Lost Sector 11 Walkthrough

Puzzles is incredibly simple this time. Although they do introduce a new mechanic, they make you split your teams into two at the start. With the Max amount of characters between two teams at 6 (will be increased to 8 later)

Before starting

although, it does split your team into 2 teams with max of 6, don’t split your teams evenly. Team 01 will be the team that will do the most fighting, put 5 of your stronger units there. Team 02 will have 1 unit, any 1 strong b3 attacker will do as mobs are rather weak in this side of the map. Other than that, it is pretty much a free clear regarding the puzzle aspect.


  1. To anyone using this guide who’s NOT an ultrawhale, you won’t even be able to instigate combat on the left side with the advice given here, and will need to restart (battles have a strength limitation to even start and getting a solo Nikke that strong requires systems you won’t even have access to yet, or massive $$$).

    Start with TWO nikkes on the left (a B1 and a B2) and your 4 strongest on the right). Also, it doesn’t say that when you get to add new units later in the map, it’s limited to the team that stands on the space. While that makes sense, it raises the importance that your right side team is REALLY strong. Because you’ll be short one unit on that team for most of the map since they don’t get to the space until later.

    Actually, the guides on this site are crap. They’re either useless to the average player because they’re based around unrealistic skill/cube/gear clearly set by , so out-of-date they’re no longer relevant (Modernia isn’t even listed as an option for Pilgrim Tower, much less Dorothy).

    • I’ve been having issues with this one and your spot on. There needs to be more contributors who update, and fact check info. Guides seem to be ultra focused on players that already have everything, and thus, don’t-need-a-guide…

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