Quiry Early Analysis

Hatsune Nikke

Note: This review is similar to early thoughts, unfortunately she offers nothing more than what was talked about in that article.

Basic Info

  • -Skill 1: Glance
    -Skill 2: Scrutiny
    -Burst: Deep Stare
    -Coolddown: 40s
  • -Rarity: SSR
    -Burst: III
    -Weapon: RL
    -Class: Supporter
  • -Element: Wind
    -Manufacturer: Elysion
    -Squad: A.C.P.
    -RL name: Cloud Eye


Note: Assume all skills are level 10

Skill 1: Glance

Activates when hitting a target with Full Charge. Affects the target.
ATK ▼ 8.94% of caster’s ATK for 3 sec.
Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects 2 Defender ally unit(s).
ATK ▲ 5.81% of caster’s ATK for 3 sec.

Inflicts ATK debuff based on caster’s ATK. An amazingly useless skill with outstandingly low values. the debuff is not noticable and has very little impact towards team survivability.

the ATK ▲ on defenders isn’t very beneficial either as defenders have low ATK values and they don’t have skills that enables them to deal good DPS. Not to mention the buff values from this skill is also very low.

Skill 2: Scrutiny

Activates when entering battle. Affects 2 Defender ally unit(s).
Max HP ▲ 11.63% continuously.

Interesting idea of a skill that could’ve been usefully niche, however the Max HP ▲ values are too low to matter even at level 10. The only defender Nikke that realistically benefits from this is 2B, and even then not by much as 2B can buff herself much more than what Quiry is able to give.

Burst: Deep Stare

Cooldown: 40s

Affects all allies.
Recovers 6.96% of caster’s final Max HP every I sec for I0 sec
Affects all Defender allies.
Critical Rate ▲ 19.9% for 10 sec.

Quiry has the highest burst healing in the game. A pretty good emergency heal if needed as she’s a burst III, pretty similar to Helm. The major difference between them is helm lifesteal , and Quiry is pure healing. This means that Quiry is a bit more Universal if only healing is needed.

Her burst gives Critical Rate ▲ to all defenders. Unfortunately Critical damage is not impactful in the damage formula. Nor does defenders need Critical Rate. The only notable Nikke that could’ve benefited from this was 2B, however since they share the same burst slot, it is impossible for 2B’s burst to benefit from Quiry’s Burst.

Extra Info

As mentioned in the burst section, Quiry and Helm kinda share the same roles. However Quiry for some reason focuses on defender DPS output (which she doesn’t even do very well) While Helm increases total DPS output as she has a damage multiplier

■ Activates when entering Full Burst. Affects all allies.
Attack damage ▲ 11.85% for 10 sec.

Helm Skill 2

Do note that Attack damage ▲ is different from ATK ▲ as they have different damage brackets.

healing that “ticks” or heals overtime does NOT give Nero multiple stacks despite the healing over time. examples of such units are Noise, Biscuit, Blanc.

Nero Early Analysis Skill 1

As Quiry is based on Final Max HP healing, her healing can be increased activating bursts prior that increase Max HP. Some Examples are Noise’s and Mast’s burst if she buffs Quiry.

Mast,Noise,Frima,Mary: Bay Goddess,Quency


As Quiry is a mag rocket launcher, she can provide okay burst generation when spamming her shots. However there is not much going on for her besides that. More DPS is preferred over healing, this is because a dead rapture can’t hurt you if destroyed quickly enough.


As mentioned prior, she’s a mag Rocket Launcher. Burst generation would be rather low in this mode. Her healing could’ve been great but it’s locked in the burst III slot, this means that she competes with Nuke Nikkes such as Scarlet, Harran, 2B or Alice for bursting. One does not need to explain why that’s pretty bad.

She may find a stall team by exploiting her healing mechanics as mentioned in the Extra information section. However, will most likely not be meta.

Special Interception | Union Raid | Solo Raid

Quiry will be used when the player does not have any other healing options. Thankfully she does her job land should keep your team healthy when playing well. Quiry doesn’t contest with Burst I Cooldown reduction Nikkes or Burst II damage buffers either, This makes her Quiry comfortable to slot in many teams. Notable Target Raptures to use her on is Blacksmith, Chatterbox, and Modernia.

She has no spot for competitive Union raids and Solo raids.


  • High Burst healing
  • Colored Pantsu


  • Directionless kit. Buffs Defenders in meaningless ways.
  • She needs to buy glasses.

Should You Pull?

No. She offers nothing special, nor will she in the future. Anniversary is around the corner~ halt your gambling tendencies! Of course, if she’s waifu material for you, pull until your heart is content.

Temporary Rating


Skill Priority

Quiry224Skill 1 and Skill 2 has pretty horrible scaling, and buff itself is mediocre.
Her burst Actually does some good healing.

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  1. I managed to pull her from first 10 pulls just because I want to try her in pair with 2b and come on, why not she is sooo adorable 🥰

  2. Just a question if she would be viable as a main buffer to 2B
    yes she competes burst slot with 2B but say in a 2-1-2 comp where you focus around 2b maybe viable? And alternate between 2B/ Quiry?

    We just had Tia+ Naga allowing you to have strong combo
    Maybe a buffer or dps burst 1 to slot in?
    (Blank), Tia, Naga, 2B, Quiry

    or is that just too low a dps team comp?

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