22/2 Patch Notes

Big Patch this time around, featuring a lot of bug fixes, with the highlights being max stacks are no longer just refreshed, but said stacks actually re-apply. This is more noticeable on Soda as her self healing will now be constant instead of capping on 5 stacks. Modernia equipping Overload equipment with the Hit rate Stat no longer disables her skill 2 as it used to straight up disable straight skill even when hit rate buffs were applied. The updates also removes cursed liberation missions such as (Wipe out 3 times, Clear sim room x amount of times). Rest of the patch notes are below.

Optimization on February 22
[Mobile PC]
1.Fixed an issue where the position of Nihilister occasionally overlapped with characters in Coordinated Operation.
2.Fixed an issue where the Nikke level was displayed as 1 in Union Raid My Records.
3.Fixed an issue where icons of Phase 1 Burst Skills overlapped with each other when casting Rupee:Winter Shopper’s Burst Skill-
Shopaholic Date in Coordinated Operation.
4.Added the hitting effects to indicate whether part of Stormbringer’s attack is successful.
5.Fixed an issue where the Grave Digger’s attack could not be stopped under certain circumstances
6.Added the content that members cannot be removed or leave Union during Union Raid to Union Help.
7.Increased the max levels of Tribe Tower and Manufacturer Tower.
8.Removed the unnecessary buff selection process after clearing Simulation Room C Sector.
9.Activated the ranking and ranking rewards of Coordinated Operation.For details,please refer to Coordinated Operation in the game.
10.Fixed an issue where some of the Union chat records were missing
11.Fixed an issue where the hitting effect was not displayed when monsters were attacked by assault rifles.
12.Fixed an issue where no responses were given when tapping on the buff icon or Burst Skill at the top of Nikke HP bar.
13.Fixed an issue where the direction of the launch effect was awkward when releasing Laplace’s Burst Skill Laplace Buster in Arena.
14.Optimized Union Raid Help overall.
15.Fixed an issue where Nikkes’HP was displayed the same as their opponent Scarlet’s HP in Arena.
16.Player can no longer enter the Union Raid again after killing the final boss.
17.Optimized the skill description of Helm’s Burst Skill Aegis Cannon in English to make it more accurate.
18.The information about Reward Boost Nikkes can now be viewed more conveniently in Story Event.
L Reward Boost Nikkes can be viewed in the Stage Info interface.
L Reward Boost Nikkes can be viewed in the Squad Formation interface.
19.The Enter button will now be disabled after the entry attempts of the Content are used up.
20.The entrance of Recycling Shop of Coordinated Operation was changed from Events to Shop.
Adjusted the rewards and redeeming attempts,which will be based on weeks.This and the adding of the Coordinated Operation ranking
results in increased total rewards,although the rewards available in a short time are limited.
21.Current Stamina will now increase when the Infrastructure Core’s infrared phase levels up,resulting in the increase of max Stamina
22.Added a tap menu to make materials needed for Nikke upgrade in the Nikke Details interface be opened by tapping and holding
23.Removed the top menu in Nikkepedia
24.Fixed an issue where after obtaining Lost Relic collection rewards,the number of Lost Relics was marked incorrectly in Outpost>
Command Center Lost Relics for a short time
25.Fixed an issue after obtaining gems by reaching the next stage in Rehabilitation,the number of gems displayed in the top menu was
not updated.
26.Fixed an issue where there was a delay in Recycling Room research when the player had a large number of Nikkes.
27.Adjusted the amounts of currency owned and currency into abbreviated ones.
28.Fixed an issue where after setting sound-related options,they were not applied after relaunching the game.
29.Optimized a feature that after changing Equipment Modification’s effects or resetting its amount,the button now will be disabled if there
are not enough materials
30.Optimized a feature that the player now can jump to the Nikke Details interface by tapping and holding a Nikke in Union Range
31.Optimized a feature that the player now can jump to the Nikke Details interface by tapping and holding a Nikkes in Interception
32.Lowered the difficulty of Normal in Campaign Stage 16-17.
