BBQ Master Mini-Game Information and Guide

Imagine Malding in a idle game MINI-GAME


The goal of this game is put together skewers with the correct ingredient order then cook them and send them out to customers.

The stove heat will determine how fast your food will be cooked, a high heat stove is much preferred as we’re trying to cook as fast as possible. A stove at 80% heat performs the same as a stove at 100% heat so you don’t have to babysit the stove constantly.

There can only be 3 customers in queue, try avoiding a full queue as they’ll affect your scoring potential. Some customers has quirks such as Volt (the dog) will only want Meat.

Orders will get more complex as a game progress. A skewer can only have 5 ingredients, if you mess up an order, toss it on to the grill then discard


Playing on Mobile is much easier as you can assemble skewers faster and more accurately

Control scheme for PC

All actions can be done using mouse, however it’s not a good idea to play using only mouse

Ingredients are bound to Q W E and A S D respectively (this is the optimal way to assemble skewers but it has a steep learning curve)

Space sends your Skewer to the grill

Tab/R adds heat to your stove

Ctrl/T Discard the chosen skewer

The recommended way to play on PC (most comfortable)

Press R repeatedly to keep the stove heated

Use Mouse to pick the ingredients

Press Space to send a skewer to grill

And finally use Mouse to send cooked skewer out to customer

Score System

Partially correct skewer won’t give any points

Based on how cooked the skewer is you get different points

Uncooked (Red) = 0 points

Rare (Yellow) = 200 points

Well done (Green) = 300 points

Burnt = 0 points

Fever Mechanic

Fever is triggered after every 1800 points

During fever, skewers are cooked instantly and WILL NOT BURN

This is where you’ll get the majority of your points. Avoid a full queue to maximize your scoring potential.

Some orders can give 2x Fever or 2x Score. Both have the same effect on your Fever meter but 2x Score is preferred as it affects your score as well

Mini-tip: One can stall the last batches of food at the end of a fever. When feeding the Food that was stalled after fever, the user gets half their fever bar back assuming 3 skewers were stalled. It is recommended to start stalling at around ~1/4th of fever duration left.

Ranking Criteria

Points for each ranking:

0 points = F rank

1500 points = D rank

3000 points = C rank

4500 points = B rank

6000 points = A rank

7500 points = S rank


Daily reward is at 4500 points

Every 3000 points you’ll be given 2x Box of Soda (Gift) through Event missions, starting at 6000 points

The total score is accumulated from all your completed playthrough. It doesn’t have a daily cap and you can earn a total of 1000 gems + 100 Event Box containing various rewards. There are 10 stages and each stage is 12,000 points apart, the final stage is 120,000 points


The leaderboard is only within your union, encouraging some friendly (Or not so) competition between union mates.

Unfortunately, due to RNG mechanics. If one wants to get very high scores, restarts may be required if you are a very competitive chief.

Image Gallery

Picture 01 – How to unlock: Get Rank F D or C

Picture. 02 – Get Rank F D or C

Picture. 03 – How to Unlock: Get rank B or A

Picture. 04 – How to Unlock: Get rank B or A

Picture. 05 – How to Unlock: S rank

Gameplay Videos


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