Centi Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: Centi is the apprentice of Liter, which both are a part of the Squad Mighty tools. They handle the architecture of the Ark.

Context for Episode 1 Start: Nikkes can approach the Commander in the Outpost for consultation. The objective is to take care of Nikkes’ mental health. More details about this can be found from Rapi’s bond story Episode 4 (Mental Care).

Episode 1

The story starts with the Counters arguing with the Commander, complaining that no one takes the initiative to apply to the Commander’s consultation, and the they need to take action first instead. In the meantime, Rapi sees an application for consultation just lying on the ground where the Commander is currently standing. The Commander picks it up and sees that the application came from Centi. The Commander reads Centi’s application and it is stated there that Centi wanted to become the queen of architecture. The Commander tries to help Centi by letting Centi repair the outpost. However, it doesn’t end well as Centi accidentally breaks a water pipe that is connected to the Counters’ shower room.

Chapter 2

Centi apologizes for breaking the outpost’s water pipe. While she explains what she did wrong trying to repair the pipe, the Commander also realizes that Centi strictly follows orders that she is given. The Commander told Centi to not just follow orders blindly but Centi sees it as an act of insubordination. After Centi finishes fixing the pipe, Centi and the Commander went to the construction site where Yan was waiting. Yan wanted to build a new grocery store around a certain area that was supposed to cater to the commoners more instead of the noble citizens of the Ark.

Chapter 3

Yan examines the building that Centi and the Commander made and was amazed to the point that the building could compete with the other grand boutiques in the Royal Road. However, since Yan wanted the building to look like an ordinary grocery store, it became too fancy for an ordinary grocery store. Yan asks if Centi and the Commander actually read the details of what she wanted the building to be since it was written there what the building would be used as. Centi said that she read everything but when Yan asked why she still made the building too grand, Centi says that she was only following orders.

Episode 4

After the fiasco from Yan’s building, Centi and the Commander gets another client where Centi’s architectural skills will be put to the test again. This time, the request for renovation comes from a man that owns a hotel in Royal Road. When Centi gets the blueprints, she becomes stressed as the details that the client gave was “Modern, yet classic” and no further details were stated in the request. In the end, Centi and Commander decided that they’ll just do the same thing that they did with Yan’s request- to make the building as grand as it can get.

Chapter 5

When the manager of the hotel arrives, the manager is amazed by the creativity of Centi. He presumed that he should leave the design of the building to Centi after he saw what Centi did to Yan’s building. The Commander realizes that he ordered Centi to make the kitchen’s design the same as the hall (which the manager explains that the practicality and functionality of the kitchen should be considered more than making the kitchen design grand). However, Centi says that she doesn’t like what the Commander ordered her to do with the kitchen, so Centi didn’t blindly follow the Commander’s orders back then. The manager was impressed to what Centi did to the kitchen compared to the other contractors. Centi then finally understands what the Commander meant by not just blindly following orders.


She does not appear in the main campaign yet as of right now. However she does make cameos in some outpost stories, Such in Noah’s, where Noah takes a bet with Centi, that her tools are unable to damage Noah’s shield.

Centi is also found in the Shop as a mascot.


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