3/2 Patch Notes and Makima Coat Removal

Important Update! Makima will now have the option to have her coat removed after finishing up the CSM collab event as a separate costume. Truly a win for the gamers, also, 3/2 patch notes I guess.

Important Note: upcoming Unit selector only has 4 selectable units; Volume, Yuni, Admi, and Brid. Don’t make the mistake of buying it with the hopes of getting Scarlet from it.


The game server will be offline for maintenance and updates on March 2, 2023. During this time, you will not be able to log in to the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Expected maintenance duration: 11:00:00 – 14:00:00, March 2, 2023 (UTC +9)

The actual duration of maintenance may vary.

Major updates:

1. New Costume

Makima: Coat Off added.

– Requirement: SSR Character Makima owned

– How to obtain: Complete the challenge in collaboration event BULLET X CHAINSAW

Note: Once the collaboration event ends at 4:59:59 (UTC+9) on March 15, 2023, Makima’s Costume [Coat Off] cannot be acquired.

2. New Commodity

Special Beginner Support added in Cash Shop.

(1) New Commander SSR Selection Pack

Contents:Free Gems*1200,New Commander Nikke Selection Box*1,T7 Equipment Selection Box*1

Using the selection box, select a Nikke of your choice from Volume, Yuni, Admi, and Brid.

(2) New Commander Call-Up Pack

Contents: Recruit Voucher*10

3. Misc. Update

Adjusted the difficulty of certain stages in Main Chapter 1 and 2.



    • Considering the dev and company that made this game,
      It’s not so surprising honestly (you’ll know why when you discover their other “dead” game)

    • At least it’s got Admi and Yuni. Admi for quick reload build for Union Raid/Special Interception or Yuni for Union Raid and PvP which she can be somewhat useful in.

      Just waiting to see them price it insanely high though especially because they put that stupid ass tier 7 piece of equipment into it.

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