33.Adjusted the location of all types of Campaign Stages to prevent players from bypassing them.
34.Added a feature that the player now should at least wait one hour to send a second Union mail after sending the first one to provide a
healthier server environment.
35.Optimized a feature that the system will now respectively mark Arena Exchange Voucher and SP Arena Point in the unclaimed
accumulated rewards in SP Arena.
36.Adjusted some missions in the Liberation system.
L Removed “Clear Simulation Room Sector C 3 time(s)”.
L Removed”Clear Simulation Room Sector C 2 time(s)”.
L Removed”Clear Simulation Room Sector C 1 time(s)”.
LAdded”Clear Simulation Room 1 time(s)”(20 points).
L Removed “Wipe out 3 time(s).
L Changed the points obtained from completing”Wipe out 2 time(s)”to 30 points.
L The appearance rates of all points(10 points,20 points,30 points)remain the same as before.
37.Adjusted some Mission Pass missions
L Clear Simulation Room Sector C 1 time(s).
L Clear Simulation Room 1 time(s).
38.Fixed an issue where Auto Formation could not work normally when forming a Union Raid squad.
39.Fixed an issue where after setting the cutscene of Burst Skill to play once a day,it would play again if a Burst Skill was upgraded.
40.Fixed the inconsistent expressions of the same buff.
Adjusted content
L All of above expressions have been unified to “Increases Charge Speed.”
41.Fixed the unnatural arrangement of Union member list under landscape mode.
42.Fixed an issue where crate was displayed as 100%when the Outbound Defense rewards were above 99.5%
43.Fixed an issue where when the number of the player’s friends reaches the limit,”Cannot send friend requests”would pop up if player
sends friend requests to other players.
44.Fixed some localization issues of some languages.
45.Fixed the incorrect skill description display of boss Land Eater’s skills.
46.Fixed an issue where when Raptures respawned on the spot where the Nikke squad was.they had to encounter again due to the
limited room of pulling back.
47.Fixed an issue where the number adjustment button was triggered when sliding up and down the selection box in Spare Body.
48.Fixed an issue where Nikkes could not be selected in Lobby Decoration under certain circumstances.
49.Optimized a feature that after obtaining Daily Mission points in Rehabilitation Center,the status of Liberation missions now will also be
50.Fixed an issue where the player obtained a buff of increasing stack count of buffs after the buff was Max Stack,the remaining buff
duration was not reset.
51.Optimized a feature that when tapping and holding a Nikke in formation,it now will jump to the Nikke Details interface.
52.Fixed an issue where the debuffs of some Raptures’skills were not dispelled when Nikkes used their debuff-removing skills on them by
adding details onto those Rapture skills.
L Sentry:Suppress
L Blacksmith:Stun
L Sentry:Suppress(cannot be dispelled)
L Blacksmith:Stun(cannot be dispelled)
53.Add the Emergency Escape feature to Event Field to prevent unintentional bugs from getting stuck.
54.Adjusted the max Union members from 30 to 32
55.Fixed an issue where when upgrading the Affection level of a Nikke,there were no Affection sounds being played.
56.Fixed an issue where the entrance of Campaign 12-EX-2 did not disappear after clearing it.
57.Fixed an issue where some Brief Encounters of Maid Cafe were displayed in English under Thai.
58.Added Abnormal Manufacturer Equipment after adding the manufacturer Abnormal.
59.Added Abnormal Manufacturer Equipment in Arena Shop.
60.Fixed the inconsistent expressions in Equipment Modification and in the in-game texts.
61.Fixed an issue where Volume’s shooting postures were mixed with her aiming ones.
62.Fixed an issue where Maxwell’s avatar looked a little fuzzy.
63.Add the manufacturer Abnormal,to which the collaboration characters belong.
