A Nikke from Extrinsic who is always off in her own world. She believes that it is her destiny to lead a solitary life. Half-obscured with an eye patch, who knows where she draws her gaze?
Summary: Must be kept under threshold HP (70%/50%) to do respectable damage, which can be difficult to control.
Early/Late: Strong Early
Skill Floor/Ceiling: High Skill Floor
Skill Priority: 2 > B > 1
Cube: Wingsman, Bastion




Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity300
Reload Time2.50S
Control ModeNormal

■ Affects target enemy.
Deals 5.57% ATK as damage.

Skill 1: Residual Heat


■ Affects self. Casts after landing 100 normal attacks.
Critical rate ▲ 9.28% for 10 sec.
HP ▼ 2.01%

Skill 2: Shroud of Darkness


■ Affects self. Casts after landing 150 normal attacks.
Critical Damage ▲ 14.46% for 5 sec.

■ Affects self. Casts when HP falls below 70%.
ATK ▲ 0.2% with every 1% of HP loss.

Burst Skill: Dragon of the Deep



■ Affects the enemy with the highest ATK.
[Target] Deals 1237.5% of ATK as damage.

■ Affects the same target when HP falls below 50%.
Deal additional damage to the same target equal to 1237.5% of ATK.

One comment

  1. Nah, Guillotine is B tier. Her sustained damage output is decent even without her skill active, and it’s not hard to keep her under 75% HP. Her burst not being targetable sucks (they really need to make non targetable single target burst skills hit the highest HP enemy) but against solo bosses it hits like a train. There are better options, but she’s not actually bad like your D tier placement suggests.

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