation though, does the energy field deal dmg to enemies within the field after it has gotten big and what seems to be the rate of damage it does to enemies?

  2. Going to throw my hat in for Beam Chakram. It is one that gets NOTICEABLY godlike at rank 5, especially if you don’t have a ton of pierce. At low ranks it’s…. well, terrible. But at 4 and 5 it is just like a quadruple sized Energy Shield. I got it once nearly by accident, and have hunted it down ever since then.

    Landmine at high ranks is also great, but a bit too RNG for my tastes. But yeah, i’ve passed by reflector before, because i didn’t realize it got that OP. Boomerang is great though. Thanks for the ideas; I know what I’ll be aiming for in the future.

    Though I’m surprised you didn’t mention the speed upgrades much. I’d take 2-3 levels of a speed upgrade over ANY of the offensive ones every time. Bullet speed seems super weak, size is too niche. I guess if you have max reflector and boomerang you don’t need to run much? I always felt speed was super vital, but I guess that’s because i need to dodge like the loser I am lol.

    • I did more testing with the Chakram and I stand that it’s not great among pierce weapons. Compared to the Energy Field it has more range, but at the cost of not being “always on”. That said, I am also downgrading my view on the Energy field (it damage rate is rather low, so it’s more like a final line of defence for enemies that manage to get that close).

      My view on the Reflector on the other hand has improved significantly. Compared to the boomerang (and probably landmine), it covers more of the screen because it can bounce the corners (the boomerang cover a radius limited by the height of the screen). But since it covers more area, it needs to travel more, so it benefits most from projectile speed up and size up. Also, mobs don’t really spawn from the corners, but in a radius, so in practice, the boomerang cover the most important area, and I think that is why I don’t find a L5 reflector outdamage a L5 boomerang even after stacking other buff (they are pretty tied).

      Given that I would still pick the boomerang (and landmine) over the reflector when I need to pick one early on simply because the other two are usable much sooner. Though eventually you would want to max those three for sure if you can.

    • About the speed increase, I totally agree in Simulation II , Challenge Stage and maybe when playing Rapunzel or you somehow didn’t manage to get any decent weapon. But on most level you can just stand there and let your boomrerang/reflector/landmine do the work and they work even better with the buff.. Although size up can make it harder to see especially with the Dorothy upgrade:

      Re: Boomerang vs Reflector:

      Looks like even with all the projectile buff, the Boomerang still win with ease (by the time I upgraded the Reflector to L5 there was a 50k gap, but that gap did not narrow or stay the same by the end of the level. Boomerang kept extending the lead. On a side note, the Landmine almost match the Boomerang at L5, so I standby Boomerang > Landmine > Reflector. Also the reflector is kind of the worse for visibility IMO with maxed projectile size because their trajectory is the most random. Landmine is random by nature but it doesn’t block the view quite as bad.

  3. nah chakram isn’t good
    my best strat so far is stack projectile size on dorothy,
    use her default for dps, pick up boom, sword, field, mine for cc
    but i still can’t beat challenge yet

  4. weapons: 2 automatic weapon + chrakarm + scarlet sword o normal sword + boomerang is very op clear all stages.
    modules: instant repair + bullet speed and bullet size

    • Fyi the final boss is impossible, the minigame is broken. I gave up at 29846 kills.
      As for the upgrades, boomerang > mines > cubes > sword > everything else. You won’t be able to reach the boss unless you’re lucky to get the hp regen every 5 seconds. With the regen, after 15 min you can just stand still and afk and you’ll be fine, until 30 minutes. Even if you reach the boss, you can either dodge the boss pellets, or the mob pellets, but not both, and from there on it’s a slow death. If the boss only fired straight pellets it’d be possible, but once it starts throwing the sinusoidal ones your goose is cooked.

      I hope whoever designed this ridiculous boss stage stubs his toe, daily, for the rest of the year.

      • I agreed final boss is so bad and Challenge stage is not fun to play at all. How can I survive for 30 minutes when mobs do about million damage per hit

      • I’m pretty sure it was designed to be impossible, since the reward for clearing it is 1m credits and not anything we could use outside of the minigame like tickets, gems or materials.

