Nikke: Goddess of Victory Game Modes Overview

Learn the basics in this introductory dive into NIKKE: Goddess of Victory's various game modes - from Campaign to the mechanics under the Ark.

NIKKE: Goddess of Victory’s global release took the world by storm – trending on the Twitter platform, its Reddit community growing, and marketing efforts that are found across Japan.

Now then, if you found yourself intrigued in this RPG shooting game developed by Level Infinite, you’ve certainly arrived at the right place.

NIKKE offers a variety of game modes available since its launch that will surely have you grinding through the game in no time. That, with generous rewards given along the way and a decent gacha system – you, as the Commander, will have NIKKEs by your side and a Squad formation to aid you in every battle.


The Campaign is basically where you will experience the main story of NIKKE. Here, you will have to act as the Commander and join forces with NIKKEs to save mankind from its biggest threats – the Raptures.

Divided into two difficulties (Normal Mode and Hard Mode), the Campaign has an auto-battle system that is absolutely nice for chill and idle gaming. There is a recommended power for each stage shown before you start the battle so you’ll be able to strengthen your Squad formation beforehand.

As of the game’s launch, a total of 16 Chapters are available, and as you progress through the Campaign, other game modes under the Ark are unlocked which will be briefly introduced next.


After clearing the first Chapter of the Campaign, the Ark will open up before you and it will offer five different game mechanics – the first being the Simulation Room.

The Ark is where you complete various challenges for additional rewards. There are five sections in total; click on the one you wish to see guides for:

  • Lost Sector: Explore the area to obtain rewards, particularly the Harmony Cube!
  • Tribe Tower: Climb the each stage of the tower to gain rewards.
  • Simulation Room: Go through various battles, gain buffs, and obtain rewards.
  • Arena: Challenge other players for some PvP action.
  • Interception: Take on powerful bosses and gain rewards based on how much damage you did to them.

Simulation Room

The Simulation Room is NIKKE’s Labyrinth mode where you will have to go through different Sectors with increasing difficulty as you go on. Various stages await you and once you’re able to clear them, it will offer 3 buffs among which you’ll be able to choose from, providing aid for your Squad formation in battle as they become stronger.

At the end of each Sector, you will be faced with a timed boss challenge which you’ll have to defeat first before you move over to the next one.

Moreover, the Simulation Room is where you can obtain material upgrades to level up the skills of your NIKKEs.

Tribe Tower

After clearing Campaign Stage 3-3, the Tribe Tower will open.

The Tribe Tower offers general stages from which you’ll be starting from the easiest floor and after steering it clear from the enemies residing in it, you’ll have to move over to the next.

Eventually, stronger enemies are found as you progress through each floor, but the better rewards will be given to you afterwards – the most important of note would be the Spare Bodies that are used to Limit Break your NIKKEs.


After clearing Campaign Stage 3-9, the Interception will open.

The Interception is NIKKE’s boss fight mode, with general stages that offer decent rewards based on the amount of damage you’ve done against it. Typically, the higher the damage, the better rewards are given.

You’ll be able to unlock only one boss from the beginning, and as you progress through the Campaign, the remaining but more difficult ones will be unlocked. That said, these bosses are even harder to beat but will reward you with better loot for the long run.

Lost Sector

After clearing Campaign Stage 5-3, the Lost Sector will open.

The Lost Sector is an adventure puzzle mode found in NIKKE, where you’ll have to defeat enemies and find hidden treasures within the map to clear the Sector and get the rewards. Similarly, you can only dive into one Sector at a time, and you need to progress through the Campaign first in order for you to enter other Sectors.



These stages can be done as a one-time thing only but they sure do give out generous rewards, so it’s better if you focus on the Campaign for the meantime and make sure you’re well-equipped with powerful NIKKEs to get the best experience out of this game mode.

Finally, if you’ve decided to try your hand at playing NIKKE, we also have a guide on how to progress and level up efficiently in this game which you can find over here.

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