Developer's Note

Developer’s Note – April 2023

Along with the patch notes for April 13, Developer’s Note has now been published for upcoming content as well as for half year anniversary! More details should be coming on April 21. In summary:

  • Description System for Skill Terms on the 27th
  • New Battle Field Stage
  • New Main Story
  • New Tyrant-Class Rapture
  • New Lost Sector Stages
  • Major Event: Overzone (Lots of story content)
  • Quick Battle for Story Event Mode
  • Season 1 of Solo Raid Mode (Periodic Game Mode)
  • Challenge Mode

I am Hyungsuk Yoo, the director of GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

Before I knew it, we’ve entered the warm, sunny month of April. We had the Cherry Blossom-themed Outpost, April Fool’s event, Biscuit, and Sakura. Did you enjoy these Spring events?

Since GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE was launched last November, the Development Team has been busy these past two seasons. Looking back, aside from these Spring events, I also remember other events and updates, such as Helm, Laplace, the Christmas event, New Year’s Modernia, the collaboration with Chainsaw Man, Coordinated Operation, Union Raid, and Liberation.

However, there was some shortcomings that I think we could have done better. We keep every single one of them in mind and are doing our very best to give everyone the best gaming experience. I’d like to cautiously say that NIKKE has, perhaps, become a better game now.

Along with Spring, the symbol of a year’s beginning, we will keep up with the continuous improvement of the Development Team and Operations Team, continue to give it our all, and repay everyone with better game and service quality.

At the same time, we are preparing the guidelines for User Generated Content now that the external IP expansion of the game has been accelerated. So Commanders who love GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE will be able to have more rich and interesting experiences both inside and outside the game.

Now, let’s talk about the game itself. The description system for skill-related terms will be available after the April 27th update. Aside from that, the characters’ balance adjustment and new content in Blabla are under development. We will let you know once the schedule is finalized.

In the upcoming Half-Anniversary, there will be a new field battle background, main storyline, Tyrant-class Rapture, Lost Sector stages, and a major event, OVER ZONE. This will be a major update where you can discover a lot of new stories.

Sometimes, I noticed that GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE’s Development Team members often wonder: “Is it really okay for us to give it our all as if this is the very last event of our lives?” The recent April Fools’ event was just like that. Surprisingly, every time I have these thoughts, all Commanders end up enjoying the event a lot.

Because of our love for this game, the Development Team became more united and we poured our hearts and souls into preparing for the Half-Anniversary update. I have very high expectations for the Half-Anniversary content, and I hope everyone will enjoy it. The actual content and gameplay will be introduced in detail on April 21st, and we kindly ask for your patience till then.

In addition, beginning with the Half-Anniversary, there will be a new Quick Battle function in Story Event that allows you to clear the stage right away. This will reduce the meaningless repetition of the hard mode. On top of that, we added a Challenge mode that’s more purposeful.

The first season of Solo Raid, the new periodic gameplay, will also open soon. Please look forward to it.

Thank you for your continuous love for GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE Development Team and Operations Team

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