Lost Relics Chapter 5

Table of Contents


  1. Trendy Bar Blueprint
  2. Call Log 017515 – 2:01 PM
  3. x50 Gems
  4. Second Hand – Wonderland
  5. Library Blueprint
  6. Survival Guide 01 – 3. How to sleep
  7. Silver mane – Wonderland
  8. Hospital Blueprint
  9. Nikke Subject Recruitment – Outline for Round 2 of Recruitment
  10. The Ark – After World
  11. Call Log 017515 – 4:17 PM

Update 4/1

After April fools day update, the Hospital, Trendy bar, and Library blue print location was changed. Here is the new location.



  1. I’m a newbie, How am I supposed to get the hospital blueprint, I don’t even have decent Character yet. what are they thinking

  2. The Library blueprint appears to have changed as well, it’s now right next to the switch by Number 6 on the map. Hope this helps anybody who couldn’t find it.

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