  5. Has anyone beaten the challenge stage yet? I tried to but after 15 min the enemies stopped dropping stuff and they became way bigger and beefier so I got completely murdered

  6. This game is a joke when you can unlock Dorothy or Scarlet but challenge is non-sense hard
    If they want to copy Vampire Survivor or Holocure it’s fine but please make it good
    -Mob spawn too few so it’s take 100 years to level up
    -No evolve of weapon so many modules is useless (especially buff Def )
    -Boss spawn too few so you only get around 2-3 boxes

    • Did you just give up on this guide? The event has been out for a while and nothing past

      Challenge mode is a different animal to the rest of them.
      Speed is IMPERATIVE on this level as the mobs move real fast. Being able to walk circles around the horde is the only way to stay alive.

      I suggest using normal Red Hood and just purely upgrade move speed. Then when you can, upgrade move speed more. Hearts almost NEVER drop, so this is a survival mode. Avoiding the swarms and bullets is your primary concern, so the faster you move, the more survivability you have.

      • I did not give up I play until challenge stage and it was so annoy for playing so I stop for now

        I use Dorothy on challenge stage she is faster to clear mobs and boss for me (than Red Hood)
        but around 15-20 minutes mobs start to do huge damage so it’s too hard

        I think it’s fine if they didn’t drop heart on challenge quest but it’s should be more fun to play even fully upgrade still annoying to clear it all

        I kind of like game that similar to Vampire survivor I hope they add for permanent minigame later but I hope they fix annoying part

  7. Most recent and best run so far with fully maxed Red Hood w/ 1.6x atk speed & 18 base atk:
    I had some pretty bad luck on the modules though, projectile speed buff, projectile size buff, health buff, defence buff, pickup range buff and movement buff all at pretty low levels. I got two shot by Einkk at ~30:20 so I don’t think that the health, regen and defence modules are worth it as she does too much damage to tank or outheal.

    Going off this information, I think that a peak dps build might be the way to beat it (idk) which would entail:
    Projectile Speed
    Projectile Size
    Attack Speed
    Attack Damage
    Comprehensive Enhancement Ξ± & Ξ²

    I’ve only ever gotten the attack speed and damage modules once or twice in all my runs, including the missions leading up the the challenge mode so I’m not even sure that the above loadout is possible without a level up option reroll like in VS or Holocure.
    Not too sure about the weapons but as seen in the screenshot, I think my preferred build is quite good with boomerang and landmine being the best. Alongside this, I’ve never managed to reach a level above 39 in challenge mode, meaning that either my weapons will be maxed with weak modules or the other way around. Honestly not sure if it’s even possible to beat.

  8. No love for grenades? Level 5 they are thrown in all directions, for basically a lilliweiss screen wipe every 1-2 seconds.

    • Probably because it’s weaker at lower levels? There’s just better weapons even at low levels like boomerang and energy sword

    • Grenades are good but they aren’t a priority pick like boomerang, reflector, and land mine. Grenade also NEEDS to be level 5 to be worth it, so its kind of just a wasted slot until you get it upgraded.

  9. Is there any merit in trying to finish Challenge Stage? Already finished every other stage and while I did enjoy the other ones, Challenge Stage is ridiculously hard.

    • You need to survive in challenge stage for 480 ‘minutes’ in total for synchro slot unlock item might be one of most pain in the *** mission they ever made

  10. Challenge Mode being so pointlessly reliant on RNG for every aspect just to even have a chance of clearing it is absurd. Devs should’ve spent more time playing horde survivors to understand why the good games in the genre are so good.

  11. Land Mine is ranked pretty high, huh? I used it quite a lot early on but sorta dropped it. I might try picking it up again for the Challenge Mode.

    I still have yet to clear the Challenge mode, which I don’t think I’m ever going to… So I settled on being the 3rd place of my Guild Rank at 10,737 points. The 1st place got 17,051 points – how do you even last that long?

    My setup is:

    Character – Scarlet

    Upgrade – Attack Speed
    – Projectile Size
    – ATK
    – Fleetly Fading Lv. 2
    – ATK
    – DEF
    – DEF
    – Projectile Size
    – Fleetly Fading Lv. 3
    – ATK
    – Projectile Size
    – ATK

    Weapons – Fleetly Fading
    – Boomerang
    – Reflector
    – Transformed Tactical Rifle
    – Beam Chakram
    – Energy Field

    Module (by priority) – ATK
    – Comprehensive Enhancement Ξ±
    – Comprehensive Enhancement Ξ²
    – Signal Amplification
    – Rapid Movement
    – Projectile Size
    – Instant Repair
    – Projectile Speed
    – DEF Enhancement
    – Energy Repair
    – HP Enhancement

    I could see that the Energy Field is apparently not very popular, but it’s pretty important for me earlier on, especially playing as Scarlet in the Challenge mode, as I need a constant AOE attack to mow down enemies to build up my EXP fast, so I can unlock better weapons asap.