64.Manufacturer Equipment of Abnormal now can be obtained in Special Individual Interception.The acquisition rate for extra rewards
was increased,while the acquisition rate for equipment from each manufacturer remains unchanged
65.Fixed an issue where the BGM of Lobby was playing when Modernia entered Union Raid battles.
66.Optimized some awkward displays to make Guilty’s shooting positions look more natural.
67.Fix an issue where when Privaty dressed in Costume Government Grunt,no reloading or tapping sounds were triggered.
68.Adjusted the animation of Quency’s shooting postures to make it look less awkward.
69.Fixed an issue where when purchasing the Spare Body in Mileage Shop,the Body Label warning popped up even if Nikke
Enhancement did not exceed the max.
70.Fixed an issue where Sugar’s motorcycle did not appear as a cover in battles.
71.Fixed an issue where the item catalog was not displayed when switching to landscape mode in Costume Shop
72.Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances,players would be misled into thinking that they could update the ordinary items in
Shop for free.
73.Optimized the Ul/UX of Reward Info button and Reward Info window in Arena.
74.Fixed an issue where when the Lobby Ul was hidden in landscape mode.the back button did not appear when tapping the black blank
75.Fixed the display anomaly of Filter and pop-ups on the right side in landscape mode.
76.Fixed an issue when relogging in after setting Commander Special Recruitment,New Commander Special Recruitment banner was
briefly displayed on the scrolling banner.
77.Fixed an issue where when the player entered the Lobby and saw the wallpaper after logging in to the game,characters’voiceovers
could overlap.
78.Fixed an issue where the scenes of some events sometimes could overlap after applying event decorations to the Lobby.
79.Fixed an issue where when upgrading the skill of a Nikke in Lobby Squad Scene(instead of in Nikke Details),Combat Power was
not refreshed immediately or was unmarked.
80.Added a red dot marker to the Welcome Back event to make it more intuitive
81.Optimized the display of Simulation Room rewards to make it more intuitive:all clearance rewards will be displayed when selecting the
Difficulty and Sector of Simulation Room.
82.The notification method of changing Union Leader was changed from email to red dot marker.
83.Fixed the unclear red dot on the Ranking interface.
84.Fixed an issue where the missions were not arranged based on status in the Missions interface.
85.Fixed an issue where the Combat Power of other Commanders’representative squad was wrongly displayed in their profiles.
86.Optimized the Ul/UX of skill description windows:information about Normal Attack can now be checked in the Weapon windows.
87.Fixed an issue where the effects of Physics Effects were mixed with that of Morph Effects Option in Settings Graphics.
88.Optimized the overall Ul/UX of Union Raid.
89.Fixed an issue where when switching to landscape mode in the Recruit interface,the videos and Uls were in the wrong locations.
90.Fixed an issue where when switching to landscape mode after selecting a character in the Advise window,the arrow of changing
characters on the left could not be seen.
91.Optimized a feature that when selecting a character who has completed Core Enhancement in Spare Body selection box,a warning
window could pop up.
92.Fixed an issue where when the player entered a boss fight in Union Raid with low HP.the Boss would advance and be hard to deal
with.Phases of Union Raid now will not be based on the player’s current HP,so that player can experience all the phases during one
93.There are now clearance rewards for Union Raid,and the HP of Bosses has been increased.The final phase of Union Raid has also
been increased from 7 to 10.
94.Slightly adjusted Drake’s appearance to make her shooting postures more natural.
1.Improved the controls of the game’s PC version.
LAdded shortcut keys for auto-battling and auto-releasing skills.
L Players now can customize their shortcut keys.
L Players now can aim with the cursor without clicking the mouse.
[Known Issues]
1.When using Console Kit ll,consoles are not obtained after the kits are consumed.
L Console Kit ll can only be obtained in the D-OUTSIDERS sign-in event.Please use them as soon as possible if you still have any.


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