A third-year student from the M.M.R. Vocational School, who nevertheless has the appearance of a small child. Despite the fact she is childlike in both her demeanor and personal hobbies, she utterly despises being referred to as "kid" or "little girl". As a senior, she feels obligated to take care of her fellow students who are younger than her, and spares no effort in doing so.

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Normal Attack

Normal Attack Damage
Charge Time
Full Charge Damage
Ammo Capacity
Reload Time
Burst Generation Per Shot


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More detailed summary in future when tested.


  1. on paper she looks like a decent unit to taunt and make enemies to focus on the decoy.
    but imo on practice it doesn’t really look like it’ll be doing anything
    especially if you are a late/end game player who has cracked units that can kill enemies in seconds.
    I guess she can work in PVP but needs more testing.

    Let me know in the replies if she’s good, mid or just bad.
    for me rn she’s an overall 4.0 rating

  2. @xarzo, she’s not meant to be useful to end game players but for player that need a nikke to break 160 level wall.

  3. So uh…where to find her other spare body ? I got her and one copy from the daily login stamp. Am I missing something ?

  4. Wow, she is so broken in SP arena. So broken, that you can’t even start a battle with her on your team, lol.

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