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Developer’s Notes – November 3, 2022

Note from the Developer: Launch Celebration 

Hi everyone, this is Yoo Hyung Suk, the director of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

The official release of the game is just around the corner. 

For a game developer, there is no moment more exhilarating than when your game is finally unveiled to the public.

None of this would have been possible without the continued and enthusiastic support of all the commanders out there. You all receive my sincerest gratitude.

Soon, you will finally be able to experience the game for yourselves, but before that, I would like to guide you through the additional content we have incorporated based on past testing and feedback.

[New Content]

First off, we will now have 16 main story chapters available upon release. In these chapters, you can play through the main campaign as well as hunt down optional lost relics and partake in various side quests. Additionally, we have made some revisions to the activity icons for the main campaign in accordance with the feedback we obtained during the CBT. Players can now take the icons for certain activities and place them into the lobby to create a shortcut.

In light of the voting results, 10 new characters have been added, making for a total of 62 playable characters at launch. We have added a costume function which allows players to change the appearance of different characters. As the costume shop is still under development, we do ask for your patience as we work hard to make a wide variety of costumes available soon. 

Another additional feature is Unions, which were not present during the testing phase.

Unions will allow commanders to develop alliances with other players. In addition to the Union Shop, where upgrades can be purchased, players will also be able to visit the shooting range, where they can determine just how much damage they are capable of. 

The main method of attaining coins for use at the Union Shop will be through Union Raids. Union Raids will be seasonal content centered around a boss, with the first season beginning at the end of November. We will provide additional information regarding Union Raids at a later date.

Once players have had time to adjust following the game’s initial release, we have big plans for unique story events, coordinated operations, mini-games, and other various events. These features will be rolled out sequentially, and we hope they will provide players with greater rewards and new experiences.

[Changes In Battles And Balance]

Thanks to the last global CBT, we are now fully aware of the balance issues pertaining to certain weapons. The way in which charging damage was calculated has been adjusted for sniper rifles and launchers. Machine guns now have a 1-second buffer before entering the warm-up phase and resetting their rate of fire. Changes have also been made so that a steady rate of fire can be maintained even when entering cover. 

In terms of class, the efficiency of defense has been increased for Defensive NIKKEs and Support NIKKEs. Additionally, the amount of damage inflicted from self-destructing Raptures and other extreme scenarios has been decreased in order to better reflect the properties of both Defense and Support NIKKEs. 

This lowering of inflicted damage has smoothed out difficulty spikes that were previously present in certain sections. However, due to the game becoming easier as a result of these various balance upgrades, further adjustments were made to certain levels in order to balance out the difficulty. The Tribe Tower’s overall difficulty has been lowered; however, we ask for your understanding as there may be times when the difficulty of some stages in the campaign is more difficult than they were originally. 

Please note that character skills have been reorganized to create more varied synergy research results.

Lastly, we have introduced numerous improvements in terms of the functionality of the shooting mechanics. Our main goal with GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is for players to have fun, and everyone is free to adjust their play style in whatever way they see fit. However, a new setting has been added for players looking for a more hardcore experience which is called All Units Take Cover. This is explained in greater detail in the game’s tutorial. 

Conversely, to make firefights easier for those who are having difficulties, a left-handed operation mode and an adjustment option for screen shake have been added. 

[Making The Game More Convenient]

Many improvements have been made in order to make gameplay more convenient.

Going forward, players will now be able to use the Quick Battle function in the Interception and Simulation Room modes. 

So long as players engage in one Interception battle per day, they can then use Quick Battle for the remaining two entries and still receive all relevant prizes from all three battles. In the Simulation Room, matches with a foregone conclusion can now be cleared using Quick Battle. Players who wish to obtain slightly better rewards can choose to forego the Quick Battle option. 

Improvements have been made to the Simulation room’s UI and tutorial. Additional challenges have been created as well. New rogue-like buffs have been added to certain events along with a new higher difficulty level, Epic, to give veteran players a greater challenge. Use buffs obtained on Epic difficulty wisely, as they cannot be registered in the Legacy modes.

Many improvements have been made to coordinated operations, but there are still areas that we will be continuing to work on. Besides, with Union joining, you will be able to invite your union members in coordinated operations.

Finally, many improvements have been made in terms of performance such as heat generation, loading, and crashing. A device with fairly high specifications is recommended in order to fully enjoy the game as it was intended. High-resolution images, textures, a physics engine, and more have been incorporated to deliver a high-quality gaming experience. Due to the wide variety of phone specifications, the recommended specs for the game are the initial preconfigured settings.

We are confident that GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE will offer players an experience unlike any other. To ensure that the gameplay is as enjoyable as possible, we have been tirelessly making improvements leading up to the game’s official release through closed and public testing. Despite this, there still remain areas which we realize are not perfect. But one thing is certain. My development team and I have poured our blood, sweat and tears into making this game, and we will continue to do everything we can to make it the best game it can be. We ask for your continued support and encouragement, even after the release, and hope this will be a fun game for all you commanders out there. 

-From the entire development team-

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