A Nikke belonging to Underworld Queen who is also the head of a yakuza group known as the Seimeikai. A woman of principle, the Seimeikai refrain from engaging in immoral acts thanks to her leadership. Under her guidance, the Seimeikai has become an organization with a well-deserved reputation for its honorable conduct.

Character Skills




Normal Attack

Normal Attack Damage67.0%
Charge Time1.0S
Full Charge Damage250%
Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time1.67S
Burst Generation Per Shot2.7%



Skill 1 provides a decent DEF buff that can be stacked every 3 normal attacks (no full charge required). This means you can quickly stack up her buff by using her manually to quick fire.

Skill 2 provides CDR, which unlocks team comp flexibility for B1 and B2, since you do not have to use Dolla, and can swap out Liter for other units for certain stages.

Her 40s CD burst is her main kit, massively reducing damage against Wind element raptures for 30 seconds, although this effect only activates once per battle. This allows Sakura to perform extremely well against wind bosses such as the notorious Special Interception: Alteisen and Bowtie encountered in Tribe Tower Floor 140 and Story Hard Mode Chapter 8-27.

Sakura does not see much usage outside of Alteisen, Bowtie and certain stages with wind element raptures.

Read the guide above for more details.


  1. Looks niche. 90% damage reduction from green enemies for 30 seconds sounds strong though. Train boss is a green enemy for example.

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