Nikke x Nier Collab + Animation Showcases

Nier Collab Announced! More Robo Booty!

Nikke has announced Nier Collab! They dropped a promotional video and announced the release date in which the Collab will start. The collab starts in September 1, which is almost right after the summer event! Help i am gemless and broke

A giveaway is also underway if you retweet their promo video!

More information will be updated here when available!

Animation Showcases



  1. I was hoping for another minor event like Nyanya Paradise, you know… to refill our resources and gems but now they announce biggest collab of the year just a week after Summer event. They want us drained.

    • thats what gacha games are for, drain everyone, if you are f2p you dont need to pull every unit that comes out, only pull for the meta ones, i didnt pull anything in the past summer event, not even on this one since im f2p, im doing good with scarlet atm, if another unit comes that surpasses scarlet, is a must pull, if not, not pull

      • Anis Summer is extremely good. Probably even better than bunny twins. She can do tremendous amount of damage herself with her burst while also gives tremendous boost to electric units like Scarlet on every burst.

  2. I wonder what they’re going to do for us in the week between the end of this current event and the beginning of this crossover event.

    • Same. I knew they’d drop things rapid fire like this so I went ahead and assumed I’d just need to use gold tickets to at least get 2B once. XD

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