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Update on December 20

Maintenance is finished, and 300 Gems are given out as compensation. Check out the full patch notes below!


Sorry to have kept you waiting. The update & maintenance is over and the server has reopened. You can log into the game normally now. We have sent compensation to your in-game mailbox. Please check and claim. [updated Dec 20]

Major updates:

1. Special Arena

Special Arena is now open! In Special Arena, player duels with another Commander in a best-of-three mock combat. Clear Stage 11-13 to enter the Special Arena.

Join Special Arena and win rewards such as Free Gems and Arena Exchange Vouchers. Arena Exchange Vouchers can be used to exchange rewards in Arena Shop.

*Special Arena opens: 05:00:00, December 22, 2022 (UTC +9)

*How to join: Lobby → Ark → Arena

You may check out the detailed rules by clicking the upper left button on Special Arena page.

2.Coordinated Operation

Form a team of five Commanders and challenge Boss “StormBringer” together! Players can either team up with friends and union members or join the challenge through automatic matching. Defeat the boss and get “Broken Core” to exchange Gems and development materials in the Recycling Shop.

*Event duration: From 12:00:00, Dec 23 to 23:59:59, Dec 25, 2022 (UTC+9)

* Rewards exchange duration: From 12:00:00, Dec 23  to 10:00:00, Dec 31, 2022 (UTC+9)

*The Broken Cores obtained in Coordinated Operation can be used in the Recycling Shop of following operations.

* How to join: Lobby → Event → Coordinated Operation

3. Bug fixes

1)Fixed texts in Grand Winter Event: Miracle Snow and corrected typos in Rupee: Winter Shopper and Costume – Emma: Color me Red.

2)Fixed an issue where Burningum’s profile icon in Blabla shows facial expression changes.

3)Fixed an issue where audio doesn’t play in Miracle Snow mini game: Gift Factory when audio language is set to Japanese.

4)Fixed the left leg joint portion in Costume Maiden: Covert Nurse to improve combat stance.

5)Changed the “Retry” button on the result page of Story Event so that it appears more obvious.

6)Fixed the audio of Costume Exia: Joy to the Nerds and FolkWang when player taps on them in Lobby.

7)Fixed an issue where some players did not receive a message about Unclaimed Pass Reward.

8)Fixed certain language localization issues.

9)Improved an issue where the player cannot log into the game after changing servers.

10)Fixed an issue where the UI sometimes remains locked after player purchased Campaign Package.

[updated Dec 20]


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