    I also find the Transformed Tactical Rifle to be really good, as at level 5, it shoots outward in all directions and thus pair well with other AOE weapons. In fact, I used to use Red Hood so that I always have access to this weapon before switching to Scarlet because I prefer her upgrade path.

    So the way I approach the Challenge Mode with Scarlet is:

    – Gets the Energy Field to farm EXP as fast as I could
    – Gets the Signal Amplification to help with the EXP farming (it helps a ton when the RNG decides to be a d*ck and not giving you any Magnet.
    – Gets the Rapid Movement to further help with the EXP farming (but limits to LV. 2-3 at most)
    – Shifts priority to collecting weapons over modules
    – Focuses on levelling up Fleetly Fading, Boomerang, Reflector and Transformed Tactical Rifle to max level first, then on Beam Chakram and Energy Field
    – Shifts priority to modules
    – Focuses on levelling up offensive modules for maximum firepower and Projectile Size to cover more ground with AOE attacks (Reflector at max size is seriously OP, but is a double edged sword as it can also block your view amongst all the barrage of enemies and bullets)

    – When fighting the mini bosses, I find it easier to lure them to charge at you from the side, rather than from above or below, as it’s easier to dodge both the bosses’s bodies and their bullets. Try to use the special attack only once and kill the bosses with your normal attacks, then save the special attack to use on the enemies that will suddenly spawn and snipe you right after a mini boss is defeated.

    – Keep an eye on when the enemies upgrade themselves after a certain period of time has passed. I often got caught off guard by the swarm of fast moving Raptures that has been upgraded and has more health, so they managed to rushed through my AOE attacks when I didn’t back away enough in time.

    – Always leave the recovery items like the Heart and Lightning for later use. If there are multiple of them near to each other, then just stand between them and use that spot as your defend/survive point.

    – With enough upgrade on both weapons and modules and perhaps some recovery items nearby, just stand still and hope for the best against the oncoming horde. LOL

    – At a certain point, enemies will start shooting round bullets at you, but these bullets have a rather short range and usually dissipate just before they hit you, so just stand your ground rather than try to move away.

    – However, after some time has passed the number of bullets will increase, A LOT, and many will actually reach you now, so make only minimal movements, just enough to stay out of reach of the bullet before they dissipate or out of their trajectory, because if you move too much, you’d either run into other stray bullets or the surround enemies that manage to tank through your AOE attacks to come close enough.

    – Well, that’s it. I never got further than that. By that time, there were too many bullets for me to dodge, it’s just insane. XD

    • Just in case someone might want to know, those swarms of fast moving raptures will spawn every 15 seconds in challenge mode.

      • This is the timeline for rapture type appearances.

        1:00 Swarm types appear (15s)
        5:00 Swarm types increase in size (15s) and ranged types appear (20s), around 3-4 spawn.
        6:00 Only ranged types appear (20s), increase to around 5-6.
        8:00 Ranged types (20s) increase to around 10.
        9:00 Swarm types (15s) and ranged types (20s) appear together.
        10:00 Ranged types increase to around 15.
        11:00-12:00~ Ranged types surround you.

        After 15 minutes timeline doesn’t really matter since you’ll just be idle.

        At 5 minutes or less using burst can help with clearing swarm type raptures however after getting sufficient upgrades should not be a problem.

        Please do note that amount of raptures after the 10 minute mark may be inaccurate due to not being able to see them.

    • On the 6th upgrade slot, HP Up gives you more value than DEF up.
      Always go for attack speed or damage. Projectile size isn’t really worth it when you can just get the projectile size module in a run anyways, and Scarlet especially heavily benefits from attack speed.

      Beam Chakram is pretty dogshit. It’s decent in the early levels, but it does nothing for you in Challenge Stage.
      It just doesn’t scale well enough past the first couple of minutes, even at level 5 it barely does any damage. Transformed tactical rifle is OK but the regular tactical rifle is better, and neither should be priority picks and only take if you need them.

