The leader of the Inherit Squad. In a squad renowned for its superlative strength, she is recognized as the most powerful amongst all of them. Her angelic smile conceals the true contents of her heart, which remain a mystery.

Character Skills




Normal Attack

Normal Attack Damage13.65%
Charge Time0s
Full Charge Damage100%
Ammo Capacity60
Reload Time1.00s
Burst Generation Per Shot2.0%



Very strong boss killer, she easily earns a spot in being used in a UR team, and in certain Interception bosses. With decent usage in Campaign as well. Only caveat is the lack of survivability for the team in her kit, she basically functions as another buffer/DPS on B1 slot.


  1. came back due to anniversary (played few days at beginning but my phone at that time wasn’t doing well), and got Alice from random ticket and 2 copies of Dorothy, am I good to clear some content?

  2. Dorothy is SS Tier, Liter can no longer be SS at 10 on bosses when she power crept this hard by Dorothy. Yes Story mode Liter is still better, but story =/= endgame. Dorothy being S-Story and SS-Endgame should replace Liter at Story-SS Endgame-S.

    • dorothy is BiS against bosses that can continuously regenerate their parts(permanent 50% damage boost when used with privaty). if the boss doesn’t regenerate their parts, she’s just a high damaging b1 that deals barely above average damage(s2 carried).
      liter doesn’t care if the boss has parts or not. she just buffs your atk and fixes your cover. this is why in a long run, there are bosses that dorothy isn’t good against, and there are bosses where she’s extremely good against. both are on par. no one is better than the other nikke.

    • Nah, she’s just overhyped. While she did boost dmg better than liter it’s situational and you barely notice the difference. Liter on the other hand buff you without condition while also repair cover

      Most Veteran only pull for her solely for the fact she’s burst I Pilgrim which is highly valuable to tackle Pilgrim tower as Rapunzel the only burst I Pilgrim before her have a very long cooldown. While some cultured players are saving for Rumani, Moran, and Rosanna as they’re issued to release this year

  3. even this site gave Dorothy S-tier(with reasonable reason) but you still need her for tribe tower anyway LoL
    she is only one Pilgrim with 20s cooldown burst

  4. She’s so good. I dropped Liter for a change and didn’t even notice being Literless with Dorothy. Only downside she’s not auto friendly. She likes to throw her burst on weak enemies instead of bulky targets. She deals so much damage sometimes nears to my well built Scarlet.
    I use her with Admi, Scarlet, Privaty, Modernia(or flex healer) most of the time.

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