A Heretic and loyal subject of the Rapture Queen who has long been a scourge to all Nikkes. As the lead general of the legions under the Queen’s command, her belligerence knows no bounds, nor does her appetite for destruction.

Character Skills




Normal Attack

Normal Attack Damage69.04%
Charge Time1.0S
Full Charge Damage250%
Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time2.0S
Burst Generation Per Shot2.8%


Future guides soon


More detailed summary in future when tested.

Currently predicting her usage being in Pilgrim tower as the only B2 20s Pilgrim unit with fully offensive kit. Outside of that, she could see usage in certain stages where squishy raptures are more clumped together to allow her to proc her Skill 1, and her burst is able to work effectively against these same raptures even under higher CP deficit.


  1. ” Nihilister is an upcoming SSR Nikke for Pick Up Recruitment! ”
    What? according to some leaks she is a liberation unit like guilty. I am confused.

  2. And here I thought based on the leaks she was a Burst 3 Rocket Launcher unit…now I see her here as a Burst 2 Sniper? This is huge if she is Burst 2…

  3. Even though im not yet in the story. If she is in liberation so she got captured in the main story? its okay if someone would spoil what happened in the last chapter

    • She didn’t get captured by Eden nor Ark, Liberalio took her away. However, two important things happened in chapter 20: 1) she was shot with unchained and 2) she revealed info regarding the queen after getting shot. These two key points can be used in the story to justify her being a liberation unit.

  4. Looks mid for day 1 players but I reckon gonna be better than Noah on PVE. Also her being a liberation unit is amazing(still not as powerful as Guilty imo).
    Once they release a low cd burst 1 pilgrim her value will go way higher imo. I’m speaking about pilgrim tower specifically. For other contents you don’t need a pilgrim other than Scarlet anyway.

    • yeah i thought she was gonna be Rocket Launcher, she like to burn anything, RL with dual fireball projectiles would suit her better.

  5. In case anyone got confused and is wondering how to access her liberation when you switch liberation targets the elevator screen will come up and you will have to click the arrow button on the side, it should switch from rehabilitation centre to something like surface investigation.

  6. Sadly I thought I can cheat the rehab stage by stalling at the last stage on Quency and once I can access Nihilister rehab I can skip to the last part. Doesn’t work that way 😛 points reset to 0.

    Also she has 5400 points so basically 3 months on completing every single mission daily.

    • She isn’t the worst… but she definitely doesn’t even come close to be considered a Pilgrim, and you will see almost none or if any use at all in the Meta.
      Considering the amount of effort you need to put to get her and how “worthless” she is you better off just pick a 2nd or a 3rd Jail girl instead of her.

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