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Official Source (KR)

Nearly all bugs on the list have been fixed! However, there have been new bugs added since this list was made. To view the up-to-date bug list, see the bug guide.

Red dot appearing for Day by Day when it shouldn’t.
Units in Synchro Device can appear as level 1 in User Profile.
Maiden’s skill 2 critical damage buff does not work.
Other unit skill mistranslations and incorrect skill descriptions. (Eunhwa fixed, Helm and OW not fixed)
Some raptures’ cores will not take damage when hit.
Failure to sync information (may take longer to fix as there are multiple triggers for this issue).
Free gems in cash shop are not specified as free. (Not a bug, but an issue) There will first be a text description added, then a new “free” icon made for free gems in early December.
Fixed?Early December
Red dot appearing on the Infra Core icon despite there being no new rewards to receive.
Other red dot issues (Simulation Room, Lost Sector, Harmony Cube, Recycling Room, etc).
Anti cheating measures will be intensified and hackers will be banned more aggressively.
Sometimes rewards can disappear and not be received (lost relics, interception)
Fixed?Time Unspecified
Critical damage can apply negatively in certain situations, lowering damage.
Screen shake and FPS can lower damage.
Full charge damage bonus applies to skills and burst. (Harran, others)
Vesti’s burst does 1 damage.
Burst skills apply as level 1 even when levelled.
Some units’ skills cannot stack. (Pepper)
Some units’ taunts do not work. (Ludmilla)
Sometimes the game will freeze when entering Harmony Cube screen.
N% chance to trigger buffs in Simulation Room will always trigger.
Gravedigger will stop taking any actions and “float” when FPS is too low.
Outpost will sometimes show different time and rewards than the actual time passed.
CP shadow scaling will be modified for a better player experience. Stages where a CP difference of 1 could greatly affect unit stats will be adjusted, and care will be taken so that there will be no stages that become more difficult with this change.
Fixed?Notably Not Mentioned
Attack bug. Abnormal attack buff scaling. May be fixed with crit bug. (Liter, Rupee, Yulha, etc)
Buff stacking. All buffs can currently “stack” or refresh. May be intended. (Rupee, Pepper)
Infinite ammo/ammo refresh. May be intended. (Yuni, Liter, Privaty, etc)
Shield bug. Damage does not carryover when a shield is broken. May be intended. (Centi, Poli, etc)
Guillotine does less damage with burst than without when HP is above threshold.
Harran’s skill 1 damage fills burst gauge. May be intended.
Noah’s skill 2 does not level correctly and applies as level 1. May be fixed with burst skill bug.
Soline’s burst can kill your own units.
Sugar’s attack speed buff does not work.
Yan’s burst sometimes moves enemies behind terrain or off screen, forcing a restart.
In base defense, flying enemies do not effect the progress bar, allowing players to ignore them. (May be intended).
Subquests can disappear after being ignored, and do not reappear.
Skill cooldowns do not display in skill description screen on the English client. May be fixed with skill mistranslations and incorrect skill descriptions.
Changing settings in options can boot the user back to title screen and force a redownload of JP dub.

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