      Weapon priority is going to be;

      ABSOLUTE NECESSITY, JUST RESET IF YOU DON’T GET ALL 3: Boomerang >>>>> Land Mine > Reflector

      Good: Grenade (NEEDS level 5) > Energy Field (not much damage like Chakram, but its always on and more consistent) > Energy Sword > Tactical Rifle

      OK: Shotgun (by far best DPS for the “aimed” weapons, but aimed weapons become useless after the ~16 minute mark since you want to avoid moving as much as possible) > Rocket Launcher (needs level 5) > Transformed Tactical Rifle > Submachine Gun

      Avoid/reset run: Chakram > Missile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sniper Rifle

      There’s also no point in getting Signal Application. That’s kind of just something you take if you have no other option. It helps a bit in the very early game but that’s about it. While sometimes you don’t get magnet spawns, you have infinite time to collect resource during the minibosses since mobs stop spawning. And after the second miniboss you’ll be getting plenty of magnets.
      Farming is pretty easy regardless as long as you have the right weapons, the hard part of challenge mode begins at the 15 minute mark. You want to try and get everything you can to make that portion not just easier, but possible at all. Don’t prioritize anything that only helps early on.

  12. Challenge Mode Lasting 30 Minutes Checklist:
    0. Red Hood Max level, (my build is currently 1.3 attack speed, 22 attack)
    1. Boomerang Lv5
    2. Reflector Lv5
    3. Energy Shield or Energy Sword
    4. Projectile Size
    5. Projectile Speed

    the other weapons don’t really matter to get to 30 minutes but Landmine, Rocket Launcher are my choices if available.

    at 15 minutes stand next to a Lilith and AFK for 15 minutes. the red dots will never reach you. you either die from not enough damage or you don’t. when the boss spawns, use the Lilith and stand still a few seconds. gl hf for boss fight.

  13. Several times I do the 30 min.

    Boomerang, reflector, sword, mine and energy field. all at lv 5.
    After that we prioritize the regen, speed and size of the attacks.
    Possibly take a pickup boost if you have bad luck with the magnets.
    Possibly take a boost speed if you have bad luck with draw.

    Character Re the hood, max lvl with priority, attack speed followed by power.

    After 15 minutes, there is no need to move, no more loot and logically the character manages on his own.
    After 18 minutes, we don’t move anymore otherwise we’ll get red balls.
    At 30 minutes, the boss appears and you inevitably die, because you cannot move or at least very little and it bones you.

    ( google translate of my French language )

  14. NOPE. Can’t do it.

    I’ve looked up several guides and many videos (especially of those that managed to complete the Challenge altogether) and followed the steps to a tee, but the RNG wall is just impossible to get over.

    The most important thing in Challenge is the Instant Repair (HP Regen) which at Lv. 5 heals 3 HP per 2 seconds which will really help you to survive the bullet hell from around 17 minutes in, as well as the final boss fight. But the damn thing rarely drops and from hours and hours of playing, I only managed to get the Instant Repair just ONCE (actually, about 3-4 times if I include the total time I’ve played this game). Also, out of all the times I’ve got the drop, it never gave me more than one, so I’m always stuck with the Lv. 1 Instant Repair.

    And of course, the time I managed to get the Instant Repair, the weapon RNG was super trash and I either couldn’t level my weapons up enough or got unneeded weapons from the mini boss crates (which I’ve since avoided totally, unless my weapon slots are all filled up). So even with the regen, my attacks are not enough to whittle down the enemies.

    Without the regen, I tried upping my HP and DEF (alongside maxing out my weapons, of course) but it was still a no go. The bullet hell just became too intense that they ripped me to shreds after 20 minutes in, despite my best attempt to move ever so slightly to avoid the bullets without bumping into the enemies.

    So yeah, you’re really at the mercy of the RNG to give you that sweet Instant Repair drop along with enough weapons to max out their levels.

    In any case, if anyone is interested in the, supposedly, best guide for the Challenge mode, then here you go:

    – Use Red Hood (also upgrade her as much as you can)
    – Pick weapons with homing capabilities, including Tactical Rifle and Rocket Launcher
    – Pick AOE weapons for the rest, preferably Boomerang, Reflector, Land Mine and Energy Sword
    – Although you can swap out any of the 4 AOE weapons for the Energy Field if you want to play it a little safe
    – Pick Rapid Movement module and upgrade it to Lv.3 or above
    – Pick any other modules you’d like but preferably ATK or Projectile Speed.

