The leader of Perilous Siege. Not a single wicked soul will escape from her grasp, so long she believes their death will be of benefit to the world. Has a tendency to play up her persona when carrying out a mission.

Character Skills




Normal Attack

Normal Attack Damage8.73%
Ammo Capacity120
Reload Time1.50S
Burst Generation Per Shot0.1%



Niche, But strong damage multiplier on bosses with parts, with the bonus of extra elemental damage against wind-weak ratures. Good in content such as Intercept and Union raids. Since Union raid has 3 teams that can be used, D can easily fill a slot in due to team increased damage against bosses with parts with the bonus of dealing substantial damage if part/s are destroyed in said game mode.

Check guides above for a more indepth analysis


  1. Seeing SMG as firearm on a character is such a disappointment for me…
    Still, she might be an exception. I feel like she has good potential. Her “suprise attack” skill gonna be fun to utilize imo. Especially on PVP. She counters Privaty’s stun and insta cleave meta incoming maybe ? On PVE she might synergize well with Modernia since she extends full burst even more.

    • I don’t think the stun immunity is a thing that can be utilized in PvP because it only triggers when the target appears. I’m not sure if Vipers effect activates or not, but I’m leaning towards it not.

  2. She has many niche strategies but her only real selling point is immunity to stun (hope it works against those chains).

    I mean, the damage boost against Iron-type enemies is great, it may not be so useful on an SMG. Also there is no point on instanly charge burst gauge your bar if don’t get a way to lower the cooldown of your Burst II can be on cooldown.

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