Alteisein Co-op Guide

Thomas the train engine thingy


Co-op boss for this event is Alteisein, and it works similarly to its solo raid counterpart. You can scroll through the small banner on the top left to access it


Alteisein (Will be referred as train for now on) is rather simple. Alteisein will cycle through its left and right side and attack the team. The train will then active a QTE. Train then repeat this cycle three times before heading to phase two.


A not very intimidating QTE as the duration of these are rather long and can be destroyed immediately. Failing this QTE will result in a unavoidable team attack which can be tanked if the user has t9 equipment.

Missiles + Turrets

These turrets have a mechanic where if they’re destroyed too early, they will keep firing, similar to Solo Raid train. The lobby needs to time destroying them when they’re blinking red so the attack is fully disrupted. This is useful if the lobby is aiming for a high-score and doesn’t want to run a dedicated healer.


Train has a core that is located around its “head”, inbetween its two turrets. If the team has pierce Nikkes, they can take advantage of this and shoot there to gain extra damage after taking care of train turrets. The lobby can also stall the QTE’s by tanking it or destroying it late. If the Lobby tanks all 3 failed QTEs, phase two transition will occur at around the ~1:00 mark (2 Minutes in) as opposed to ~2:00 mark (only 1 Minute in).

Team Comps

Electric units with elemental rolls (Overloaded equipment) is highly recommended. Nikkes with their own section means they are highly recommended to be paired with each other.

Recommended Nikkes

Burst 3

Anis: Sparkling Summer,Scarlet,Guillotine,Snow white,Maxwell

Burst 2


Burst 1


Bunny Duo


Highschool Girl Duo


Suggested Comps

Double Scarlet (Bunny)


Comfort team, easiest to run and will get a good score no matter what.

Double Scarlet (Mast)


Usable if liter or bunny team is not available, Helm can be replaced with Summer Anis when the lobby can destroy the turrets efficiently in where the turrets are not able to attack. Rather difficult team

Alice (Highschool)


Usable if using the stall method in which the lobby either tanks or stall QTE. Alice and Maxwell will focus mostly on attacking the core, benefitting from Naga’s core damage buff. High school girls can be replaced with bunny team.

Snow white (High school)

Tia,Naga,Snow White,Maxwell,Liter

Same concept as Alice team, however the lobby has to tank or ignore turrets as well. Only let Snow white and Maxwell destroy the parts with their bursts, preferably hitting all of the parts (3x) in one burst.

Double Summer Anis

Dorothy,Novel,Anis: Sparkling Summer,Anis: Sparkling Summer,Privaty


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