Lost Relics Chapter 9

Table of Contents


  1. Pamphlet – 3. Self-Defense Training
  2. A Girl’s Memoir – July 24, XX (Cloudy)
  3. Radio Tower Blueprint
  4. A Poster Against Nikke Experiments – 2
  5. x2000 Credits
  6. Heart Destroyer – Hand on Hand
  7. x50 gems
  8. Goddess of Victory Blueprint
  9. A Girl’s Memoir – July 27, XX (Cloudy)
  10. STANDALONE – Hand on Hand
  11. Standin’ by
  12. A Poster Against Nikke Experiments – 3

4/1 Update

Goddess of Victory Blueprint Blueprint now Located near the rocks of highlighted circle
Radio Tower was also Relocated



  1. Goddess of Victory Blueprint is no longer to the right of the portal.
    Now you have to beat the trio of raptures to the south, you can see a big shiny glow on some rocks to the right

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