Lost Relics Chapter 4

Table of Contents


  1. Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt – 08:05 PM
  2. 500x Credits
  3. Workshop Blueprint
  4. Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt – 12:01 AM
  5. Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt – 09:55 AM
  6. Good Day Commander- After World
  7. Generator Blueprint
  8. Floral Tribute – Wandering Soul
  9. Armory Blueprint
  10. Incoming rapture – Wandering Soul
  11. Chat Log_Early Adopter.txt – 05:37 PM

Update 4/1

After April fools update the WorkshopArmory, Generator blue print was changed. Here are their new locations



  1. the 3rd relic in chap 4 no matter how i tried i couldnt click it to obtain (it didnt appear the magnifying glass icon), it’s like a bug or sth

    • I found it on the bottom of the first circle of buildings (Located between relic 1 & 2). Just tall blue and white hotel like building.

      Hope this helps

      • I can confirm this is true. Blueprint is located between 1 & 2 at blue building. While the Armory Blueprint (#9), is to the immediate right of the white switch, directly north of the EX Boss.

  2. Cannot find the generator blueprint. Been all around marker 7 and it doesn’t pop up. Got all the other relics. Is it a bug?

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