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Operation 2 Kraken les go


Kraken is a brand new Boss that is introduced in the SEA, You, Again summer event. Kraken will appear 3 times with varying events. Dates are as follows:
-Second operation: From 12:00:00 August 11, 2023 to 23:59:59, August 13, 2023 (UTC+9)
-Third operation: From 12:00:00 August 18, 2023 to 23:59:59, August 20, 2023 (UTC+9)

Kraken is found in the overworld map in the event. simply click on the “Coordinated Operation” on the UI or head here


Simply break QTE’s (they are rather squishy) and have enough sustain to live through past node 9 for high-score purposes. Failing Node 9 will instantly wipe the team.

QTE Node 9

Do NOT target/break the white circles as they are extremely squishy and will instantly result in a failed run. It is recommended to take your time as Users have plenty of time to break the circles (18 seconds). The screen slightly shakes and might result into a accidental hit on a white circle, so do keep that in mind as well. If there are Shotguns in the team, it is highly recommended to NOT shoot anything as the spread is too large and can easily hit outside of where the User is aiming.

QTE Phase 2

Failing this QTE punishes a player with a pretty hard hitting ST attack. Occasionally, the QTE bugs out and is unable to be cleared resulting in unavoidable damage.


Similar to the first Kraken boss, it summons a elemental shield where only iron units can shoot through. this shouldn’t be a problem if there is at least a liter in the team. QTE is squishy and position 1 to 5 are able to aim around the shield and hit the QTE if needed


The core is in the same location as the first operation, as usual, Auto-aim from the settings tab is highly recommended to be on so it is much easier to hit the core without exerting much effort.

When using Snow white teams, if the Users are able to time their busts, it is possible to hit both the tentacle and boss during QTE as the boss has a hitbox on the tentacles during QTE. However this is rather difficult to accomplish, not recommended unless very serious about rankings.

Team Comps (Second Kraken)

Iron units with elemental rolls (Overloaded equipment) is highly recommended. Sustain is also recommended as the boss will dwindle the your units easily through out your run.

Recommended Units

Burst 3 units : Snow white, Maxwell, Soline, Alice, Scarlet, Modernia, Noir (Paried with Blanc)

Burst 2 units : Novel (Paired with Snow whites), Blanc (Paired with Noir), Dolla (Paired with B1 Healer)

Burst 1 units :Liter (Best in slot) , Dorothy. Pepper | S.Mary (Paied with Dolla)

Notable Team Comps

Blanc and Noir can be replaced with Novel and Maxwell respectively if the team has enough CP (14k+) For all Nikke’s in the team, otherwise there is a rather high likelihood a Nikke will be wiped rather early in the run.

Despite the element not being in their favor, Scarlets still deal a lot of damage due to how easily the core can be hit.

Note: Double Alice teams can also be used and do good, however due to how the anti-cheat is regards to players clicking fast, I would not recommend them.

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