    – Cinderella charges towards you pretty fast, so you need Rapid Movement to get away from her
    – Stay UNDER her, it’s easier to keep track of her position as well as your own
    – Stay as far away as you can from Cinderella but make sure you can still see her
    – Face towards Cinderella while she’s stationery and use Red Hood’s special attack when you can
    – If Cinderella starts to move, just keep running down and let the Tactical Rifle and Rocket Launcher do the work
    – Wait for Cinderella to stop and just use the special attack on her again.
    – Rinse and repeat until she’s defeated.

    – Cinderella will sometimes warp and send out multiple clones to attack you. If you have high level AOE weapons here, then there’s nothing to worry about. Just destroy all the clones and find where the real Cinderella is, stay under her and repeat the process above.

  16. Quick tip: If you’re standing still in CM and still getting hit by bullets, make sure you’re on 60FPS. I was having issues where the bullets would hit me a LOT despite standing perfectly still after 15 minutes. Swapping to 60FPS fixed that.

  17. nice guide, however, i don’t think i’ll be going for the 999k coins, it’s utterly useless to sink in THAT muchtime for such a meager reward. if that was 10 summoning tickets however, i’d do it. i’m just gonna stick to getting the 480 minutes reward and that’s it

  18. Does anyone know how to unlock the attack upgrade module? It’s the last one I need but I can’t figure it out. I assume it has to do with legendary bullet on simulation room II but I’ve tried grabbing it with multiple characters and still haven’t gotten it.

      • Ah that’s really unfortunate, I’ve put over 4 hours into the challenge mode alone and played the normal stages a bunch and still haven’t gotten it. More rng is always lovely.

    • Just FYI, i’m already past the 240 minute one (doing 1-3 runs a day) and I barely got it YESTERDAY. And it’s the only time i’ve seen it since then too.

      It’s just super rare.

  19. i’ve said it before, this is such a useless game mode, the RNG is utterly disgusting, ranging from ultra weapons and shitty mods, to ultra mods and shitty weapons. no good combo whatsoever happened throughout my plays.
    i have gotten the health upgrade ONCE and the purple ones ONCE as well. (they REALLY don’t want us finishing this). if you wait too long, the upgrade materials disappear
    past the 17 minute mark the levelling items completely disappear and are replaced with bullets… lots of bullets to dodge, so if you haven’t gotten your upgrades by then, no use in going further. you can stand still from minute 17 to 30 as you won’t get hit by the bullets, but it’s sad that neither the shield nor the blade destroy the projectiles. personally, i haven’t finished the mode as i find it tiring and time consuming for such a meagre reward, but i have gotten to 30 many times. was good to see they changed the 480 minute requirement to 280 tho.

  20. “Stand STILL until 30:00. Bullets will miss you despite its bullet hellish looking nature”
    This statement is false. The bullets eventually WILL hit you if you stand still, and will end up killing you, unless you have the HP Regen Module.

    • A comment mentioned prior that you need 60fps so the bullets don’t hit you (for some reason).
      I did perfectly fine in my run without a health regen module, did not get hit once during that time. @shuryo

      • IDK about that, i’m definetly at 60FPS and playing on PC, with widescreen mode, but the bullets still hit me.

  21. I just wanted to say this minigame is worst gaming experience i had in many years and i absolutely hate what they did.
    First of all they force you to do boring 15minute stages for dailies and progress where difficulty is extremely low, to the point where blind person playing with feet would beat it with no issue. Second, they made last challenge stage opposite of the rest and made it giga difficult. To the point where you have to spend hours of grinding for max level upgrades. THEN they made last boss absolute nonsense where beating it is 99% luck based of what modules you will get, considering how rare are +%attack modules or regen one, its a matter of retrying and wasting time on this terrible minigame rather than any skill. And here I was enjoying barbeque minigame on holidays.

  22. It seems EXP & coins expire exactly 60 seconds from when they dropped. With that, you can time your idling & mass-gathering, or the utility of magnets.

    Also going Portrait/Vertical 4:3 gives your Reflector tighter spaces to move around with, giving them shorter distance before they reflect and hit other things; not to mention lessen travel time thru empty, non-rapture-spawning areas.

  23. Note to people that do save scumming, the extra life module only work once even if you use it while fighting the boss. I also found out that if you don’t want to deal with the bullet hell and didn’t get HP regen at the 15 mins mark, just restart.

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