Cocoa Early Analysis

I no longer need to buy ketchup with Cocoa around me

Our first maid Nikke. How does she stack against the rest? Will we prefer mayonnaise? Can she ketchup with the competition? Find out here.



Normal Attack

Ammo Capacity6
Reload Time2.00s
Charge Time1.00s
Charge Damage250%

Deals 69.04% of ATK as damage.

Skill 1 – Professional Origami


■ Affects all allies.
Recovers 17.76% of cover’s Hp as Hp.

■ Affects 2 ally unit(s) with debuff randomly.
Dispels 1 debuff(s).

Mid Skill upgrade priority

Skill 2 – Professional Tomato Sauce

■ Activates when attacking with Full Charge. Affects self.
Mini Broom: Sustained damage ▼ 4.37%, stacks up to 15 time(s) and lasts for 5 sec.

Low-Mid skill upgrade priority

Burst Skill – Professional Maid Leader


■ Affects all allies.
Dispels 1 debuff(s).

■ Activates when Mini Broom is fully stacked. Affects all enemies.
ATK ▼ 13.59% for 10 sec.

Low-Mid skill upgrade priority


Cocoa has made a fatal blunder, being a B1 unit; Which directly makes her compete against the B1 slot,the slot where Liter reigns in. Being a sniper unit does not help her case as snipers have low energy burst generation outside manual play. She does have some niche scenarios where she can be a sidegrade (Generously saying) for Liter. Even if you don’t have Liter, there are better B1 units to use regarding utility unless you absolutely need the cover repair in a certain stage (Ex, 16-28 or long stages that require sustain). Although she has very interesting niches and tech that you are able to do with her


Cocoa has very close to no use in campaign that directly involves her kit, unless you need that extra boost to survivability and you don’t have Liter on stages that demand cover (ex. 16-28 cocytus, 18-33 storm bringer on its QTE AoE attacks), she will most likely not be used. Even on stages with raptures that debuff you with attack down / Def down, it is much more efficient to gun them down instead of using a unit that specializes in cleansing debuffs. Cocoa does not even cleanse binding raptures or blacksmith’s failed QTE attack.


Cocoa is a sniper, she barely gives burst generation for the team, nor offer anything of substance in arena regarding her kit. There MAY be one instance where she is able to be used, but it is more out of desperation attempts, instead of a consistent win condition. In THEORY, since Cocoa’s burst cleanses around ~1s late, she is able to cleanse privaty stun if you time the window almost perfectly. Further testing is required to prove if this is able to be done. This section will be updated if this theory is proven right or false. Do not use her in arena otherwise, there are better unit alternatives.

Special Interception

There are no debuff specialized bosses in Special interception. Making her essentially mediocre in this game mode. She may have uses against blacksmith due to blacksmith not immediately destroying cover at the start of its interception runs, enabling the ability to recover cover. But do NOT expect a full clear as you will be gimping your DPS as you are required to slot in Dolla for Cooldown reduction; on the b2 slot just to have proper skill rotations, removing a lot of flexibility and utility to the team. Use her only if you are absolutely having trouble living through blacksmith AND do not have Liter; And the user is unable to think about anything else. She can also cleanse chatter-box debuff stacks.


Her skills are nothing extraordinary. Skill 1 passively recovers cover for ALL allies and cleanses debuffs. her skill 2 gives her damage reduction of effectively 65% around max level at max stacks. This may seem huge, but she does NOT taunt, this leads her to just be the last one standing on the field under a team wipe. her burst cleanses all debuffs after ~1s of activation and debuffs attack of all Raptures in the field by a substantial amount for 10 seconds. However, during testing, I found something interesting; if you are able to click fast enough (like, really fast), you are able to cleanse Privaty Half mag debuff while keeping all the benefits of her full burst buff (attack, reload speed). See video below.

Units still at normal ammo capacity while being able to keep attack and reload buff under privaty full burst buff


Despite looking like she’s a lost cause, she does have places where she can do well in. In most of those cases, Union raid, She can be ran on doctor instead of Liter. Using her will still be a slight DPS nerf in most cases instead of using Liter, but if you plan to use Liter in a later raid or have used Liter already in a previous raid, she is able to be used against doctor and does quite well for the matter, however she will still need to hog Dolla for her to do well. Timing on her burst also needs to be accounted for as Doctor does debuff often. Another use case for her in Union raid is Modernia, however this tech only works if you are able to comfortably TANK and sustain her laser beams. When the team has destroyed cover because of Modernia laser beams, and her core is not destroyed, Cocoa is able to CLEANSE Modernia stun due to how her burst works. As said above; her burst has a slight delay, if you are able to time the cleanse right, you are able to cleanse your whole team of the AoE stun.


  • Has some strong niche scenarios.
  • Pairs very well with Privaty if you can click fast enough
  • Ketchup.


  • Lack luster kit
  • Little team utility
  • Tank-like skills with no taunt
  • Replaceable
  • Ketchup.


Cocoa, although cute. Is unable to compete with the B1 competition (mostly liter). Even without liter, there are some better options to choose besides her. she does have some interesting gimmicks that may prove useful in the future and with great tech if you are able to pull them off. however for now, she is pretty average in the current meta. But she does at least have specific solid use case scenarios. Things may change as this is simply an early analysis.

Temporary rating

Updated: 2/8/2023: Arena 5.5 -> 4; Conditions very hard to fulfill.


  1. Hey, are we going to get something like “… is a highly recommended”/”It is very difficult to be able to say that … is worth your gems” in future analyses like before? I ask this because, in Viper’s analysis, it is said that the original tier lister has retired.

    • Ah yes, i’ll add that part in future analysis’s if you guys want!

      the “should you pull section”
      my apologies

      but for now, Cocoa is a skip banner

  2. I’m a new player. I did one pull on the Coccoa banner and got two of her. She’s a permanent fixture on my squad since I love ketchup.

    With Soda increases buff count of other Fire Nikkes like Coccoa and Rapi, I guess there’s some synergy running them together? Besides being surrounded by maids, I mean. I also got Soda with 1 pull tonight.

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