Snow White Lore and Bond Stories

Backstory: Snow White was once a member of the Goddess Squad. Now, she wanders the surface to fight raptures. Her first appearance in the story is when she tries to save the Commander by firing her anti-ship rifle against Chatterbox.

Episode 1

The Commander, together with Counters, prepares to go out to patrol. As they arrive in the elevator, Anis and Neon realizes they forgot something and leaves the elevator with Rapi. As the Commander is about to join them, the elevator suddenly shoots up and continuously accelerate until it crashes and suddenly stops. When the Commander tries to escape the elevator, he realizes that he is suddenly on the surface alone. The Commander tries to operate the elevator as well as open his communications but all to no avail. Raptures are also in sight and will come to where the Commander is standing due to the noise of the elevator crashing. Upon seeing a nearby surveillance post, the Commander decides to climb up in order to gain some vantage point. The Commander lights up a flame beacon hoping that a rescuer would see his flare signal.
6 hours has passed and the flame beacon is now exhausted. As the night becomes cold, the Commander is about to pass out from the chills. Before he could even close his eyes, Snow White appears in front of the Commander and lends her cloak to the Commander. As the Commander finally able to regain heat, he explains her situation on Snow White. Snow White decides to escort the Commander to the nearest elevator of the Ark which the Commander expresses his gratitude. However, according to Snow White’s calculation, it’ll take them two weeks to get there.

Episode 2

As the two embarks their journey towards the Ark, Snow White warns the Commander about how exposed they are from rapture attack and orders the Commander to pick up the pace. For Snow White, it is no big deal. However, it’s a different case for a human. The Commander follows Snow White’s suggestion and continues their journey.
2 hours later, Snow White notices again that the Commander is slowing down. Snow White asks if the Commander is in good condition but the Commander replies that everything is normal. Snow White asks again if there’s any reason why the Commander is slowing down and the Commander admits that he is starving. The Commander didn’t eat for about 30 hours which made Snow White adjust their route. Snow White decides to go to a nearby farm in hopes that there will be food there. As they arrive, 3 raptures are on sight. Snow White immediately shoots at the 3 raptures and immediately goes inside the barn with the Commander to search for rations. After their search, all they were able to find are some drinking water and a few canned goods. The grains were no good since it was infested with rat droppings while the canned foods already reached expiration. However, Snow White still eats the food as it doesn’t affect her and meals on the surface are hard to come by. Snow White even tries to suggests cooking trees or the leather shoe just so they could make a food for the Commander. While suggesting inedible ingredients for cooking, Snow White stomps her foot and kills a rat. Snow White suggests that the Commander just needs to remove the intestines and roast it in order to make it edible. The Commander is at a loss for words as Snow White keeps on insisting to eat the foods she makes for the Commander. In the end, the Commander still eats since he has no other choice. After eating, the two resumes their journey.

Episode 3

The Commander is having a hard time keeping his eyes up. However, Snow White notices this and goes to a nearby ruin with a tiny space inside where they could sleep. Snow White warns the Commander to not move around too much while sleeping inside as it can collapse the ruins. When the Commander asks why sleep in such an area, Snow White explains that the raptures are able to detect body heat. The debris from the ruins can help in covering the Commander’s body heat. The Commander still complains about the situation he is currently in but Snow White just suggested that it’s better to survive like this than getting killed. In the end, the Commander decides to follow Snow White’s commands and finally sleeps. However a spider crawls upon the Commander’s face and it relieves the Commander’s sleepiness. The Commander just asks why Snow White wanted to kill raptures instead of avoiding them. For Snow White, killing raptures will be for the benefit of mankind. She also dreams of killing the Rapture’s Queen and show it to mankind. The Commander asks if Snow White have plans after that but Snow White says she has none. The Commander suggests Snow White to have hopes and dreams but she said she gave it up a long time ago. However, if there’s one thing Snow White would want, it’s to eat and sleep a lot. As she is saying that, the Commander finally sleeps.

Episode 4

After several days of the Commander’s journey with Snow White, the Commander’s health worsens. He only eats rats and vermins which he just vomits, as well as getting power naps for sleeps. Snow White, noticing the Commander’s condition, decides to let go of her weapon and carries the Commander on her back. However, Snow White notices raptures coming their way and attempts to fight it, ordering the Commander to hide somewhere first. One hour later, as the Commander sees several rapture corpses, suggests Snow White to not disarm her weapon as it is very important to fend off the raptures.
Several days has passed and Snow White forces the Commander to eat exotic foods such as spiders and slugs. As they’re trying to feast on these high-calorie foods, about 80 raptures were in sight. Snow White decides to fight all of them by herself which concerns the Commander. However, after an hour, Snow White comes back to the Commander slightly injured but the raptures were taken care of. Snow White also decides to repair herself using rapture parts and explains to the Commander how rapture parts can be compatible to Nikkes. As a result, Snow White’s current composition is 30% rapture parts. The Commander tells Snow White that the Ark can help her. However, Snow White insists that she does not want to waste time if she wants to save everyone.

Episode 5

Snow White and the Commander reach a hot spring. Snow White suggests to use the hot spring as a source of water while the Commander suggests to have a bath in the hot spring. Snow White agrees to let the Commander bathe in the hot spring and tries to clean her weapon while waiting for the Commander to finish bathing. As the Commander is looking around while having his bath, he suddenly exclaims seeing a car. Snow White and the Commander decides to go and inspect the car.
Snow White inspects the car and turns out it is in good condition. Snow White does some tinkering in order to make the car work. The car can only fit one person so the Commander rides the car while Snow White just runs. Snow White calculates that with their current speed, they will arrive in the elevator for 3 hours. And sure enough, they were able to arrive in the elevator in 3 hours.
The Commander enters the elevator and expresses his gratitude towards Snow White. However, as the Commander is about to leave, he feels the vibrations on the ground, indicating that a large number of raptures are nearby. The Commander decides to help Snow White but she unhesitatingly rejects the offer as the Commander needs to eat and rest. The Commander tries to insist to accept his help but Snow White decides to force the Commander in the elevator and leaves the Commander to fight the raptures. As the sight of Snow White fighting the raptures slowly slowly fades from the gap of the elevator doors, the Commander describes Snow White as “the purest white, that will never fade”, as her color remains untarnished despite all that dirt and rapture bloods spilling everywhere.


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  1. ‘Snow White also decides to repair himself’ I found this one in episode 4. Hope you guys fix it

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