Lost Relics Chapter 8

Table of Contents


  1. A Girl’s Memoir – July 23, XX at 3:00 PM (Rainy)
  2. The Ruined City – Hand on Hand
  3. Clothing Store Blueprint
  4. Nikke Subject Recruitment – Outline for Round 3 of Recruitment
  5. Shopping Mall Blueprint
  6. Chromosome – After World
  7. A Girl’s Memoir – July 25, XX (sunny)
  8. x1600 Credits
  9. A Poster Against Nikke Experiments – 1
  10. The Clue – Hand on Hand
  11. A Girl’s Memoir – July 26, XX (Sunny)
  12. x3200 Credits

Update 4/1

During the April Fools Update, some Blue prints were moved. The blue prints moved here is The Shopping Mall and Clothing Store. here are the new Locations



  1. It looks like 2 of the locations changed, I found them to the right of pad in the bottom of the map and one above the pad on the top of the map. The top one was the shopping mall, I don’t remember what the bottom one is.

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