Commander’s Annual Battle Report

Annual Battle Report!

Our commander Annual Reports are here! Simply head to this link or the embed below and view your report and get rewarded! Feel free to share your results in the comments below I have 8000 total battles.

Note: Takes a few minutes for the rewards to arrive in your mail box.

Commander’s Annual Report

Event Rules

  1. Data retrieved for the report is from the time when the selected account is created until October 20 23:59 (UTC+0).
  2. Event duration: 11/1/2023 – 11/15/2023, 12:00 (UTC+9)
  3. Get 1 Recruit Voucher when you log into the game for the first time.
  4. Get 1 Recruit Voucher when you share the summary for the first time.
  5. Get 1 Recruit Voucher when you generate the report for the first time. The reward will be sent in-game after the report is generated. Please claim it through your in-game mail.
  6. Get a specific in-game item for each page of the data report you review. Rewards include Advanced Recruit Voucher, High-Quality Mold, Ultra Boost Module, Manufacturer Mold, Darling for a Day, and Growth Set. Please go through the entire report to unlock all items. (Note: Rewards will only be sent once. Simply unlock the data report to claim rewards. Rewards will be sent in-game. Please claim them through your in-game mail.)
  7. Rewards distribution may be delayed due to system issues. Rewards in the mail are vaild for 30 days, so be sure to check your mail.
  8. Collab characters will not be included in the report.
  9. All data exclude the Shooting Range.



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  1. 9,600 battles, and for some reason the nikke I get along most, it’s Miranda. As for yulha I can change de subject… But I can’t… When she’s embarrassed, my heart melts

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